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Yay annual membership!

Posted at 15:00 on 2 Dec 2020 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Patreon, rewards

Patreon has had a spanking new update! Some of you may have seen that they can now facilitate annual membership, paid up front with a tasty discount to give you access to your favourite creators for the whole year ahead. This feature was in beta with selected creators for a time, but it’s been rolled out Patreon-wide which means you can benefit from it!


What does this mean for you? Well, that depends. Maybe it suits your finances better to continue paying monthly, and that's totally fine and dandy. For some though, this could be really neat. There’s a fair bunch of you that have been here for years. With the annual membership, you can pay for the entire year in one go and know that you’re set up to enjoy my content without interruption. Not only that, but the annual membership option saves you money! It’s available for every tier, and you get a 16% discount on your membership.  So it’s cheaper, more convenient and entails less work - a win all round!

It would be remiss to suggest that the benefits are all on your side. There are also advantages for me as a creator. The first benefit is financial security; by securing funding for the year, I can invest in longer-term projects in the knowledge that the money is there, rather than planning in the short-term. The second is cashflow. As a wise person once said, money now is always better than money later. 

Oh - the other nifty thing is that Patreon now supports multiple currencies. So if you aren't based in the US and want to pay in a currency other than US Dollars, that's now within your control. It's really easy - the instructions for how to do it are here.


In other news, my SHAME LESS t-shirt arrived and I absolutely freaking love it! I also ordered one each for the rest of the Dreams of Spanking team - here's Nimue rocking the Bi Pride design. If you want to nab your own, join the Advocate tier and help us stand out and proud for shameless sexuality. You can choose the size, design and colour of your choice. If you've been thinking of signing up, I don't think there's been a better time to do it than now!


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