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How to make an ATVOD complaint

Posted at 10:48 on 4 Dec 2014 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: atvod, AVMS, censorship, Extreme porn legislation, Female gaze, Gender politics, Kink activism, Politics, Queer politics

ATVOD complaint formLook, I found a thing: it's the official online ATVOD complaint form!

Ready, internet? It's spamming time!

*cracks knuckles*

Here's how you use the form to make a complaint about the new regulations controlling UK porn production:

  • Open the Complaint Form and choose "make new complaint"
  • 2. Are you complaining about material likely to encourage or to incite the commission of crime or to lead to disorder? Choose "Yes"
  • 3. Which particular service was it? Choose "Other" and type "The Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014"
  • For date, use Monday 1 December 2014
  • For "programme name", use "Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014" (time viewed - any eg 00:00, although it let me leave it blank)
  • For "time of viewing", use Monday 1 December 2014
  • Write your complaint
  • Enter your email address (address and phone number are optional, which I didn't realise until after I'd submitted mine)

Got that? Go go go! Let's inundate them!

Here's my complaint - feel free to nick it and rewrite it if you like.

The new Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014 that came into force on December 1st, restricting UK production of online pornography, are sexist and contravene EU equalities legislation concerning the equal treatment of men and women. Furthermore they are unworkable in practice, will create a trade barrier and cripple small UK businesses, contravene freedom of expression and create unnecessary, harmful censorship.

Facesitting which restricts the airways is no more dangerous than deep-throat fellatio which restricts the airways. It is nonsensical and sexist that the former should be restricted, but the latter permitted.

Many women ejaculate at the moment of climax, and it is a natural, healthy part of female sexuality which anyone who has experienced it will know has nothing to do with urination. Female ejaculate on a person is no more harmful or obscene than male ejaculate on a person. Consuming female ejaculate is no more harmful or obscene than consuming male ejaculate. It is nonsensical and sexist that the former should be restricted, but the latter permitted, and likewise it sends a damaging message to young men and women that female sexual pleasure is somehow more "disgusting" or "unnatural" than male sexual pleasure.

As feminists we are trying to educate our young people about healthy, safe sex practice to reduce incidents of unwanted pregnancy, STIs, rape and sexual assault, as well as reducing shame and stigma surrounding young people's - particularly young women's - sexuality. These restrictions are a huge, regressive set back that will actively harm female sexual development in our young women who are no longer able to see equal depictions of male and female sexual pleasure in UK adult entertainment.

Fisting, bondage, facesitting, trampling and many other acts banned by the BBFC are perfectly legal to do consensually. It is ludicrous that these acts should be illegal for UK producers to depict in UK porn. If obscenity legislation is meant to prevent imitation, and the acts would be legal if imitated, then the legislation is pointless and overly restrictive.

Fisting and female ejaculation are important parts of LGBT sexual practice, and these regulations discriminate against women and members of the LGBT communities.

Furthermore, it is revolting that acts of female sexual dominance such as facesitting should be banned, where acts of male sexual dominance such as irrumatio are explicitly permitted.

These regulations impose a regressive conformity, stifle creativity and free expression, and discriminate against queer, feminist and fetish porn - which is usually much more ethically produced, and much more positive in its message, than the "gangbang" style of mainstream male gaze porn which depicts male sexual pleasure, orgasm and dominance at the expense of female agency and pleasure.

These restrictions will cripple small independent UK businesses producing niche pornographic content, while favouring large companies producing mainstream content. They will also benefit foreign companies producing content which is now illegal to produce in the UK, but still legal for UK customers to purchase and view online.

Speaking as a feminist, as a woman, as a member of the LGBT community, and as an adult who enjoys consensual sexual activity and who wants to see my authentic sexuality depicted in porn without shame, I think these restrictions are hugely damaging. They should be repealed.

Make your complaint here »


"Thank you for submitting your complaint through ATVOD." :-D


Done. One more pebble tossed in to dam the stream of legislative overreach.

[…] If you are outside the UK, they are coming for you next.  If you want to do something NOW, before it happens to you, Pandora Blake has easy steps to filing a foreign complaint.  Click ATVOD complaint. […]

You're fighting the good fight :)

I entered a complaint and posted here about it, but I don't see my post here. I included the text of my complaint; maybe that made the post too long (though I didn't receive a message saying it'd been rejected). Hmm. Anyway, I won't be as long this time. I just wanted you to know I'd done it and to thank you for telling us the opportunity existed and giving such clear instructions.

