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Trust funds and swimsuits

Posted at 22:30 on 20 Jun 2013 by Pandora / Blake

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There have been a couple of scenes on Sarah Gregory's sites lately starring me, and I really like the look of both of them.

The first is on Sarah Gregory Spanking, and is called Trust Fund Babies. Sarah, Amelia and I shot this almost exactly a year ago at the Texas All-State Spanking Party last summer. I have very fond memories of that trip. TASSP 2013 is this weekend, and although I really didn't have time to travel again this year, I'm sorry to not be there with a lovely group of my kinky friends, and hope everyone has a wonderful time.

In this scene, Amelia and I play snooty Sloanes who have inherited trust funds from their grandfather. When we visit the executor of his will, Miss Gregory, to collect the first installments, we are horrified to learn that grandpa left a clause in his will. He had watched us grow up into materialistic, self-centered young ladies and he decided that our inheritance should come with a price. Each time we collect a cheque, we have to be spanked!

I really liked the premise, and Amelia and I had great fun playing stereotypical spoiled little rich girls, loudly planning what we were going to spend all our lovely money on. Followed, of course, by our outrage when we discovered what lay in store!

There is something supremely satisfying about playing a horrid, unsympathetic character who thoroughly deserves what is coming to her, and I enjoy it even more when there's the opportunity to play it for laughs. Best of all is playing this sort of role alongside Amelia, who does the best haughty, posh brat of anyone else I know (despite this being the complete opposite of her lovely real self). Plus Sarah lent me a pretty flower to wear in my hair. Fun!

The other scene I really enjoyed shooting was filmed at Boardwalk Badness Weekend a couple of months ago, with Sarah and Dana Specht. Sarah has just launched a new site called Momma Spankings, chronicling the punishments she receives from her scene momma Dana.

In this scene, Sarah and I have been caught by security sneaking into the hotel pool after hours. Sarah's momma marches us back to our room in our dripping wet bikinis and gives us both the scolding of our lives, followed by a sound spanking on our wet bottoms. I also receive a hairbrush spanking for being the instigator of our late-night pool adventure.

The start of this scene was particularly memorable, with Sarah and I jumping into the shower together to douse ourselves in our bikinis, then standing around so long while various production details were worked out that by the time we were ready to shoot, we had to get wet all over again.

I had a lovely time shooting this, and particularly enjoyed Dana's scolding. I'd seen her in action before and knew she was an expert at it, but it wasn't until I found myself on the receiving end of her withering gaze and quiet, disappointed voice that I really appreciated how intense it was. I dropped deeply into character and allowed myself to feel profoundly embarrassed and wretched about being punished. She is so good at telling off that I was genuinely near tears before the spanking had even begun! It was a brilliant, immersive roleplay and, as always when I am so deep in character, it made the ensuing spanking much easier to take, even the wooden hairbrush. And that sort of emotional intensity is always very hot.

As soon as it was over, we cracked up and shared a hug, telling each other how much we'd enjoyed the scene. I get to meet and work with some truly lovely people in this job, and it makes me aware of how lucky I really am. Thank you Dana, Amelia and Sarah for two excellent shoots!


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