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Content roundup #1

Posted at 22:12 on 6 Aug 2018 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: book, content roundup, IWantFanClub, Patreon

Hello friends! If you follow my Twitter you'll know that I regularly post articles, pictures and videos around the place, and it's high time I started gathering it together on my blog each week to make it easier to find.

I'm writing my first book at the moment, and made big progress last week, writing 8000 words which brings me up to 20 000 in total - a fifth of the way towards my goal! If I can sustain this pace, the first draft will be finished in three months. I'm setting myself a grounded deadline of the end of the year, and I'm excited. It's taken me a while to gear up and get into flow with writing, but now I'm there, I don't want to stop.

Still, I've managed to lift my nose out of my manuscript long enough to post some content on my Patreon and fan club.


Pandora/Blake on Patreon

My latest campaign newsletter is now out! Become a Patron to read about the training day I'm giving next month to the BBFC, the obscenity consultation we all need to respond to, and more info about my book!

I also posted about Welcome to the Mystic Hole, the sex worker comedy night by Queenie Bon-Bon which I'm attending on Thursday - I'm chairing a panel after the performance, and it promises to be a blast.

I also spruced up my Patreon page with attractive new tier images, and a shiny new cover image - take a look!

Pandora Blake is on Patreon

I'm particularly taken with the mashup of the trans symbol (circle with three gender symbols), feminist symbol (female symbol with fist) and bisexual flag (pink, purple and blue). I'm so tempted to get it as my next tattoo.


I update my fan club every day with selfies, nudes. video diaries, modelling pics and behind the scenes glimpses into my life as a kinky spanking switch! It now has 119 photos and 27 videos, with more added daily. This week there was a video update from the anarchist conference in Portugal, and a short clip filmed behind the scenes while shooting porn with my bestie Nimue Allen, and nine brand new, exclusive photos, including six nudes (it's been too hot for clothes!) Here's just a tiny taster - you can view the full images by becoming a member for only $14.99 a month.

Where you can find me:

Twitter: @pandorablake (NSFW) & @mxpanblake
Dreams of Spanking



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