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Zoe Montana at Shadow Lane

Posted at 21:05 on 26 Aug 2014 by Pandora / Blake

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I've been to a couple of different American spanking parties now, but I still haven't made it to the longest-running and best known of all - Shadow Lane, run by the good folks who operate the spanking production company of the same name. The 2014 Shadow Lane spanking party is this coming weekend, Aug 26-31, at a casino hotel in Las Vegas. Eve Howard writes:

Part of the magic of being into an esoteric fetish is that it allows otherwise ordinary people to engage together in what are, by our lights, glamorous and exciting activities. Movie stars at Cannes don't have more fun than cute girls in plaid skirts at spanking balls. It isn't possible to be more excited than a spanking enthusiast is at the prospect of meeting someone they've been corresponding with for months and finally playing out a fantasy scenario with them, either one on one or with an audience. Actually getting to play, after dreaming about playing one's whole life, is everything.

There is certainly something magical about the big US spanking parties. The sheer scale of them is both exhilarating and validating. When you're among hundreds of over spanking enthusiasts in a big, glitzy venue, with lunches and balls and cocktail parties scheduled, it's hard to feel alone - or as if your tastes are something to be ashamed of.

I'm hoping to be able to experience Shadow Lane for myself sometime, but meanwhile I wanted to give a plug to my friend Zoe Montana who will be there this year. Zoe is flying all the way from Australia to attend the party - no mean effort given it feels like she only just got home from Boardwalk Badness! Clearly she had so much fun that she can't wait to experience the delights of a big US spanking party a second time. It's a long way to come when you don't know many people on the scene - I hope that all the Shadow Lane partygoers reading this will give her a very warm welcome.

Zoe Montana - traditional English discipline

While at the party, Zoe is offering private 121 spanking sessions to help fund her travel costs. If you are considering booking playtime with a professional at Shadow Lane, I can't think of anyone better. Zoe is an accomplished switch who feels equally at home on the top or on the bottom, and she administers a spanking as well as she gives one. She spent years playing on the English spanking scene before she moved back to Australia, and is ferociously accurate with the cane as well as leather, wood and other CP implements.

Relaxed, funny, a brilliant roleplayer - Zoe has charm and warmth enough to put anyone at ease. You might not have considered paying a professional for spanking play before, but it's worth doing: when you are paying, you are 100% the focus of the session, with your fantasies, needs and desires taking priority. The negotiation and compromise of playing with someone you meet at a party can lead to rewarding scenes, and I recommend doing that too, but it takes time and effort, and you may well end up servicing your playmate's kink rather than getting your own needs met. Just like it's nice to pay for a massage from time to time, there are few things more self-indulgent than hiring an experienced professional to bring your fantasy to life and blow your mind.

Zoe Montana - traditional English discipline

Zoe loves being spanked and is well-known as a bottom, and she is a fun and witty roleplayer. But I have to give my personal vote of confidence to her expertise as a domme. Zoe is one of my favourite tops, and one of the few people on the planet I trust enough to submit to. She is equally at home giving a strict telling off, a judicial punishment or a sensual pleasure spanking. You can see us playing together at Dreams of Spanking - I think this scene is probably my favourite, but there are plenty of hot moments to whet your appetite.

Of course, if you can't choose between sub or domme, you could always book her for a switch session and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Zoe Montana - traditional English discipline

I wish I was able to join Zoe at Shadow Lane this year, but I've told her she has to have extra fun for me, and spank and get spanked enough for both of us. I'll be helping D celebrate his birthday while you're all having fun in Vegas, but I look forward to reading all the blog reports from the party next week. In the meantime, if you're going to Shadow Lane and see Zoe around, please do say hi!


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