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Welcome to the Mystic Hole

Posted at 11:02 on 4 Aug 2018 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: English Collective of Prostitutes, events, panels, public speaking, Queenie Bon Bon, sex work, sex worker's rights, talks

I'm honoured to have been asked to chair a panel after Queenie Bon Bon's next London performance, Welcome to the Mystic Hole.

Part comedy, part lecture, part consciousness-raising story-telling, 'Welcome to the Mystic Hole' is an exploration of one sex worker’s lived experience with the world of the body. How do we navigate the world when we feel our body is failing us? What do we store in the body and what do we release? How do we clean it off the rug? What shame do we hold when trying to give a nice rim job while one’s sweet hound watches? And why can’t we all be adult about adult industries? Inspiring, intriguing, tender and true, Queenie Bon Bon is your curious guide on an exploration of embodiment, and will take you deep within the wondrous wonders of the unique vessels we travel in.

Queenie is a dear friend, and her work is amazing - so fresh, real and fierce. I've seen her perform twice before and each time she makes me laugh, cry and rage against whorephobia. Her last performance in London introduced me to the English Collective of Prostitutes - one of their members stood up to speak about the need for decriminalisation, and distribute #pledgedecrim flyers. 

This time, there's going to be a sex worker rights panel and Q&A after the show, and they're looking for local workers to take part. I've agreed to chair and to recommend panellists, and it would be great to have a diverse mix including POC workers and representatives from established sex worker rights groups.  

It's promising to be a fantastic night, starting with speakers from an unique sex worker-led archive & exhibition project - OBJECTS OF DESIRE - who will give a mini tour of some archival objects donated by workers themselves, providing an access point to stories about their work.

The event is taking place on Thursday 9th August at the amazing DIY Space for London in Peckham. Click here for the Facebook eventand here for event details on the DIY Space website.

Bring a friend who isn't a sex worker - this is an amazing educational opportunity for allies


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