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A Guide to Consent

Posted at 12:14 on 28 Nov 2018 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Backlash, communication, consent, education, resources, workshops

I'm proud to publish this online version of our consent leaflet, Getting and Giving What We Want.

This is a condensed version of some of the things we cover our consent workshop Getting and Giving What We Want, produced by Backlash. We are running another workshop in January so keep an eye out for details! My co-facilitator Felix and I had a fun challenge cutting the techniques that we teach in the workshop down to a suitable length. As we were going through the material we initially felt that it was all so important we couldn't cut any of it. It was an  informative exercise to ask ourselves, out of all of this crucial information, what is absolutely most important? - and this is what we came up with.

If you can possibly come to the next workshop, you'll encounter a lot more which isn't covered in the leaflet; plus fun partner exercises and other learning tools to help each participant discover their own boundaries and preferred communication strategies.

This is a 4-page A5 leaflet which we're releasing online under a Creative Commons (with attribution) licence. It contains some easy to understand tips for negotiating consent in sex, relationships, and the rest of our lives - including ways to ask for what you want, how to give a graceful answer to a request, and our tips for saying 'no', which so many of us find hard. Finally, the leaflet looks at how to say that you have changed your mind, and why doing this is so important.

Please do download your preferred format, and share share share!

We also have a whole load of printed copies, so if you run events in schools, sex parties (how often do you see those mentioned together?!) or anywhere else where this sort of information would be appreciated, please ask and I'd be happy to post you some physical leaflets for you to give away.

Consent is of the utmost importance both for our personal wellbeing and for the health of our communities, so let's share these communication tools far and wide.

Download the leaflet - PDF 

Download the leaflet - GIF 


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