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Solos with Yanks and Michelle Flynn

Posted at 10:17 on 9 Dec 2015 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Australia, high heels, masturbation, Michelle Flynn, outdoors, photos, shoot writeups, solo, strap-on, Yanks

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Australia was hang out with Michelle Flynn, the owner of LightSouthern whose work I discovered at the Berlin Porn Film Festival 2014. Her films are sundrenched and distinctively Australian, featuring stunning videography, hot queer and straight sex, real couples and real orgasms. Michelle emphasises consent and good communication with performers, and her films have a relaxed, comfortable vibe. I liked Liandra Love, a moody triptych studing the face and body of her partner-at-the-time Liandra as she brings herself to an orgasmic emotional release, and Momentum volume 1, a sunny celebration of natural bodies, friendship, love and hardcore fucking in natural settings.

Michelle and I had been emailing back and forth about the possibility of shooting together, and I found myself regretful that I'm not currently able to produce for Dreams of Spanking, as I'd have loved to hire her as camera for a sexy Australian spanking film. But we did make plans to work together with Aeryn Walker, my favourite geek girl, cosplay pornstair and brainiac. That shoot is coming up next week, so I won't say any more for now. But in the meantime, I can share some previews of the solo scenes Michelle and I shot together for Yanks on my third day in Melbourne.

Yanks is a masturbation site with women behind and in front of the camera, shooting female self-pleasure scenes in a girl-next-door style. The scenes are unscripted and natural, with orgasms published alongside interviews and sex biographies written by the performers. I actually found filling out the bio the hardest part of the shoot - having a long handwritten form to fill out was laborious, whereas the scenes themselves were super relaxed. Michelle and I shot two videos, two photosets and two interviews - the photos outdoors (indulging our mutual liking for for bare skin in the fresh air) and the videos indoors (because sadly, even feminist pornographers have neighbours). Michelle asked me to bring some clothes I felt sexy and comfortable in, some toys, and to masturbate the way I would if I was at home, without acknowledging the camera and without overacting. In the interviews, she got me to talk about how I felt and what I was thinking about while I was getting myself off.

I decided to enjoy a little gender play, and show Yanks viewers two different sides of myself. So in the first video I packed a strapon (disclaimer: the strap-on is actually Helena's, I didn't bring mine with me to Australia) and enjoyed the feel of my hard cock straining behind tight denim shorts. Once I unzipped, I lubed up and wanked my cock to an explosive orgasm. In the second film, I femmed up in a a dress and patent fetish heels, enjoying the restrictive feel of the shiny stilettoes. I used the same cock as I'd worn in the first film as a dildo in the second, and had a luscious multiple orgasm while I fucked myself with it. It was a fun, sexy and relaxed shoot, and Michelle was great to work with. The scenes will be up on Yanks in due course - I'm excited to see how they come out!


pictorial and blog

splendid! Glad yu can explore your wild side in OZ

Beautiful photos Pandora. I've really missed your photography.

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