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Posted at 19:00 on 31 May 2018 by Pandora / Blake

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This is a promotional post - feel free to skip it if you don't want to give me money in exchange for cool stuff :)

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I'm a bit addicted to social media. I love sharing photos and updates about my life. Unfortunately, social media doesn't love sex workers like me.

Facebook and Instagram won't allow any explicit content at all (I've been Facebook banned several times - and in fact I'm currently serving another yet another 3 month YouTube ban for trying to promote Dreams of Spanking there through the medium of edited "worksafe" trailers). Tumblr doesn't let anyone see rude posts unless they're logged in and explicitly consent to seeing them. And Twitter - the last bastion of publically accessible adult social media - will soon be asked by the UK porn regulator to ban accounts that post porn unless they comply with the new age verification rules. In fact Twitter have already started shadowbanning sexy accounts, and deleting accounts that mention sex work, in the wake of FOSTA and SESTA, the horrifying new US laws that criminalise the promotion of sex work online.

I post a lot of naughty pictures of nudes and spanked bums. I really enjoy creating self-shot porn and I'd like to have time to make more. So sex negative social media, and the uncertainty that comes of relying on free platforms, isn't ideal for me. I've found a solution that will empower me to spend more time having fun shooting hot pics and documenting my adventures, without the internet police breathing down my neck. I've started posting fans-only updates on iWantFanClub, and there are already 49 posts on there including 9 videos. Check out my feed here!

Join my fan club to see more pictures like this!Join my fan club to see more pictures like this!

I post every day - including while I'm away, because I can schedule posts in advance to cover the days I'm out of wifi range. So far it's a mixture of selfies, nudes, video diaries, free porn videos, discount codes for my clip stores, stuff that's too rude to share on Facebook or Instagram, and too personal to share in public. I'm still finding my groove with it, so if you join the club do please let me know what you want more or less of.

I was inspired to try the fan club format by Ariel Anderssen, who has an impressively active club over at OnlyFans. She looked like she was having a lot of fun with it, and I started to see more people doing similar things, and it seemed like it would work really well for me. So far, I'm really liking it.

I find it frustrating that I can't post explicitly adult content on Patreon (well, I can, but then I have to tick that my page is "adult" which hides it from search - and based on their past behaviour I'm concerned that they'll discriminate against adult content more heavily in future) or other family friendly social media platforms. Twitter has been good for me so far, but my fear is that as adult workers' dependence on it increases, we become more and more precarious. If Twitter is the main way I advertise, what happens if my account gets deleted? I want more resilience than that.

I'm really enjoying iWantFanClub. It's sex worker owned and has great customer service who have been really responsive and helpful so far. They let me schedule posts, which works with my calendar. And it's helping me be more creative, too. Thinking of the naughty pics I create as a product in their own right, rather than as advertising for premium content, stimulates me to invest more time, energy and skill in creating them - which makes it more rewarding and satisfying.

Join my fan club to see more pictures like this!

What's surprised me most, though, is how much I've enjoyed posting the more "vanilla" updates. In the last four years, I've become - well, not exactly famous, but kind of notorious within the sexy, kinky and porny communities. It's useful - it works for me as an activist to have a bigger platform and to have my voice heard by a wider audience. But it's also unpleasantly exposing.

You may have noticed that since the whole ATVOD debacle, I haven't really done much sex blogging. I used to love writing about my personal sexploits and sharing the good stuff with likeminded pervy readers. But since a Government quango went through my personal erotic autobiography with a red pen and sent me a dossier on how obscene it was, I've found myself turned off by the idea of revealing more than I have to about my private life. My current relationships - both of which have their 2 year anniversary this month - are not for public consumption: I don't write up the sex we have as blogposts, and I don't make porn with either of my partners. That's a deliberate choice: I reached the point where it felt important to ringfence certain areas of my life as just for me, and not something to share or commoditise.

But I miss it. I like sharing. I like the personal connection that comes from revealing personal or vulnerable moments and finding that my viewers have experienced something similar. Having a fan club offers a neat middle ground. My private video diaries there aren't searchable or Google-indexable, and they're only visible to subscribers. I've found myself opening up about stuff I don't put in public posts - health stuff, vanilla stuff, day-to-day stuff. So far, there's a small, select group of viewers, most of of whom I know personally, and it has a really nice vibe. My interactions with readers, viewers and customers in person and online have led me to conclude that the vast majority of you are absolutely lovely. I'm looking forward to getting to know more of you!

Join my fan club to see more pictures like this!Join my fan club to see more pictures like this!

If you want to stay up to date with what's going on in my life, and see exclusive, up close and personal content I don't post elsewhere, come and join my fan club. Go on, you know you want to.


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