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Posted at 15:00 on 8 Oct 2019 by Pandora / Blake

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Pandora Blake post-partum body love

This is me 13 weeks post-partum.

Stretch marks, soft tummy, big boobs, one usually bigger than the other (depending on which one the little one has fed from recently). Strong arms, back and shoulders from carrying my child who is getting bigger by the day.

No makeup and messy hair, because I'm lucky if I get time to shower. I'm so proud of my body for growing and birthing and nourishing my baby. For giving me reserves of strength and endurance I didn't know I had. This body which lets me feed my child. Which is strong and cuddly and achy and resilient.

My body isn't just mine any more. My child is of my body, and my body is theirs. But it is mine, too: this body in which I stretch and play and fuck and sleep, this body made for close hugs and long walks with my baby nestled against my chest.

I'm getting to know myself in a new way. I'm rediscovering my body after rollercoaster of pregnancy and birth. I'm in awe of what this body can do.

Pandora Blake post-partum body love


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