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BBW 2014, Friday - flying higher and higher

Posted at 23:23 on 1 Sep 2014 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: BBW, dominance and submission, erotic magic, kink, Performers and producers, punch play, Spanking sessions, switching, Zoe Montana

My posts remembering Boardwalk Badness Weekend at the end of my April US tour have been a bit delayed - and everyone's about to come back from Shadow Lane and start talking all about that - but if it's not too late to pick up the thread, I still have some stories to share.

At the end of my last post, I fell asleep shortly before dawn after an incredible first night of play. But that was only the beginning - the rest of the weekend was about to get even more epic.

After five hours sleep, day two kicked off with a fun scene between me, Zoe Montana and a good friend I've played with before. The roleplay was hot and goofy by turns (sometimes both at the same time!) with our friend making the most endearing faces in his little boy role, switching wickedly between innocent schoolboy and knowing kinkster, as well as between top and bottom. Here's Zoe's lovely bottom after he and I had teamed up to turn it a fetching shade of pink:

Zoe Montana spanked at Boardwalk Badness Weekend

Afterwards we went for lunch to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Taj Mahal and I compensated for lost sleep by filling my belly with steak.

I had a session booked after lunch, a switch roleplay with John G. After standing me in front of him for a good telling-off, naked and pretend-embarrassed, he surprised me halfway through the scolding with the gentle intensity of his big, blue eyes. Without intending to I found myself slipping into genuine submission. This is so rare for me in professional play that it might be the second time it's ever happened. It made for an amazing scene: despite the growing soreness in my bottom I wriggled my way happily through a hand spanking, strapping and caning from John.

Standing in the corner after my punishment, I glanced discreetly at the clock and dropped out of character to let John know that our hour would be up in ten minutes. There wouldn't be much time for us to switch as planned - but luckily he proposed that we extend the session. After a quick negotiation we settled back in with an extra half hour in hand. I was very glad he made the decision as I moved swiftly into my top role and took him firmly over my knee.

While he was over the bed moaning under my belt, I heard a noise outside the door and went to open it. It was Zoe, reasonably thinking that we would be finished. She explained she needed to fetch her badge to be allowed into the Friday meet and greet, and I asked if she wanted to stop for a few minutes and watch John be punished. "I can't think of anything better!" she declared, flinging herself onto the bed and beaming with delight.

The roleplay relaxed as we all giggled with the mutual thrills of exhibitionism and voyeurism, and John's punishment was concluded with a hugely satisfying twelve with the cane.

After that I had to spend a bit of time on my laptop to make the preview images for the week's Dreams of Spanking film, which I'd edited in LA and which was going up that evening. Then it was time to move all my materials to my stall for the vendor's fair, and Zoe and John Beecroft enthusiastically pitched in to help.

I didn't have as much with me to sell as I'd wanted. I hadn't had the time or resources to author new DVD titles in Los Angeles as I'd planned, so I was selling the same four films as in Spain 2012, the same postcards and gift certificates, without the fine art prints I'd had to bulk out my stall that year. But on the other hand, this fair had cost me barely any labour (unlike the Spain stall, my only other vendor's fair to date, for which I had to create all my stock from scratch). The only cost this time was shipping, which had been stupidly high. Next time I sell in the US, I will order things printed there rather than shipping them across the Atlantic.

Zoe was in her element, helping me arrange our cobbled-together stall dressings of hotel bed covers and coloured scarves. She added an inkwell made out of a cloven hoof which she had bought on her travels as a gift for a friend - a surreal and wonderful crowning detail. She quickly proved to have a gift for sales as she popped open DVD boxes to stand them upright and arranged everything artistically. Her presence worked wonders as she spent the evening gliding around in fabulous Victoriana, enthusiastically selling my work to everyone who passed by. I wore jodphurs, leather boots and a dazzled smile as I shook the hands and handed DVDs to customers she sent my way.

DVDs from Dreams of Spanking

We sold far more than I'd expected, even enough to cover my costs after the ludicrously expensive shipping. I exchanged some of my new shiny dollar bills for two stingy tawses from the Correction Collection. I don't like tawses, personally, and would have preferred to buy a new strap or soft flogger - but I often find myself needing a lighter tawse for sessions or shoots, so it was time to fill the gap in my toybox.

I hadn't made it to the meet and greet earlier, so this was my chance to say hello to people I hadn't seen yet. New arrivals, old friends: Judy and her partner, Indy who I couldn't wait to introduce to Zoe, Sarah Gregory and John Osborne, and Emma Bishop, whom I engaged to shoot for Dreams of Spanking (although I'm so far ahead with shooting that it won't be until 2015).

There was a a surprise meeting: Pink of the Barely Pink Report, taller, more redhaired and rosy cheeked than I'd imagined her, and every bit as sexy and charming. Although we had never met before we swept each other into a long, shrieking hug, and gazed into each other's eyes as we told each other how much we admired each other. It was good to meet her boyfriend too; a twinkling gentleman with a lovely energy and a dry sense of humour. It was so great to see everyone. I felt giddy with happiness.

Then packing up the stall, back to the room and getting changed for the evening into a backless purple dress with a loose cowl neck, perfect for a quick flash of my tits to shock unsuspecting friends and make them grin. It was 11pm and the next eight hours were a continual rush of play.

I entered Dirk's suite with a bag of implements and found Zoe bending NaughtyMichael over the end of the bed, spanking him and making him talk in his terrible approximation of an English accent as he promised to be good and begged her not to cane him. I sat cross-legged on the bed and grinned and grinned, holding Michael's hands, encouraging both of them and feeling myself be nourished by the energy of the scene, growing larger than life as it streamed into me like the jet of air that expands a balloon into its proper shape.

Zoe and I stayed in that room for a long time, letting the energy build and swirl and crackle around us, charging the air with eddies of eroticism. We bent Judy and Indy over the end of the bed and double topped them with hands and straps as friends and boyfriends sat and watched. Then Pink took their place - and a long, slow, sensual scene unfurled which started with her partner and I strapping her, one on each side (Zoe: "You both strap her and every now and then, I'll swoop in for a rub!") and which culminated in Zoe and her partner double belting Pink as hard as they could, while I sat on the bed, stretching my legs either side of her body and cradling her head in my lap. I looked into her eyes and drank in the ecstatic energy of her thrashing, gave her deep, erotically charged kisses, swirled the energy around and fed it back to her twofold.

Later I double-topped Tattoo_Fairy with Zoe. She'd picked me up from the airport and we'd talked about kink, BDSM and punch play. I'd tried punching for the first time with Zahra Stardust in Toronto, and now I fell into it with enthusiasm, punching and slapping and stroking TF's bottom with rhythm and vigour until my fists were sore.

And so the night passed - fizzing with energy, flirting, people coming and going, stopping for kisses and cuddles; the erotic energy, the adrenaline and the oxytocin soaring until I was flying so high I never thought I'd come down.


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