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Spanking in London - TimeOut

Posted at 12:41 on 18 Nov 2014 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: London, media, Photos

If you're in London, you might have spotted this last week...

Spanking in TimeOut London

TimeOut magazine contacted me for an interview about spanking in London as part of their history of London in 10 sex objects, one of which is the Coco de Mer spanking ruler. I was happy to give them some quotes (and impressed by the way they cut my ten minutes of rambling down to a concise few lines, without mangling the meaning).

At the same time, the magazine has released an A to Z of sex in London, which is surprisingly wide-ranging and up to date, including plenty of kinky events and resources, the East London Stripper Collective, and our favourite kinky sex blogger Girl on the Net (who is listed under W for Web, or Wanking). Every time I travel to other cities it confirms my impression that London is one of the most sexually diverse, kinky places on the planet, and it's good to see London's amazing sex culture honoured in a mainstream magazine. Nice one!


Pandora I loved that military spanking movie, where you get caned as a naughty sailor, while other females, get caned as soldiers. Well done, your bare bottom is most voluptuous, from a man's point of view.

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