Dear All,

I have just sent this to the berks at ATVOD:

"Many people have registered complaints with you about the reactionary nature of the regulations which have recently come into force, and I am sure you will be receiving many more complaints in the weeks and months to come.

I agree entirely with what has been said and have little further to add.

However, I have some questions for you which I should be grateful if you might consider:

1. why is it considered necessary for the UK to have some of the most repressive censorship laws in Western Europe?

2. Why is it assumed that the British are so much more sexually profligate and irresponsible than, say, the French, the Dutch, Germans, Italians, Danes, Swedes, Norwegian etc.

3. Why do you seem to assume that the British people are a bunch of sex maniacs who will go wild if let off the leash of repressive state control?

The US government tried to stop the American people drinking alcohol in the 1920s, prohibition was a disaster and provoked criminality on an impressive scale (it also made the authorities who sponsored this law a laughing-stock.)

Similarly, trying to criminalise innocent people and make the enjoyment of legitimate sexual activity into a criminal act is not only futile, it is highly dangerous.

Thank you."

I'm delighted to be able to support Pandora and the whole community in the fight for the right to be different.

I urge anyone who is reading this to complain to ATVOD, even if you only write a few lines. They need to be overwhelmed by the negative response to what they have done.

Also, do not forget that there is a general election next year...!

Thank you,
Richard Barton

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Put in my complaint' what gets me the most about the new law is that there was seemingly no public demand for it and even less public debate. I'd love to see the justifications for it.


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Complaint submitted! x

You're fighting the good fight :)

"If you have not heard anything back from the Service Provider within 20 working days, or if you are unhappy with their response, please follow up this complaint on the website."

Do not worry, ATVOD, I won't let it slide. *marks 20 working days in calendar*

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I'll take my time composing something talking about Noble Cause Corruption and why I have already started the emigration process.

To me this has seemed inevitable for a while. Sadomasochism has become the new gay in this country, with exactly the same accusations and stereotypes levelled against us that the haters can't get away with levelling against gays any more. Not that gays are anywhere close to getting rid of the rest of it, so no up-side there.

Put in my complaint. Wondering if, in case anyone was called on to make a case, there were examples of the BBFC rules and films they were used against that could be used as examples...

thank you for the guide, as Girl on the Net shared it :) I've been wanting to show my.. well dam right objection to this censorship and how it seems to be focused on the female fetishes.
i love the part you wrote about "likewise it sends a damaging message to young men and women that female sexual pleasure is somehow more “disgusting” or “unnatural” than male sexual pleasure." as it sums up how i feel

hope this makes scene and once again thank you

Complaint raised - thank you for the guidance notes.

Yep, complaints gone in! ;-)

I have filled this in and given my identity. Thanks for the post and instructions and thanks to recent Guardian articles for highlighting this too.

Got a reply from the ATVOD..
What a load of waffle...
Should I post it here??

[…] If you are outside the UK, they are coming for you next.  If you want to do something NOW, before it happens to you, visit Pandora Blake’s blog post – easy steps to filing an ATVOD complaint. […]

[…] can do is to be aware and take an interest. If you’re British and the regulations piss you off, complain , sign this petition, and support legal objections. If you live in the States, don’t dismiss […]

You don't need to enter a postal address: they only require one of "email", "address" and "phone number" to be filled in.

Oh well found! Ha, so I gave them my details for nothing? Oh well :)


And the code kept they issued
Remember to keep that ladies and gents

[…] How to make an ATVOD complaint. […]

Complaint filed!

I will certainly fill this in, Pandora.

As an ex boarding school gentleman, now in shall we say a region somewhere between late 30s and late 50s...I will say it is verging on the silly for a country to ban what was practiced commonly in boarding schools when i was a lad. Yes spanking was being phased out when i was passing through the system, in a quaint old boarder in the sussex countryside - but i was fortunate enough to encounter a proper fine gentleman of a Headmaster, who instilled in me only the highest respect for such forms of discipline. A spanking was something to value. And to take silently and slowly. For the same country to then ban a recreation of this tradition is nonsense. Keep going with your own playful creations! Though do bear in mind there are details which, if you wish to ask a few questions, would make one of your 'over the knee' spanking photo shootings more accurate, in traditional terms. Only a thought - it is nice to see you having fun. All the best, Robert.

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