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New spanking shoot with Sarah Gregory and Triple A

Posted at 22:27 on 2 Jul 2018 by Pandora / Blake

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How long has it been since I performed for a spanking site other than my own? I didn't realise it had been such a long gap. I've done a few shoots for new spanking clip producers - such as The Havering Collection, but I hadn't realised that it had been over four years since I had last worked for one of the big spanking subscription sites.

Normally I have a policy of not working on my birthday, but when Sarah Gregory said she was coming to the UK, one of my clients was determined to arrange a duo with us both. Sarah and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity, and spend some extra time together shooting for her site, and her fiancé John Osborne's site Triple A Spanking. Sadly, in the end the client was unable to make it for family reasons, and asked us to shoot him a custom video instead. So I got to spend my birthday at Dodgy Dave's Spank Towers, creating hot spanking scenes with Sarah and John, and shooting a custom for our client - which I decided just had to include a birthday caning for me!

Pandora Blake bends over for a birthday caning from Sarah Gregory

I love working with Sarah and John, they are so warm and genuine - and such consummate professionals when it comes to producing spanking video. We started off with two scenes for Sarah's site Sarah Gregory Spanking. In the first one, Sarah wanted me to embody some of the masculine energy that I've been enjoying lately, and asked me to wear one of my suits to play the role of her butch lesbian lover. I really enjoyed getting dressed up, and taking Sarah to task in a fun scene centred around the premise that she's groped me at a dinner party for our friends, and discovered I wasn't wearing underwear. I'm outraged at her behaviour, and we get into an argument where it's revealed that the reason I'm going commando is that Sarah keeps on stealing all of my comfy boxer shorts! 

Pandora Blake takes Sarah Gregory over their knee at Sarah Gregory Spanking

I take her over my knee and flip up her short skater dress to reveal the full-bottomed underwear, proceeding to pull them down and turn her bottom cherry red. This scene ended up getting rather horny and I enjoyed it immensely. This is the fourth time I've worked with Sarah now, and there's something very lovely about having the trust and familiarity of knowing your scene partner's interests and boundaries. 

Pandora Blake takes Sarah Gregory over their knee at Sarah Gregory Spanking Pandora Blake takes Sarah Gregory over their knee at Sarah Gregory Spanking

Pandora Blake takes Sarah Gregory over their knee at Sarah Gregory Spanking

In the second scene we played housemates, with Sarah punishing me for not doing my share of the chores. I had great fun playing the role of an entitled brat who thinks they can get away with anything, and soon learns that this will result in a sore red bottom.

Sarah Gregory spanks and paddles Pandora Blake at Sarah Gregory Spanking Sarah Gregory spanks and paddles Pandora Blake at Sarah Gregory Spanking

The second two scenes were a two-parter for John Osborne's site Triple A Spanking, based on the classic trope of 'spanked at school, spanked at home'. In the first part I play a usually-high-achieving student who is caught cheating in her English exam, when the headmaster finds that I have written out phrases word-for-word in my essay from an article online. I protest my innocence, claiming it was an accident - I just have a photographic memory and couldn't help being so well-read! - but he is having none of it. The Headmaster, played by Dodgy Dave, gives me a withering scolding, before bending me over his desk for a dose of the school strap. I hadn't played with Dave before, I don't think, although we are firm friends and I have very much enjoyed spending time at his house and getting to know him during various kinky adventures. 

In part 2, I'm back home and my daddy, John Osborne, is deeply disappointed with my behaviour. We played a very hot scene with me as the sorry, submissive daddy's girl, who just wants to make her daddy proud, and him as the upset and angry father who is very disappointed in his little girl's behaviour. There were some super hot moments in this scene for me, particularly John taking off his broad leather belt very s l o w l y and deliberately, and rolling up his sleeves before setting to. The belting was not a light one, and I got really into it. By the end of it my bottom was throbbing and red. I was so into the roleplay I wondered if I would cry genuine tears.

This was the first time I'd been topped by John, although not the first time I'd worked for Triple A. It is so wonderful to play with people who really know their craft.

After a short break to eat some food and recover somewhat from the belt whipping, Sarah and I collaborated on a custom video which will be released on both our sites. It was a candid scene with us just playing ourselves, chatting about our spanking fetish, and giving each other some pleasurable spankings for the fun of it, with lots of behind the scenes glimpses of two models on a spanking shoot. I point out that Sarah hasn't been punished nearly as much as me yet today, and take her over my lap to pinken her beautiful bottom, while we swap stories of our first time getting a spanking, and discuss what kinds of spankings we like best. Afterwards Sarah wants to have a look at my bum to see if the marks from the belting are still visible, and I gladly go over her lap for a little bit more yummy hand spanking, before volunteering to take a birthday caning.

I'm 34 this year, marking my twelth year as a professional spanking performer, and my thirteenth year as a fetish model. Some models lie about their age, but I can't really get away with it - anyone who started watching my videos in 2006 knows I'm not 25 any more! In any case, I'm not ashamed of getting older - I like ageing. Each year I get happier, give fewer fucks what people think, and get better at being me.

I don't manage to get a birthday caning every year, and it was a delight to hand my bottom over to Sarah for this one. She judged the levels perfectly, leaving me satisfyingly striped and sore, including some very painful low strokes on the most sensitive part of my crease and upper thighs - it hurts but it's so damn good! We finished things off with a flurry of six fast strokes, landing all at once - I just about to hold still enough that she was able to hold her accuracy.

I very rarely mark these days from spanking and caning, so I was delighted to discover that the cumulative play had resulted in some vivid red lines on my bottom. 

Pandora Blake bends over for a birthday caning Pandora Blake bends over for a birthday caning

The scenes will be out on Sarah Gregory Spanking and Triple A Spanking in due course, and you can look out for my birthday caning on Dreams of Spanking and my ManyVids store.

It was a delight to spend time in the company of kinky friends, getting my bottom spanked and enjoying my love of creating spanking film. These days it's a real treat to be able to step in as a performer and not have to do the hard work of production and direction.

Thank you Sarah and John for making it happen, and to our client who sponsored my birthday caning video. I can't think of a better way to have spent my birthday, even if it did involve over two hours of driving on the M25 to get home! After all these years, it is still so self-expressive for me to collaborate on creating hot spanking videos. 


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What a cute couple you are. I like the one where Sarah has you over the sink and appears to be holding your bare, spanked bum in place, admiring its beauty.

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