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LA spanking shoots and continued adventures

Posted at 17:43 on 6 May 2014 by Pandora / Blake

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I'd better wrap up the rest of my social time and spanking shoots in Los Angeles in a single post, so I can get on with telling you all about Boardwalk Badness Weekend. This one is going to be full of photos!

The day after my shoot with the Clare Fonda Network, I finally got to realise a long-term dream: meeting the wonderful Erica Scott. I can confirm that she is just as warm, genuine and hilarious (not to mention hot) in person as she seems in her blog and videos. She took me and Alex to the most amazing cafe for brunch, on a cute street filled with arty little boutiques. There were flowers and little decorative touches everywhere, the sun was shining and the place was thronging with people and little dogs. "This is the authentic south California experience!" Erica assured me. I can certainly see why she's never wanted to leave.

The Aroma Cafe - Pandora Blake

If you read Erica's blog you'll already have seen these photos of the amazing cakes on offer, but there's no such thing as too much cake, so I'm going to go ahead and repost them here anyway.

Alex Reynolds and Erica Scott - Pandora Blake

Check out this slice - it's bigger than my head! It was utterly delicious but even between the three of us, we couldn't finish it.

Alex Reynolds, Erica Scott and Pandora Blake

That same day, Alex and Paul headed out to take some photos for an "amateur girls" site. At the feminist porn conference I'd been struck by Gala Vanting's presentation on the construction of "realness" and "authenticity" in porn, and I knew Alex would appreciate the critique. I filled her in on the highly artificial definition of "amateur" which is maintained by some studios - including the one Alex was about to shoot for.

Alex cackled with glee and immediately disappeared into the bedroom. She came out having deliberately ticked every box on the checklist of what a "real girl" looks like. "Hey," she asked with biting satire, "Am I real enough?"

Alex Reynolds - Pandora Blake Alex Reynolds - Pandora Blake

The halo might not be, but I checked with Gala and in this outfit Alex is definitely 100% certified real.

The next few days were busy with Dreams of Spanking shoots, video editing and sightseeing. We went to Hollywood Boulevard, where I saw the walk of fame and watched my first film in an old-fashioned Hollywood cinema, complete with a man playing the organ while everyone took their seats and theatrical lighting and curtain business. We did some clothes shopping and I bought my outfit for the Mad Men party at Boardwalk Badness, and we had fun scampering around in front of the Chinese theatre seeing which celebrities had big enough hands for spanking. Alex and I also made out in front of the megaphone evangelists and successfully shut them up for the entire duration of our kiss. Mission: accomplished!

I must have done a good job the first time, because after the weekend I was delighted to be invited back by The Cameraman to shoot with the Clare Fonda network again. Not only that, but he was making another long-held dream come true: I was hired to work with Clare herself. I was going to get spanked by Clare Fonda!

Pandora Blake and Clare Fonda Pandora Blake and Clare Fonda

As you can see, I returned her boob grope. She had clothes on, though!

We shot a couple of fun scenes for Spanked Call Girls, following on from my previous storyline with Courtney Shea. The improvisation was amazing, we bounced off each other really well. I got the intense wooden hairbrush spanking that I'd always fantasised about over Clare's knee - and when we switched, although we hadn't negotiated it, she allowed my character to dominate hers and dropped into a submissive mode as I spanked her. That was a rush.

After the scenes for Spanked Call Girls, I shot two scenes with Veronica Ricci for Spanking Veronica Works. Veronica is a beautiful, goofy, creative lady with a love of the horror genre (as you can probably guess from the name). Her website is a crazy mix of funny and serious scenes, where the central premise is that Veronica tries lots of different jobs - and sucks at them. She always gets spanked, and fired, at the end of each episode.

Our two scenes were definitely on the crazier end of the spectrum. In the first one, Veronica played a whacked-out drug dealer who gets into a hilarious misunderstanding when a restaurant owner mishears "heroin" as "herring". I didn't think the second could get any stranger... but it did. What started out with her playing a pervy wrestling instructor teaching me some moves ended up roaming through several different plot twists. It got progressively funnier until we had to keep cutting because we were laughing so hard - especially when Veronica started spanking me with a giant decorative metal trident while proclaiming that it was an "ancient Chinese wrestling fork".

Pandora Blake and Clare Fonda

As if that hadn't been enough for one day, back at the house Erica came over for a hastily arranged shoot for Dreams of Spanking. I'd been desperate to work with her and I wish we'd had time to fit more in! I'll be writing up this shoot - as well as the others that took place in LA last month - over at the Dreams of Spanking blog, but in the meantime you can read all about it at Erica's blog. Click on the photo to find out more!

Erica Scott spanked by Paul Kennedy for Dreams of Spanking

For now I'll just leave you with one last selfie - me and Erica, post shoot, tired but very very happy.

Pandora Blake and Erica Scott

By the way, I've got so many posts lined up about the rest of my USA trip that I've decided to commit to a regular posting schedule. From now on Spanked, Not Silenced will be updated three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. This is the first time I've ever done this, so it's quite scary and exciting!


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