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The wrong kind of pain

Posted at 16:49 on 21 Jul 2017 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: laser

My laser hair removal appointment was meant to be yesterday afternoon, but had to be postponed after my train stalled at a platform halfway there due to a track fault, and we had to disembark. I was grateful to be able to reschedule the appointment rather than lose it, but the delay did have one unwelcome consequence.

Before my appointment yesterday, I made sure to do a close shave of all the relevant areas. The heat from the laser is transmitted down the length of hair to burn out the follicle, so you need to shave beforehand to prevent burns - if the hair is too long, it will have more time to heat up and will hurt a lot more. Today, I have a light dusting of 24 hour stubble - barely visible, but more than enough to make me wince as the laser passed over it.

I love being smooth, but I hate sting!


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