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Adventures and shoots in California

Posted at 18:09 on 18 Apr 2014 by Pandora / Blake

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My week in Canada for the Feminist Porn Awards and Feminist Porn Conference was intense. I want to write more about it here, and I'm intending to post the text of the two talks I gave, too, but in the meantime you can read a short recap on the Dreams of Spanking blog.

I flew straight from Toronto to LA, and landed amongst palm trees, blue skies and sunny weather. As Chris would say, I felt tumble-dried after my flight - jet lag was still chasing me from the UK and in Toronto it would have been nearly bedtime even if I hadn't been skimping on sleep the last few nights.

Still, I was on the West Coast, and on our way to get some food Alex and Paul suggested that we drive to the beach for my first proper sight of the Pacific ocean. (I glimpsed it from Vancouver a few years ago, but never made it down to the beach). The sky and sea were very blue, the beach was surprisingly full of people for a Monday afternoon in April, including families and a dude sitting cross-legged to meditate. I really was in California.

Santa Monica beach - Pandora Blake

The first couple of days of my stay in LA were taken up with settling in, buying groceries, recovering from the intense time in Toronto, thinking, processing, and keeping in touch with all my new feminist porn friends via social media. I was really behind on work, but before I could do any the first order of business was buying a laptop powerful enough to edit video.

I found a pretty nice one, but it took another day to set it up and get all my software working. Why do programs never seem to install correctly the first time?

New laptop! - Pandora Blake

New laptop! Also, a preview of the HOT hotel spanking scene I shot with Australian porn starlet (and official Feminist Porn Heart-throb of the Year 2014!) Zahra Stardust.

Anyway, by Wednesday evening everything was in place and I was finally good to go. Then I discovered I hadn't brought all the footage for the scene I'd planned to release that week. Cue a hasty reshuffle, and some urgent video editing to get 'Bitch', my lesbian spanking scene with Ms Vixxxen, ready to publish at the weekend. It's a perfect example of the consensual non-consent material I discussed in my second panel at the Feminist Porn Conference, so if you like queer, rough resistance play and are curious about my work, you should check it out.

Meanwhile I've been having fun staying with Alex and Paul in their cosy, sunlit little house in LA, meeting the rest of Alex's polycule, and hanging out with our mutual spanking friends James and Korey Johnson, who happened to be visiting LA at the same time as me. While they were here we shot some impromptu spanking scenes for Northern Spanking and Dreams, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again at Boardwalk Badness next week.

I've squeezed in several shoots for other sites, too. Alex and I did a fun cat-fighting shoot for a private client, as tennis girls fighting over the only racquet. We got so horny shoving and slapping each other around that we had to really concentrate to not just tear each other's clothes off!

Cat fighting tennis girls - Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake

Last Saturday I got to bring a dream to life and work with Jamie Foster, AKA Clare Fonda, for her site Naughty Diaper Girls. Adult baby isn't a kink of mine, but I read Pampered Penny's blog, and she has always had a knack of explaining the fetish in a way that makes sense to me. I filmed four short clips with Jamie with me wearing a nappy, including an intro interview in which I talk about my perspective on the adult baby kink. Jamie is a hoot and so much fun to work with.

Jamie Foster and Pandora Blake Jamie Foster and Pandora Blake

I love this photo of her stroking my boob. It's like she's mesmerised in the boob-appreciation zone :)

It was amazing to meet her and fingers crossed, I'm hoping to shoot a couple of spanking scenes with her for Spanked Call Girls on Monday.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. My next engagement was for the Clare Fonda Network, with the guy who used to be Clare's business partner and is now running the empire singlehandedly. His stage name is simply The Cameraman. He's a lovely guy and we had a great day shooting for My Spanking Roommate with Madison Martin and Courtney Shea. Spanking and being spanked by two beautiful ladies - and being paid! Days like this I feel so incredibly lucky to live this life.

Courtney Shea, Pandora Blake and Madison Martin

Courtney Shea and Pandora Blake

After the shoot, Alex and I went out for dinner with the Cameraman to a hilarious sushi restaurant where the waiters did sexy dancing in the style of N-Sync. They encouraged diners to dance and a couple of people got up on tables (not us, we were too busy scoffing sushi). Alex and I particularly enjoyed the disclaimer they had up on the wall:

We are not responsible - Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake

See? You can't punish us, we aren't responsible for anything! It says so on the sign!

During the meal we played a game where we tried to name all the Clare Fonda Worldwide sites. We managed all of them except the Clips4Sale stores and Kara Prepare Yourself - the Cameraman had to fill those in for us. Eleven membership sites - that's an impressive empire!

Clare Fonda Worldwide - Pandora Blake

After dinner the Cameraman persuaded us to go to a karaoke bar he likes. Well, we didn't need much persuading. All three of us got up to sing, and he sang "I love LA" by Randy Newman for my benefit, since I hadn't heard the song before. "Look at that mountain! Look at those trees!" is pretty much what I've been saying every day since I got here.

I love this town. When you see LA in TV and films it's always presented as this hectic, neurotic place, full of women who never eat and high-powered people screwing each other over. Maybe there are places downtown like that, but the neighbourhood I'm staying in couldn't be more relaxed. Sun every day, warm winds; soft, spacious architecture very reminiscent of south Spain; palm trees and wide, clean streets. It feels gentle and comfortable, the kind of relaxed calm that comes from security.

I keep on looking at the mountains and wanting to get out of the city and see more of them. After I've finished my video editing this week I'm hoping there'll be time to do some hiking. You don't get landscapes like this in the UK; I want to explore.

The karaoke night ended up getting rather drunken and hilarious. I'm going to leave you with this photo of the three of us wearing the false moustaches that the bar staff handed out. If you wore them, you got two dollars off drinks.

Moustache time - Alex Reynolds, the Cameraman and Pandora Blake

Alex and I are rocking the falsies but the Cameraman's tache is 100% real.


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Pandora ,a nice post ,of course Kara prepare yourself is now part of Spanked callgirls ,Cameramans spanky blogs are great ,lovely girls featured ,you had a great time in U.S.A. ,best spanks ,Timx

Awesome post! Sounds like you had a lot of fun in LA!

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