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Tantra Punk podcast

Posted at 14:28 on 19 Jun 2017 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: activism, audio, digital economy bill, feminist porn, interviews, podcasts

Tantra Punk logoI love recording audio. Since I haven't found time yet to record my own podcast series, I welcome the chance to appear on other peoples'.  Tantra Punk is a podcast devoted to sexual liberation, healing and empowerment, with a new episode released every week or so. He interviews a fascinating range of individuals, from shamans to social workers. I spent an hour talking to him on Skype, and our chat is now available on his site.

We talked about what it means to be a queer feminist porn producer, my ethos behind making films and creating Dreams of Spanking, my fight with ATVOD, the Digital Economy Bill campaign, age verification, what ethical porn means to me - especially when it comes to performer's rights - and lots more. Do have a listen!

Legalizing Feminist Porn with Pandora Blake - Tantra Punk Podcast 109

As well the recorded discourses on his podcast, Tantra Punk also releases some rather good tantric dance music on his SoundCloud - the sort of track that would make perfect play party background music. The latest is called "Feminist Porn Stars"; Proud to be who we are / Wild and free with integrity / Subversive and empowering. I wonder if this track was partly inspired by our conversation - I'd be delighted if so.


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