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2016 year in review - highlights and reflections

Posted at 13:35 on 11 Jan 2017 by Pandora / Blake

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Happy new year! It's traditional to do an end of year review, and I've been chewing over my 2016 one. Damn, it was a hell of a year; comparable in craziness only to the year before it. Here are the headlines:

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I don't have as much time for updating this blog as I used to. But it's not just that I'm busy; it's that the more media attention I get (which is useful for raising awarenss and helping advance my political cause, so I'm reluctant to turn it down) the more I relish my privacy. After ten years blogging my spanking adventures, shoot experiences and kinky sex on this blog, nowadays I'm finding myself appreciating having a private life.

A lot happened in 2016 over than the above; new romantic partners, new kinks, holidays, big life decisions and plenty of personal time. But wince I started regularly being recognised when out on the 'scene', I'm finding myself less inclined to share details about my personal sex life online. Making porn is one thing, but as my sexuality and relationships evolve, I'm discovering I don't want to broadcast the changes. Maybe I'm just getting old, but it's become important to me to keep some things just for us.

That's not to say I'm going to stop blogging entirely; I'll continue to post political updates when I can, and perhaps write about other kink or porn topics if I ever get time. I do miss the ritual of writing here. Being able to process what happened in writing has always been valuable for me, so it would be nice if I could do more of it in 2017. But you can't do everything. At least, not all at once.

So what does 2017 have in store for me? More big changes, that's for sure. The Digital Economy Bill looks set to pass this spring, which will mean no more Dreams of Spanking - not for UK viewers, anyway. If I want to keep the site online in any form I'll have to sell it to an overseas partner, after which I won't legally be able to view my own website. So that will make updating it tricky. Once I've run down the content already filmed, I'm not planning to maintain a regular update schedule. I might make the occasional spanking film for film festivals, but running a membership site of prohibited porn from a country where censorship is tightening year on year doesn't sound like my idea of fun. The Dreams of Spanking archive will stay online in one form or another - unless you're in the UK, of course - but it won't be practical for me to keep on doing weekly updates.

Then what? Well, given the state of UK porn law, continuing to produce erotic films in this country feels like a bit of a fool's errand. My current intention is to take a break from making porn to finish writing my book about it. Plus, of course, the political campaign is ongoing - I mean to keep fighting for freedom of sexual expression, for better workers rights in the sex and porn industries and for the decriminalisation of sex work. I'm sure that'll keep me busy enough until I work out in which direction my porn-making is going next.


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