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Supermodel spanked by Santa

Posted at 14:09 on 9 Dec 2014 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: corrupting the innocent, Kendall Jenner, media, seasonal spankings, spanked by Santa

I was feeling the need for a bit of light relief when my boyfriend sent me this, from US Magazine:

Kendall Jenner is featured in a new behind-the-scenes video for Love magazine's annual Advent calendar, and it sure is naughty.

In the video directed by Doug Inglish and styled by Anthony Unwin, the budding supermodel, 19, wears a lace Philipp Plein bra, thigh-high tights, stilettos, a pleated plaid skirt, and a festive Santa hat. Katy Perry's "California Gurls" plays in the background while Jenner slowly strips off her skirt and unabashedly shakes her hips and booty for the camera.

Kris Jenner's oldest child with Bruce Jenner is accompanied later by a shirtless Santa, who is significantly more covered up than the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. At one point she's even bent over his knee with her hands on the ground as he playfully spanks her.

I'm not sure where "thigh high tights" came from - don't US magazine know what stockings are? - but the outfit will likely appeal to spanking fans. Admittedly there's less than a second of spanking in the video, and we don't see the actual smack land, but the magazine is kind enough to enclose a screengrab:

I thought "spanked by Santa" was only a fantasy for us perverts. Apparently it's more popular than I realised!


This was cute.

On a note of very minor importance, people in the US are incredibly confused by what the difference between tights and stockings is. They use the two words interchangeably sometimes. I once had someone refer to a pair of tights I was wearing as a "waist high body stocking." I don't even know.

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