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January consent workshop - Getting and Giving What We Want

Posted at 17:00 on 14 Jan 2019 by Pandora / Blake

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Photo from Backlash consent workshop in London, October 2018

Happy 2019! I'm thrilled to annouce that Felix and I will once again be facilitating a consent workshop in London later this month. This is another opportunity to participate in the sold-out workshop we held in October, which we are running again due to popular demand.

Here's what attendees from our previous workshop had to say about it:

"10/10! The discussion was more interesting and experiential than I imagined."

"I loved the themes, and individual and group sharing. Helped me to tune into what my body really wanted and what my workshop partner really wanted."

"Thank you for an amazing workshop. It allowed me to confront some things within me that actually quite shocked me. Was a big step forward." 

"Highly engaging!"

The workshop is called Getting and Giving What We Want, and will take place at the Apple Tree in Farringdon on Tuesday 29th January, starting at 7pm.

Getting and Giving What We Want, consent workshop at the Apple Tree in London, 7pm 29th Jan

Have you ever said yes when you meant no, or no when you meant yes? This workshop will help you figure out what you want - and how to ask for it. We will explore consent, boundaries, and ways to sensitively communicate with other people to create the best experiences possible. 

This is a three-hour experiential workshop including discussion, partner work and teaching. A traffic light game offers the chance to exchange consensual touch, in which you will be invited to listen to your body to discover your "yes", "maybe" and "no", and communicate with your partner. Other exercises provide opportunities to practice stepping out of people-pleasing roles, and into a powerful relationship with our own consent. Learn how to negotiate for what you want, set boundaries, and end unwanted interactions in ways that are graceful and feel good.

The lessons we can learn from physical touch generate a valuable communication toolbox which is relevant to all the ways we relate. Using these tools can help us protect our boundaries and realise our desires - in sex, love and throughout our whole lives

Giving this workshop is so rewarding for me. Each time I learn something new from participants, and deepen my understanding of the complexities of negotiation and consent - and why so many of us find setting boundaries, and asking for what we want, so difficult. If you're wondering what one of these workshops is like to attend, do read this blogpost on the Backlash website by an attendee of the previous workshop. Here's what she had to say:

"A fun and interesting experience. Blake and Felix effortlessly facilitated a comfortable environment that promoted closeness, touch and communication, whilst providing skills that could be translated for use in sexual and intimate situations."

Like the last one, this workshop is sponsored by Backlash, who have kindly supported us in making tickets available for just £10 each! We also have 5 spaces on request for people who cannot afford to pay, so that there won't be people excluded for lack of funds. Please contact me (hello@pandorablake.com) if you wish to request one of these spaces.

As I say, the last event sold out, so if you want to level up your communication and consent skills, don't leave it too late - purchase your tickets from Eventbrite now.


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