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Meet Lana Moon

Posted at 16:39 on 22 Aug 2018 by Pandora / Blake

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I mentioned a little while ago that I was introducing a friend to the world of spanking for the first time. I'm delighted to say that she's taking to it just as well as I thought she would! It's my great pleasure to introduce her properly: meet Lana Moon.

London spanking switch Lana Moon

Lana and I have known each other for a long time, and love playing together. She's always been very eager to explore spanking, but for various reasons hasn't had many people to try it with before. Hopefully that’s about to change!

I adore Lana and when you meet her, you'll see why. She has a warm and caring nature, an infectious smile and a mischievous sense of fun. She's received enough spanking now to know that she absolutely loves it, but she is still discovering her limits. She hasn't however had much of a chance to explore her switch side, and at heart I think she is a natural giver.

London spanking switch Lana Moon

We are offering duo spanking sessions together, so that I can introduce her to some of the nicest and most respectful chaps in the scene, and help her get started. (Plus it's a thrilling opportunity to play together, which is exciting for both of us!) She is also offering 121s. Lana is particularly interested in sessions with submissive or switchy playmates so she can develop her burgeoning skills as a top - she's a quick learner, and I'm happy to show her what I know. We are looking for kind-hearted, responsible gentlemen to give her some wonderful experiences.

We are both enthusiastic switches, so if you are too then the possibilities are endless. We love playing bratty students, over-zealous Head Girls, or cane-wielding teacher and Headmistress. Or how about naughty babysitter, strict auntie, sadistic boss, sexy secretary or old-fashioned Governess? We love dressing up: our wardrobe contains uniforms including nurse, Victorian maid and Girl Guide, and fetishwear such as corsets, latex and high heels. Whatever your spanking fantasy, together we can make it happen.

London spanking switch Lana MoonLondon spanking switch Lana Moon

Sessions with us can be serious or playful. As well as spanking roleplay, we love sharing scenes that are simply relaxed fun between friends, just enjoying our mutual love of spanking. We’re interested in BDSM and bondage too - we both have a taste for creating sensual domination experiences for willing submissives. How about putting yourself in our hands, and allowing yourself to be tied, teased and tormented until you’re overwhelmed by exquisite sensation? Or Lana has confessed to a kidnapping fantasy - do you want to help me whisk her away and do terrible things to her…?

We play from London premises in Hoxton, Kings Cross, Bloomsbury and Canada Water, which include domestic and school environments. You can contact us on hello(at)pandorablake.com and lanamoon5000(at)gmail.com. Tell us your dream spanking scenario - we’d love to meet you and make it come true. 

London spanking switch Lana MoonLondon spanking switch Lana Moon


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