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Spanking party in Sydney

Posted at 05:43 on 6 Dec 2015 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Artemisia de Vine, Australia, Electra Amore, film festivals, Helena May, Perv Queererotic Film Festival, spanking party, spanking sessions

Have I really only been in Australia two and a half weeks? It feels like much longer. Although I've squeezed a lot in, the primary mood of my trip so far has still been restful - it feels like most of my time has been spent relaxing in Helena's beautiful home, hanging out with friends, occasionally doing a spanking session. The relaxed pace and the good weather have combined to give the days a holidayish feel, even when I'm technically working. I've met some lovely Aussie spanking enthusiasts, played some super hot scenes, and earned some $ to pay my way. The rest of the time, I've been able to read, do colouring, go to the beach, get the tram into town, enjoy Helena's amazing cooking, and only occasionally open my netbook to check emails and internet things. I wish my life in London could be this relaxed.

I spent a portion of last week in Sydney for the Perv Queererotic Film Festival. I was excited about being asked to judge the Short Film Competition, and devastated when airline drama made me miss it: my Jetstar flight was cancelled, and I spent the next five hours in Melbourne airport being shunted around different flights before I was finally allowed to board, two hours after the film competition had started. It was a total clusterfuck, and a learning experience to never fly Jetstar again I guess. So it was Friday night when I finally made it to Perv for the second film screening.

Perv takes place in Marrickville, at a venue called the Red Rattler Theatre, which is owned and operated by the community and staffed by volunteers. It's a great space, with a large downstairs room and a smaller mezzanine lounge, delightfully furnished with a mismatched collection of plush velvet armchairs and sofas. I've never watched porn on the big screen while nestled into a comfy wingback armchair before, and it definitely enhanced the experience. 

I'll write more about Perv - I saw some great films I wouldn't mind blogging about, and the Saturday night afterparty deserves a whole post of its own. But for now, just a quick announcement. After a restful week in Melbourne Helena and I are flying back to Sydney for a few days (we're literally at the airport as I type this), chiefly to attend a private spanking party organised by Artemisia de Vine, which is happening on Tuesday evening. You should come!

This is the first party of this nature to take place in Sydney for a really long time, and Helena and I will both be there along with Sydney corporal punishment enthusiasts Artemisia and Electra Amore. To break the ice, Helena and I will open proceedings with an exclusive spanking performance, which guests are invited to watch, followed by opportunities for each guest to have a turn giving or receiving over the knee hand spankings with me, Helena and Artemisia. For those game, there will be a second round of spankings with all three of us, this time incorporating implements such as paddles, straps, tawses or the cane. Skilled disciplinarian Electra Amore will be offering spankings and canings to each guest, and she has also hinted that if the mood is right, she may be persuaded to switch as well.

It's going to be a great evening - fun and playful, with a chance to practice spanking, learn tips and techniques, and chat to likeminded players about our favourite activity. Hosts will serve wine and nibbles, and there will be nooks and crannies for those who prefer to play in private as well as open spaces for those who like being watched.

While spanking parties are common in the UK, they are a rare treat in Australia. I know from meeting so many enthusiasts in private sessions that many Australian kinksters have an appetite for spanking, but that there isn't a visible community for people to meet others who share their interest. Parties like this are an ideal opportunity to enjoy spanking fun in a supportive social setting. I think all of us went through a phase at some point in our lives of thinking we were the only one who had these desires. Getting the chance to chat to other likeminded individuals is invaluable in helping us realise we are not alone, and that we have nothing to be ashamed of. Consensual adult spanking is an enjoyable part of a healthy sexuality, so we might as well have fun with it!

The party is 7pm-1pm on December 8th at Artemisia's private play space in Surry Hills, Sydney. Tickets are $450 by advance booking (including a $100 deposit to secure your place). This is less than the price of a two hour private spanking session with any of us, so it's not bad for four hours of fun with four different playmates! Please contact Artemisia to book your ticket. It's going to be a fabulous evening - hopefully I'll see you there!


Spanking Party

I would so like to attend one of these in Melbourne, for all the reasons you have outlined. Please consider organising one in Melbourne, please.

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