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Darker Dreams

Posted at 12:58 on 14 Jun 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: censorship, Dreams of Spanking, Extreme porn legislation, Fairtrade porn, freerange porn, Kink activism, Politics, Sites and studios

I said that if I couldn't charge for the spanking scenes CCBill dubbed "too extreme" (however questionable that verdict), I would give them away. And I meant it.

Ladies and gents, I am pleased to present my own personal rebellion against corporate censorship, Darker Dreams.

I make spanking videos for the love of it, and in hope of reaching out to others who share my fantasies. Perhaps my films will turn you on, perhaps they will fire your imagination, and perhaps they might help you discover that you are not alone, and that spanking fantasies can be a healthy part of a vibrant sexuality. In any case, I do not believe that it is harmful for consenting adults to act out these sorts of fantasies, or to share the resulting images with likeminded kinksters.

After CCBill's efforts to prevent me from selling spanking films and photo sets which include sword-fighting and severe caning (read Ludwig's blogpost on his and Kaelah's film being censored here), I decided to take the step of bypassing the credit card processors, and release the deleted scenes for free in their entirety. These are the spanking films and photo galleries that you will find on Darker Dreams.

All images and video files on Darker Dreams are available to download free of charge. No logins, no payments, and no catch.

However, producing these scenes did cost me money, so if you enjoy the downloads and would like to show your support or appreciation, please consider making a donation. Alternatively, if you enjoyed these films and would like to see more, you could consider joining my fairtrade members site Dreams of Spanking (memberships start from 10). I am a one woman production company making the sort of spanking videos I like to watch, with no outside sponsors or investment, so every contribution, however small, is both useful and appreciated.

Thanks to @RolandHulme for this graphic, which made me giggle while I was working late into the night getting Darker Dreams ready for launch around my pre-existing work commitments. And many, many thanks everyone who has shown support and solidarity since my last post: the moral support has been invaluable.

I'm excited about contributing to the world's supply of free-range porn, and I hope you enjoy the free films and photos!


You are an inspiration sweetheart. I can not commend you enough.

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I've been stupidly busy and had not followed up on the censoring issue you've been having, but W pointed out this post.

Bravo for you!! Fuck the credit card company.

With much respect,


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