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Sinful Sunday - an itch that can't be scratched

Posted at 22:56 on 11 Oct 2015 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: breast slapping, D, kink, oh my god, orgasm, Photos, rough sex, Sinful Sunday

Sitting up with friends late into the night, D and I can't keep our hands off each other. I reach down and touch the soft bulge in his pants with my fingertips, feeling the promise of firmness there. He strokes my flanks and my back, feather-soft.

When we can't stand it any longer we make our excuses and leave. In the bedroom we start out slowly, lying close and kissing. It's dizzying how fast the heat rises. I don't realise how wet I am until his hand finds my molten centre and two fingers press deep inside, leaving me gasping and wanting more.

We fuck for hours. It's fast and filthy and furious, until both of us are slippery with sweat, until I've lost count of the number of orgasms. I want everything, anything he can give. His tongue on my clit, his fingers in my mouth and round my throat, his perfect buttocks straddling my face, his hands slapping my face and my breasts, and his cock, his beautiful hard cock, filling me and hitting my sweet spot again and again. It's frenzied and eager and insatiable. My skin can't get enough of his skin. My clit is swollen and sensitive, and I can feel this sweet itch aching deep inside of me, that seems to throb harder every time it's scratched.

After an hour I am a ragdoll, flushed and spent, collapsed in a helpless heap, my muscles refusing to hold me up any more. But desire still burns like glowing coals within my exhausted body, and I'm more than happy for him to carry on using me for as long as he can muster the energy, although a breathless whimper is all the encouragement I can manage.

When we finally try to settle down to sleep, even the gentlest of touch will stoke that fire, and we'll lose control all over again. It takes three attempts before we finally drift off, sleepily whispering filthy nonsense and fantasies that we won't remember in the morning. Love radiates from our skin, and settles over us both like a blanket.

Sinful Sunday


lovely images very erotic


These photos (and the words you've written to go with them) are absolutely sexy and stunningly gorgeous. I will remember the last photo of you both cuddled up, head to foot, for a long time. It's so wonderfully lovely and sweet.

one image

While Sinful Sunday is more about one image, these images and the words tell a great story.

Excellent photography

Hot stuff!

Great series of pics and story :)

~Kazi xxx


Whilst I love the story all these images tell a fantastic story alongside your words I particularly love the final image, there's so much warmth to it.

So arousing . . . and I mean the words and the photographs, but mainly it is the words that do it for me!!!
Xxx - K


What a fabulous series of images and the words that go with them are so deliciously sexy. I love the final shot, the way you are curled around one another in blissful exhaustion is perfect


That is a very sexy series of shots.


I love each of these images for different reasons. I think my favorite has to be the last one though.

Jaw Clenching Erotic

Wonderful use of the written word and photographic illustration! You're the paramount in this field!


Great series of images and great words, but that last shot is magical!

Amazingly Sexy

Your photos are the best truly Erotic and Passionate

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