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Radio AvA's 26th show: today, Fri 3rd August @ 6pm on www.radioava.org

Posted at 09:19 on 3 Aug 2018 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: politics, Radio AvA, sex work, sex worker's rights

Radio AvA: Sex Workers Radio

A show full of spritz from tropical London, with dispatches from Amsterdam and Bogotá.

On our bubbly list:

  • Red Communitaria Trans inflatable intervention: an interview and clips from the Colombian trans sex workers group Red Communitaria Tran, who made a fantastic inflatable for the LGBTQ pride Bogotá, protesting the murder of 12 transgender sex workers in the Santafe neighbourhood over the past year with the slogan ‘Podran cortar todas las flores, pero no detener la primavera.’ (‘ You can cut all flowers, but you can´t stop the spring’). Tomas Espinosa and Artúr van Balen facilitated the project.
  • Sex workers media & film: PJ Starr (Moral High Ground Productions), J Leigh Brantly (GLITS Inc) and Monica Jones (The Outlaw Project) hosted the Display the Red Umbrella media workshop and the Not Your Rescue Project film screening session during the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, July 2018. Tamara Desiatov of Debby Doesn't Do It For Free joined us for Q and A after the film screening.
  • Head fuck tips from a Hands On expert. Safety advise on sensual & psychological aspects of BDSM practices.
  • A fund raising party to remember Laura Lee, with performances from Tequila Rose and Sasha Diamond, Shakona Fire, Iris Sparkles, That Ray and Kate McGrew. On 27th July, SWARM, ECP and Scot-Pep organised an event in London to raise money for a plaque commemorating the fearless sex work activist Laura Lee who tragically died this year, and for Sex Workers’ Alliance Ireland (SWAI). Radio AvA’s Bazooka Bang was there, armed with her Old Skool recorder.
  • A fresh reading from Resisting and Resilient' project: stories from those of us who are disabled, queer, kinky, sex workers, survivors. A history of how political action comes from the power of survival'.

AvA’s regular tricks: Auntie Wussy Pillow, your sex workers’ agony aunt and cuppa – whore; Wankers’ / Keepers corner; Radio B Easy, tart lit for da people; Rants, news & wrong ho tunes.

Got a hot track, a question for auntie, a wanker or a keeper?

Tell AvA on raaadioava@gmail.com or https://twitter.com/AvaCarra

Tune in today, Friday 3rd August@ 6pm on www.radioava.org

Listen to meta - epic July show on https://www.mixcloud.com/avaradio/


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