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What's going on with age verification?

Posted at 09:00 on 29 Jan 2019 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: age verification, events, Myles Jackman

If you're in London, the best way to answer this question is to attend Skeptics in the Pub next Monday, at The Monarch in Camden.

Obscenity Lawyer Myles Jackman asks what the truth behind age verification is by exposing the arguments, history and impacts of balancing child protection against adult free speech and privacy rights.

The Digital Economy Act 2017, which comes into force this March, will compel adult pornography websites in the UK to verify that their users are over the age of 18. This measure was predicated on the assumption that it would prevent under 18’s being “harmed” by pornography; yet has potentially disastrous unintended consequences for adult privacy and the free speech ecosystem. 

All the information on the event is on the Facebook event page

Otherwise, you can read more about the current age verification situation in these articles in Wired magazine:

Why the UK's porn block is one of the worst ideas ever and

Everything we know about the UK's plan to block online porn.

(or the very slightly irritating Dazed piece with the byline "Why is no-one stopping this?" Er... hello!)

There's also a characteristically badly-written but surprisingly informative piece in The Sun


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