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Ask me anything video chat tonight!

Posted at 12:39 on 16 Jan 2019 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: campaigning, Patreon

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It's the third Wednesday of the month, which means it's time for my monthly Ask Me Anything video chat! This takes place between 7-8pm on Google Hangouts, and is a space where I can shoot the breeze with members of my community, answer questions, share exclusive news about projects I'm working on and campaigning I'm doing (sometimes long before I get around to typing a blogpost about it) and really just talk about anything we feel like. It's open to members of my Patreon campaign pledging $50/month, and it's a great opportunity to get some facetime with me (even when I'm feeling too tired to leave the house!).

I really enjoy these chats - it's great to get to know the people who share my values and whose political goals are aligned with mine, and I find their questions and perspective really valuable.

If you're interested there's still time for you to join us tonight - just head over to my Patreon page and choose the "Confidante" tier, and you'll receive a note in your inbox shortly before 7pm with the link to the hangout. Oh, and pledging at this tier also gives you access to all my other rewards - which means early access to my articles and blogposts, exclusive video blogs and audio posts, my monthly patron-only campaign newsletter, social media shoutouts, discount codes for my films - and even a full membership to Dreams of Spanking for the duration of your patronage. Not bad hey?

There are great rewards at every level, whatever your financial situation. For example, all new patrons immediately get access to my 94 patron-only posts, including the January video blog talking about my latest life news and what I've got going on at the start of 2019, and the recent end-of-year round up for 2018, detailing the campaign successes (and struggles) of the last year, and the amazing stuff we've been able to achieve by working together.

I know that not everyone has the privilege of being able to show their face in support of sex worker's rights, ethical porn, BDSM advocacy, and bodily autonomy and sexual freedom for all consenting adults. I can, and with the financial backing of my patrons, I'm able to devote a serious amount of time every month to campaigning on these issues.

I wouldn't have been able to achieve half of what I got done last year without my patrons. Despite (and in some ways, perhaps, because of) my health issues, 2018 was a stand-out year for me. I learned valuable lessons about pacing myself and setting boundaries so that my work is sustainable. I'm coming into 2019 with a real sense of achievement, and immense gratitude to my supporters for making this possible. Not only have they directly facilitated my spending incredible amounts of time pursuing our shared political goals, they have also provided me with a supportive community. And the bigger the community, the more ambitious we can be.

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