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October Roundup

Posted at 15:00 on 31 Oct 2020 by eilidh

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What a month it has been! I packed up and moved house which was an overwhelming experience. Now that the dust has settled and I’ve been able to get back to work, let’s have a look at what we’ve been up to in October.

Patreon Posts


I’m happy to say that my Patreon has been as active and busy as ever, thanks to the support of my amazing patrons! Here’s what’s been going on:


  • Special Offer - We launched a special offer that all $5+ pledges as of November 6 will receive a handwritten sexy postcard in the mail from me
  • New Tier - The Advocate. For $35 you get the benefits of all lower tiers, plus our brand new Shame Less T-shirt in the size, colour and design of your choice!
  • Public post - No, you can't shoot you documentary on my porn set
  • Patreon-only post - Leaving London. Excerpt: I tried to leave London once before. In 2009 I moved to a little arty town on the south coast to accompany my partner at the time, who was going into business with a friend running a real ale pub. Four of us lived together above the pub. I helped out one day a week doing design and branding for the business in exchange for my rent, and I also got to design the interior with a view to shooting porn there.
  • Public post - BIPOC Reading List: Girl, Woman, Other
  • Public post - A Special Announcement
  • Patreon-only post -  Fat transmasculinity: body shame, beauty standards and gender dysphoria. Excerpt: Knowing that we are socialised to hate our bodies, and thinking that it's toxic bullshit, doesn't make you immune to body shame. If only it were so. For years I've been an advocate of body positivity and self-love. But my own journey towards loving my body still has a way to go.




Dreams of Spanking Scenes


The team at Dreams of Spanking have been toiling away and kept the ship afloat in my house move sabbatical. We managed to publish three updates, each one more delicious than the next!


  • Purple Slip // photoset // Pandora Blake - Sometimes dressed is sexier than nude. In sheer stockings, a garter belt, and vintage lingerie glimpsed through a see-through purple slip, Pandora Blake is a terrible tease.
  • Bend Over New Boy // film with screengrabs //  Pandora Blake - In this school caning JOI Pandora Blake, dressed in crisp school uniform, puts you in role as a scared new boy. Imagine being ordered to bend over for the cane - and for the prefect's big strap-on cock.
  • Domestic Discipline: The Credit Card // film with screengrabs // Sha Luciana and Pharaoh - Are you excited to see what a real punishment looks like? Pharaoh administers a blisteringly hard hand spanking to his wife Sha Luciana in this true domestic discipline film starring a real-life couple.


Dreams of Spanking Blog Posts


The Dreams of Spanking blog has been buzzing this month with seven new posts.





Here’s some other news


  • I had the pleasure of filming with The Havering Collection. It was my first paid spanking shoot since before I was pregnant, and I was reminded how much I enjoy being around fellow kinksters and immersing myself in a scene. I’ll be sharing the film on social media as soon as it's live. Thanks to Emma Christie for a wonderful shoot! 
  • I’ve made a few custom films this month, and had great fun doing them. I’m always open to hearing your fantasies to discuss if I may be able to realise it for you, so feel free to drop me an email.


These monthly updates and the items contained within are in large part made possible by the support of my patrons. If you can, consider subscribing to my Patreon for exclusive access to my content and a wealth of other benefits. Happy Halloween! I’ll be back for the November newsletter, if not before.




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