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Spanking and sciatica

Posted at 23:11 on 19 Sep 2013 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Body positivity, health and disability, kink, Politics

I got an email today from a client who wanted to book a second spanking session with me, but was concerned about his recent problems with sciatica. He wondered if I knew whether CP affects the sciatic nerve, as he hoped his health issues wouldn't impede his ability to play.

I am not a doctor, but I do know a number of kinksters who suffer from chronic health conditions, so I thought I would crowd source the question.

Pandora Blake @pandorablake Client with sciatica concerned about whether he can safely enjoy spanking. Anyone got any experience with this?
3:35 PM - 19 Sep 13

I immediately started to receive helpful replies, and thought it was worth reposting them all in one place for the benefit of others who might be looking for advice on this issue.

Protected account @[private] It sounds odd, but stretching glutes and lower back first will help...then it's a case of try and see, but it will probably be okay with moderate force focused on lower cheeks, and lighter implements like thin canes, crop, etc - rather than paddles or heavy leather tawse, etc.

Sadly the gentleman in question is a passionate lover of the tawse, so telling him to give up his favourite implement might not be the answer he was hoping for. Still, perhaps thinner tawses might be used safely.

Protected account @[private] A light stingy tawse would be good but the XH probs a bad idea/more likely to trigger - at least that was what my friend found.

Emma Sheppard ?@_ESheppard The biggest concern for me would be that sciatica can sometimes come with a loss of sensation - so it may be more difficult to tell when there's "too much" pain, or it goes beyond his limit. Otherwise would depend hugely on what treatments he's getting - eg pain meds would be a different thing to massage therapy. Might also require different positions. That said - would presume the answer would be "yes, if you're careful".

Motley Wanderer @MotleyWanderer I certainly find with my own chronic pain problems that spanking can be actively helpful - though when it's bad my pain threshold can be lower than normal.

Pain play and endorphins do operate differently when you are already in a lot of pain. Endorphins generated by spanking can be "used up" on existing pain, leaving less pain relief for the actual spanking. If there is a risk of impact worsening an existing injury, medical painkillers can also affect your ability to judge how much damage is being done. On the other hand,

Fred Bloggs ?@Pervy_thoughts Sore bum might take his mind off the pain in his hip and leg. I know that's a bit flippant.

Not flippant at all: pain play can act as a very effective natural painkiller by releasing endorphins, the body's natural pain relief, which can be much more potent than pharmaceutical painkillers. However, the above point about being able to judge levels stands with endorphins as much as with medical painkillers.

Spanking doesn't only offer physiological pain relief, though: pain play can also be emotionally affirming, providing an opportunity to reclaim control of one's pain experience in a positive, consensual way. Of course it's only temporary, and when the original pain returns, the endorphin crash can make it seem worse than before - so again, handle with care.

Positions seemed to be relevant for other people, too, especially those with personal experience of sciatica:

Not an Odalisque ?@notanodalisque I have. Personally, spanking isn't a problem, positions can be. Just ensuring a position is comfy or sustainable would do me.

Gareth Williams ?@GarethW1138 Sciatic pain will normally be worse when hip is flexed (with knee straight), so bent forward in standing wouldn't be good. All fours position, or standing straight/lying flat would normally be better.

Princess Kelley May ?@PrincessKelleyM I actually have both those issues LOL. Sciatica is the more problematic when it flares up as it makes processing difficult as well as positioning. Bending is bad. But OTK on a couch is lovely. Just beware high misses is all really. :)

So it seems that these are the takeaway points for responsible spanking play with sciatica:

  • lying flat on a bed or sofa,
  • taking care with accuracy and avoiding the area at the top of the buttocks,
  • avoiding very heavy implements,
  • being extra-aware of pain levels, tolerance and processing.

The bottom needs to be aware of the dangers of spacing out too much to judge their levels safely; this probably isn't a situation in which attempting to push limits would be recommended. Both players should check in and communicate with each other throughout, and be prepared to stop play if anything seems awry. With caution, it sounds like familiar play within one's comfort zone could act as a physical and emotional boost to help alleviate, or at least provide a pleasant distraction from, sciatic discomfort. Just be extra careful about the comedown.

Motley Wanderer ?@MotleyWanderer Friend says spanking with sciatica is fine if she's not having symptoms at the time and it doesn't trigger an attack, but if she *is* having symptoms, spanking makes it worse. So, safe if symptoms not there, proceed with caution otherwise?

Sounds reasonable to me. Thanks to all who contributed knowledge to the question of spanking safely with sciatica, I shall pass on your answers to my client - and if he decides to go ahead with a play session, I will go into it feeling much better prepared!


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Hello Pandora

Just a note to thank you for crowd sourcing my Sciatica problem.
The replies are very informative and I wish to thank you for taking the time to research this issue.
I was worried about play but now with your kind help I feel a lot more reassured ....Paul


I deal personally with issues involving my lower back including some sciatica issues. I have learned that if you make sure to spank on the lower half of the bottom and the sit spot usually the sciatica is not bothered at least in my case.

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