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Caned for charity

Posted at 20:05 on 22 Feb 2015 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Amelia Jane Rutherford, atvod, Backlash, cane, censorship, cold caning, D, hard caning, Hwyel Phillips, Kink activism, Photos, Politics

I'm sitting on a sore bottom to type this on the train home from visiting Hywel Phillips and Ariel Anderssen. We've just filmed mine and Ariel's sponsored canings for Backlash UK, as part of our 10-a-stroke fundraiser which raised 3836 to help Backlash fight the new UK porn laws.

Nimue Allen was the first to take her caning, and she tweeted photos of her welted bottom after 50 cold cane strokes on Friday... which just served to make me more nervous. Thanks to the generosity of our funders (said through gritted teeth!) I was due 50 strokes and Ariel 25 strokes. I kept on waking up last night and was had to give myself a stern talking-to to stop myself getting all strung out with nerves.

Hywel offered his services as camera operator, which is good because he makes beautiful films, and I was very very excited when my lovely boyfriend/dom/partner-in-crime D agreed to administer my caning. 50 strokes would be the most he had ever given me in one go, and I was ridiculously excited. (And nervous.) That just left finding someone to cane Ariel...

Luckily, giving a caning is one of the most reliable ways to make me want to take one, and Ariel much prefers to be punished first rather than having to watch and wait her turn. So we agreed that I would cane her, and then D would cane me, and Hywel would film it all.

Pandora Blake caning Ariel Anderssen

Ariel was nervous about being caned as herself, out of character, and she struggled with the first few cold strokes - but as the caning progressed she started to relax into it, and I stopped frequently to provide encouragement and rubs. There may also have been some giggling.

Pandora Blake caning Ariel Anderssen

She was very brave, and after twenty five hard strokes she had the welts to show for it.

Ariel Anderssen showing off her marks from a 25 stroke cold caning

Ariel is a professional nude model, and so not only has she donated her time and energy in taking this caning to the fundraiser, but she's also having to take time off her paying job while she waits for the marks to heal.

Then it was my turn.

Beforehand, my nerves were manifesting for some reason as anxiety about whether D - an accomplished and very sexy top, but not a CP nerd in the same way I am - would be confident delivering something as precise and as potentially risky as an extended hard caning. It turned out I needn't have worried. He was accurate, reassuring, built up the level gradually, and overall was more than hard enough to satisfy my slightly mad desire to be pushed as much as possible. I also enjoyed our banter and communication during the caning, his gentle rubs and kisses, and looking back at him over my shoulder to see a very sadistic twinkle in his eye. That look melts my heart. Well, it melts something.

Pandora Blake after a 50 stroke cold caning

After taking my 50 cold cane strokes I was flying high and totally in lust with D, finding it hard to keep my hands and eyes off him. I have to restrain myself until we get home, though. Meanwhile Ariel served us a delicious lunch, we shared the chocolate cake we'd brought, and we spent some lovely time chatting before our train home.

I feel happy and satisfied about fulfilling the commitments we made for our fundraiser, and I'm looking forward to posting the finished films online. We'll release each film individually, and once all ten (!) sponsored caning films are up I'll edit together a mammoth caning compilation so you can download them all in one go. The films will be released under Creative Commons, which means they'll be absolutely free, even if you didn't contribute to the fundraiser. However, you can still donate to Backlash UK here, and I would strongly encourage you to do so if you can. Every little helps, and the fight is far from over - this is the only the beginning of our campaign to resist government censorship and win back our right to freedom of expression.

Changing the world one cane stroke at a time.

Pandora Blake after her 50 stroke cold caning

Sinful Sunday


I'm going to do mine in the next couple of days! I'm just waiting to heal after a weekend of shooting for 5 different spanking sites. I have to admit, I'm very nervous about the whole proceeding, but I'm also excited, and I know I'll be pleased with myself with it's done. <3

Fuzzy Math 3,836 pounds-sterling, divided by 10/stroke equals 383.6 strokes, 1/6th a stroke?

I love that something so stupendously hot was also done for such worthwhile reasons! Congratulations in all senses :)

Really lovely photos, those bottoms took the canings well! :)

~Kazi xxx

Those marks looks impressive - and I am wincing just looking at them (caning not being my thing). Wow. Good on both of you for doing this!

xx Dee

Impressive. Great photos.

Looks painful, but for a good cause.

Magnificent pictures for a truly excellent cause. Cane we do it...?


What a wonderfully fun project . . . and cause! I'm in . . . and reaching for my crop and paddle!!!
Xxx - K

Very nice! Question: when and where will we get to see Zoe Page's "submissive role" video?

Well done all. Impressive commitment and dedication and glad you got rewarded later Pandora.

A beautiful project for a great cause!

Have to be honest, the thought of 50 cane strokes, served cold, makes me feel an immense amount of 'fuck that'!
Doesn;t stop me being intrigued as to whether I could take it or not though ;-)

Flip xx

Back-Lash Video

I've looked for this video but have only just learned that it was to be put up under Creative Commons - I have not the faintest idea what Creative Commons is - and suppose that in the event this was in fact done.

I had no expectation of acquiring the video for nothing and if I can get it by any legitimate means I would be happy to [expect to] pay for it by making a commensurate donation. I am sure there would be others the same.

It seems to me that though this video has been taken down from the internet under compulsion it must have been recorded in some form of digital storage - high capacity SD cards or whatever - and probably copied onto hard disk for editing. In short, multiple copies must surely exist though not accessible via download from the internet. Something must be possible.

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