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Magazine interviews this month

Posted at 17:49 on 2 Feb 2017 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Blath, ethical porn, feminist porn, media, Patreon, queer porn

Sexual freedom campaigner Pandora Blake

I've had several requests for press interviews this month, and it's been a great opportunity to get the word out about my political campaigning and the other things I'm working on. I've talked to a writer Artefact magazine about the Digital Economy Bill and its impact on feminist porn that should be out in the next few weeks.

I also contributed to a feature with  Huck magazine , who interviewed me and queer porn performer Blath together. We co-ordinated a content-share shoot at my house especially for the interview, so that Huck's journalist and photographer could both come and have a look behind the scenes on a feminist porn set. (I get a lot of requests for this, but far fewer publications that are willing to pay for our time, so it was lovely that Huck were willing to help make it happen.) We shot a super gothy ritualistic scene featuring hot wax, knives, witchcraft and lots of other fetishy hotness! The Huck photographer took lots of behind the scenes pictures which I can't wait to see, and we gave an in depth video interview too. I might be able to put footage of the interview up on YouTube - although it might be a bit annoying to watch, as it has the journalist tap-tapping on his keyboard in the background, making notes as we talked! But it was totally worth it - he wrote an amazing piece, and was generous enough to let us approve it before publication. I wish more media folks were like this! I'm looking forward to seeing the feature and photos in print - and of course the scene itself will be available on Dreams of Spanking and Foxclure Films  once its out. 

I've also given an extensive written interview to a member of the French fetish scene who hand-produces Bottom Up , a community magazine about spanking and BDSM. The February issue is going to feature the Kink Olympixxx , an interview with me about ethical porn and censorship, and a review of Dreams of Spanking, so it's a fabulous compliment to be featured so heavily. I'll be sure to let you know once it's available to view - and I've also been sent some images of the interview pages which I can share once the issue is out.

This sort of cultural media coverage is a great opportunity for me to raise awareness about the forthcoming legal changes in the UK, about the politics of ethical and feminist porn, and about other issues I care about. I'm delighted that my ongoing campaign against the Digital Economy Bill, and its problematic and unworkable policy of mandatory age verification, is deemed interesting enough for publication. It allows me to reach a whole new audience, and I'm hopeful that it will make some people sit up and listen. 

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