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Loving discipline with James and Korey Johnson

Posted at 18:38 on 12 Aug 2014 by Pandora / Blake

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My Sweet Wife - loving discipline with Korey Johnson and James Johnson at Northern Spanking

While I was staying in Los Angeles with Alex and Paul I was privileged to be present on Korey and James Johnson's first ever spanking shoot. James and Korey are a scene couple whom I have really enjoyed getting to know at spanking parties in the US over the last few years. They are married with a real life domestic discipline dynamic, in which James uses spanking and other forms of corporal punishment to correct Korey if she breaks an agreement they have made, or acts in a way that is detrimental to her own wellbeing.

Neither James nor Korey had ever appeared in a spanking video, although they both certainly have the looks for it. However they are both exhibitionists and scene players who have played a lot at spanking parties, and who both find the experience of playing in front of an audience to be very exciting. Although neither of them is interested in making spanking videos professionally, they decided that they would be interested in trying it together for the sake of the experience.

The scene was based on a real life incident in which Korey had been instructed to take her medication according to a certain schedule, and failed to do so. As a disciplinarian James is firm but fair, with a strong nurturing streak, calling his young wife pet names and terms of endearment even as he punishes her. This is loving discipline at its most authentic.

My Sweet Wife - real life discipline with Korey Johnson and James Johnson at Northern Spanking

Korey is adorable - I've thought so for a long time anyway, but she's particularly so in this film, initially trying to wriggle her way out of trouble by making cute remarks, then gradually surrendering to James' authority. When James tells her to undress she is deliciously vulnerable, standing shyly before him, naked and pleading.

As James begins his solid, implacable hand spanking, quickly pinkening her bottom while calmly scolding her all the while, she is clearly trying to be obedient but can't help whimpering and protesting. Korey is a wriggler, and she squirms beautifully over her husband's knee, her body reacting involuntarily to the pain. But James knows how to keep her in position - and with firm hands and, eventually, a leg lock, he holds her in place until he considers her to be well punished and truly sorry.

My Sweet Wife - real life discipline with Korey Johnson and James Johnson at Northern Spanking

This is a beautiful representation of a real life loving discipline dynamic, and James and Korey are a pleasure to watch. The full film is now available at Northern Spanking, and it's well worth a look - especially since it might be the only spanking film James and Korey ever make.


It was a pleasure and a privilege to make this film and I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Even more, I hope that Korey and James like it! Alex and I will see them at Shadow Lane in Las Vegas next month and I can't wait to hear what they think! I shall be trying *very* hard to tempt them into doing more!

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