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Sensual domination with Pandora and Honey

Posted at 22:34 on 27 Mar 2019 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Honey Moon, sessions, spanking

You lie face down. The room is warm, and candles burn on the nearby mantelpiece, casting a warm glow over over you and illuminating your naked skin. You notice the candles, and find yourself wondering if we will indulge in some wax play...

We lift your head up a little. The silk blindfold is a caress as we tie it over your eyes. Your mind begins to settle as your naked skin tingles in anticipation.

Perhaps it's the first time you have surrendered your body to two. You feel one of us slowly begin to work our hands in broad circles over your back. You hear us whispering, and you throb with excitement over what we could be plotting. You feel hands leaning deeply into the muscles of your lower back, palms sliding up between your shoulder blades. It's thrilling not to know who is doing what. 

We help you turn onto your front, and start toying with your nipples: judging your body's responses, riding that delicious edge between pleasure and pain. Now we bring a hand up to gently stroke your face. You hear a murmur: ”We are going to have such fun with you today." 

You smile, knowing how glorious this will be.

We bend over to whisper in your ear, describing delicious things we might do to you. The warmth of our breath sends a thrill coursing through you. 

As we roll you back onto your front you wonder how this will begin, and how it will end. You feel a wildly contradictory sense of exhilaration and fear.

Face down on the bench, your bottom is in the air, wholly exposed. 

We tell you to breathe - breathe deeply. You feel strangely calm as our teasing touch runs over your body. 

Your breathing is slow and deep. You can hear the clicking of heels on the floor, but can’t see what we are doing. You hear giggle, before an ominous moment of silence - and then a crack as you feel the tails of a flogger whip across your bottom.

"Let's warm up that bottom of yours before the main event," you hear one of us whisper to you, and the next blow lands. Soothing, cool hands caress your shoulders and back, reassuring you even as you wriggle with pain. The whipping is hard but not brutal, a stinging thud followed by a glorious warm glow. With another, and another, your mind eases as you slip into the rhythm of the flogging. 

As suddenly as it has begun, it ends. You feel a hand sliding gently across your glowing cheeks, and another stroking the nape of your neck. You feel safe with us.

"Such a lovely shade of red," you hear us purr.

Maybe it's the teasing, trailing fingertips drawing lines of light down the hollow of your spine... maybe it's the soft caresses that whisper over your glowing buttocks, swishing tantalisingly near your most intimate parts, but you find yourself wanting more. Lifting your bottom, you ache with desire and wonder if you dare express your growing need. We understand what you want. You gasp with delighted disbelief as you feel a slippery finger slowly finding its way towards your secret, sensitive hole. Your cheeks flush with embarrassment, as red as your bottom, as the lubed finger slowly, slowly persuades you to open to us. 

You arch your back and raise your bottom higher... not least because underneath you, your cock has begun to swell. You feel waves of electricity rock your body at the rhythmic motions of our hands.

Is it Honey, or Pandora who reaches under you and strokes a teasing touch along the length of your hard cock? 

You're breathing faster now. Your whole body feels alive with sensation.

What will we do to you next? You will have to meet us to find out.


The perfect mixture of sweet pleasure and glorious pain.

Sensual domination sessions with both of us available in London for a limited time only, Wed 10th - Fri 19th April. Tell us your fantasies, your limits, your desires. Email hello@pandorablake.com to enquire.


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