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When life gives you lemons

Posted at 12:10 on 14 May 2019 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: cane, kink, sessions

I got to try something new the other day.

The gentleman I was playing with is someone I've seen a number of times over the last four years. He likes hard canings straight from cold - with occasional birchings and tawsings thrown in for good measure. I thought I knew what was coming. Imagine my face when he reaches into his bag at the start of the session and brings out - a pack of unwaxed lemons.

I've been giving spankings professionally for seven years, and not once have I been invited to rub lemon juice into the welts afterwards. It's not the first time I've heard of the idea, though. I'm sure I remember something from a children's book (one of the Little Women books perhaps?) about the threat of punishment involving a whipping, followed by having lemon juice rubbed in. I remember reading it and wincing, and feeling dreadfully fascinated with the idea.

It's so evil, I'm not sure I would have dared propose actually doing it. But I was incredibly excited to have someone willingly volunteer.

A birching and several canings later, I got to try it out. I quartered the first lemon, and rubbed juice on the length of the cane before administering another set of twelve. By this point my playmate (who likes to play hard) was pretty sore, and spots of blood were springing up along the tramlines. Then the moment of truth: holding the lemon quarter in my hand and squeezing the juice onto his bottom. There was something very thrilling about the sight of the lemon juice mixing with the blood and running down his cheeks.

"How does that feel?" I asked. I couldn't believe he was holding still. I had a tiny papercut on one of my fingers and it was already stinging like blazes.

"Nice," he said, giving a little wiggle. Now there's someone who really enjoys corporal punishment!

After sluicing his welted bottom thoroughly in the juice, I took the squeezed lemon quarter and rubbed it all over his buttocks. As a side bonus, the room started to smell delightfully fresh. And then I noticed something interesting: the cane welts were stopping bleeding, and seemed almost to be healing up a little as I watched. Lemon juice is, I suppose, a natural antiseptic. It actually seemed to be helping his bottom recover.

So after a break and a chat, he was ready for another round: another twelve hard cane strokes, followed by another dousing in lemon juice. Sadistic, yes - but based on how effective an ointment it seemed to be, one could definitely argue that it was for his own good!

I posted a video on Twitter (no sound, unfortunately - my phone didn't pick up audio for some reason) if you want to watch. Thanks to my playmate for his courage and creativity! Would anyone want to watch a caning and lemon juice spanking film?

PS. After months and months, my blog comments are finally working again. They've been non-functional for literally years. For a while they were turned off because I was getting too many spam comments, then I updated the captcha and thought they were working, but found out from others they weren't. That must have been a year ago, and it's taken until now for me to get round to debugging it (with D's help). I'm thrilled! Honestly, not having comments working has been one of the main reasons I've been posting less. Please say hi - it would be great to know it's not just working for me, and I'd love to hear from you!


I have heard of mustard oil being used after a caning or birching . and rubbed into the welts ?

Oh ouch! I've not heard of that before. I've heard of capsaicin being used - either instead of spanking to create a burn, or after a spanking - but mustard oil is a new one. Who knew the kitchen contained so many delicious and painful ingredients?

Wonder story. I would love to try it out. Hopefully comment are now working

Comments do seem to be working, I'm so pleased! Hope you get to try the caning and lemon juice thing at some point :)

I hope so. It’s not something I’ve come across before but sounds like something I must try at some point.

It was customary after flogging in the Royal Navy to use seawater to wash the back: this must have helped reduce infection.

But lemon juice - blimey!

OMG- can you resist the pain on it when the juice will go into the skin and feel the burning on it. Huh sounds that I cant take it. LOL but worth a try..lol Update you once I tried..

I'm glad you wrote this piece.
I saw your tweet but couldn't bring myself to watch the video - even without sound.
I hate being caned so I feel reassured that your playmate enjoyed the experience; maybe now I can actually watch the video :)

Kind of exciting in a painful sort of way. Mistress and nurse. I'd like to experience it on a lower level.

Ohh! I have not heard of that before and heard of capsaicin being used - either instead of spanking to create a burn, or after a spanking - but mustard oil is a new. Who knew the kitchen contained so many delicious and painful ingredients?

Yea, Lemon juice also keeps mosquitos away.

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