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Spanking fanfiction

Posted at 16:06 on 12 Nov 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Dreams of Spanking, F-M, fanfiction, Fantasies, Female gaze, films and TV, M-M

Remus writes fanfiction by corilefayLike many women with access to the internet in their teens and early twenties, I am a reader of fanfiction. For a few years of my life it was my primary source of porn - before I discovered how much awesome video porn is out there, anyway. Long before I was old enough, or confident enough to buy site memberships with a credit card, I could read freely available wank material written by fellow fans about characters I knew and loved. Fanfic is safe, it's created by likeminded fans, and best of all to a teenage girl, it's free.

In fact the fanfiction community has several points of overlap with the open source, FOSS and Creative Commons communities, and as a cultural phenomenon I think it's fascinating, and doesn't deserve the juvenile reputation it has in some circles. At its core, fanfiction is an outpouring of sexually explicit fantasy material by young women, written for each other, on their own terms, in their own language. It is a form of media without any commercial interests, undertaken for the love of it. Fanfiction is typically, but by no means exclusively, centred around male/male fantasies. A large, perhaps disproportionate amount of it is kinky. In my opinion it absolutely deserves to be included in the conversation about female gaze or feminist pornography.

I hadn't read much of it for years, spanking video having somewhat dominated my attention in the meantime. Until I noticed that the latest person to join Dreams of Spanking had an email address @ FicWriter.com. Intrigued, I had a look.

I discovered a goldmine of spanking fanfiction, from erotic spanking, discipline and nurturing to non-consensual punishment. Not only that, but Jet, the author, seems to share my taste for mixed-gender spanking porn, and the stories include every gender orientation. No wonder she liked the look of Dreams. It seems we are very much on the same page.

I started to scour her archive for fandoms I liked, and quickly dived into her collections of Andromeda and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic. I adored Worth It, in which Xander is given a well-deserved punishment by Giles for a flippant remark - and an angry, protective Willow leaps to Xander's defence. I'm currently deep in Jet's take on Seamus Harper's backstory. And I devoured Guidance, a paternal M/M discipline story set in the Castle universe, even though I haven't got far enough through the show to know those two characters yet. Still, I wished she had written some Beckett/Castle fic; surely the most obvious spanking pairing from that show.

Jet and I exchanged a few emails, and I mentioned my take on Kate and Rick's relationship. I hadn't intended it as a request, but she said she'd see what she could do. Imagine my delight when, a couple of weeks later, I got an email from her saying she'd written a Beckett/Castle fic, and dedicated it to me.

So beautiful, he said reverently, Perfect. He used both hands to cup her breasts, and ran the pads of his thumbs back and forth across her nipples.

She closed her eyes, and let her head tilt back, to enjoy the sensation. While his hands were busy, he leaned in to kiss her exposed neck. He felt her fingers unbuckling his belt, and within seconds his pants slid down his legs. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside while licking a spot on her neck that made her shudder. He gently sucked on that spot, and rolled both of her nipples between his fingers.

Her hands rubbed down his sides, and over his boxers to squeeze his ass. Breathlessly she whispered, Do you remember what you said the first time I took you to an interrogation room?

His fingers and tongue stilled for a second. He lifted his head from her neck, looked into her eyes, and said with a grin, Yes.

Did you mean what you said? she asked, squeezing his ass a little harder.

He leaned down to whisper directly in her ear, Id be happy to let you spank me, anytime you want to.

The words mixed with his breath against her ear made her pussy throb. He trailed kisses along her jaw, while she said, You have no idea how often Ive wanted to smack your ass.

He straightened up and said with smirk, Im guessing its at least twice a day.

She chuckled. More like twice every hour.

Then I must have been doing something right, he answered with a raised eyebrow.

That Part by Jet

That Part is a steamy, consensual F/M bedroom scene. By the time I'd finished reading it I was pretty hot and flustered. It certainly worked for me. I can't imagine these two having straightforward vanilla sex, and the idea of Castle on hands and knees waving his tail hopefully in the air is super hot. I want a boy like that, damnit.

This isn't what I imagined when I suggested Beckett/Castle - I was thinking of more of a playful, flirty, slapdown-style punishment scene - but perhaps that means I should just write that one myself! Meanwhile That Part comes with the "turned Pandora on" stamp of approval, and I'm thrilled and honoured that Jet went out of her way to write it for me. If you like spanking, and you like fanfiction, you should definitely check out her work.

I consider it a huge compliment if my spanking films appeal to fanfiction people. To me, it shows I'm doing something right - in creating fantasies that appeal to the female gaze, to women who write, share and enjoy erotica on their own terms, to geeks and nerds and fans who like the same sorts of stories as me.

Fanfiction is pretty much by definition a literary, non-commercial endeavour; all sorts of ethics and copyright issues come into play the moment you start doing it for profit. So it's not an interest I can indulge much on Dreams of Spanking. Still, a couple of my sci-fi films are indirect homages to particular fandoms. Through the Looking Glass, one of our first ever films, is set, with love, in the world of Charles Stross' Laundry novels, for which I beg Charlie's indulgence. And our "telepathic ravishment" scene Psychic Weapon 'C' was inspired by a certain sci-fi thriller TV show. If the UK had the same provision for "satire" in its copyright laws, pornographers who want to try their hand at video fanfic would have it a lot easier. Meanwhile, for porn about your favourite characters, there's always the written word.


I'm a big fan of Potterverse fanfic, particularly those involving Snape.
http://www.thepetulantpoetess.com is a good if you are interested. There is also a brilliant but very long story on http://ashwinder.sycophanthex.com/index.php called For the Potions Masters Amusement. It stars an over the age of consent Hermione and Snape with lots of spanking and a really good plot.

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