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Charity caning campaign update

Posted at 14:41 on 31 Jan 2015 by Pandora / Blake

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Wow, what a week it's been! Thanks to you, the kinky Indiegogo campaign I launched with Nimue Allen has raised more than five times our original funding target to help fight UK porn censorship - and there's still 18 hours left.

The fundraiser is running until midnight tonight PST (that's 8am on Sunday for us Brits), so there's still time to donate. Every penny raised will be donated to Backlash to help fight the UK's regressive new porn laws. Please do contribute if you can!

2000 stretch goal reached!

Three days ago, international spanking star Amelia Jane Rutherford joined our group of volunteers willing to put our arses on the line to fight for our right to freedom of expression. She and her husband Hywel Phillips also offered a stretch goal reward of an exclusive judicial caning movie starring Amelia if we reached 2000, and fellow UK fetish porn producer Michael Stamp joined the campaign with his offer of another exclusive fetish film - this time starring pro-domme Zoe Page as you've never seen her before.

We are thrilled to announce that this stretch goal has been reached - we have already raised more than 2500, and both films will be released after the campaign ends. Thank you so much to all who helped us with this incredible achievement.

New bottoms join the protest

Alex Reynolds caned at Dreams of SpankingEarlier this week we blasted through our alotted 175 cane strokes - to be taken by me, Nimue Allen, Rosie Bottomley and Amelia Jane Rutherford - and since then we've been frantically trying to recruit more bottoms as the donations keep flying in. US spanking star Alex Reynolds has bravely volunteered to take another fifty strokes - read her blogpost about joining the campaign here.

We're also talking to a number of other UK spanking performers and kinky community members about how to allocate the rest of the strokes. We intend to make good on our pledge of one HARD cane stroke for every 10 raised - and the more people take part, the more people we can reach in our efforts to raise awareness about this important issue.

This has turned from a two-person project to an international, large-scale protest for our right to freedom of expression. So keep those donations coming, and let's see just how big we can make it!

Our charity caning hits the news

A number of news outlets have reported on the fundraiser this week - which means that the UK porn laws are back in the news, and we are continuing to spread our message that the new regulations are unethical, unjust, undemocratic and unworkable. Here are the articles that have been posted so far:

Meet the British Porn Star Taking a Cane to the Butt to Protest Censorship - Frankie Mullin for Vice

Would you sponsor this woman 10 to get caned? - Yvette Caster for Metro.co.uk

UK Performers Put Arses on the Line to Fight New Porn Regs - Emily Dubberley for Cliterati

The woman putting her arse on the line for porn - AFT Magazine

Why Pandora Blake is getting caned for charity - Eros Blog

Pandora Blake caned at Dreams of Spanking

Thank you so much to everyone who has joined us in our fight against these draconian porn laws. It seems that we aren't alone in wanting to fight - more and more people are standing up along with us, and saying they refuse to take censorship lying down - we'd much rather bend over.

There are still a few hours left to donate, and plenty of perks left - so please, spread the word, and let's see just how much we can give to Backlash to help them support those affected by these regressive new laws.


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