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November Roundup

Posted at 15:00 on 1 Dec 2020 by Pandora / Blake

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It feels like yesterday I was clicking “Publish” on the October Roundup, and here we are again checking in at the end of the month! These roundups are a great opportunity for me to reflect on the past 30 days and remind myself that I actually get quite a lot done in a month.

Patreon Posts

My Patreon special offer ended on November 6th and it has been great getting to know all the new patrons on the team. A lot of this month’s content features chapters cut from my manuscript that you get to devour instead. 

  • Three reasons to become a patron - If you are a patron of my writing and activism, thank you for your support. This post isn't for you. You're welcome to stay and read on, but today I'm talking to non-patrons.
  • 5 ways to build trust - I've identified five key principles which I think are absolutely essential if you want to build trust and connectedness with people, that will withstand all the difficult things that come up in our lives. In this post I share them with you, and I hope you find them useful.
  • Thank you and welcome! There's just one thing I need… - I would like to welcome new patrons to the family - thank you for joining us! Do dive in and explore the archive - I have over 500 posts about my activism, social justice, sexual freedom and everything in between.
  • How the word "kinky" helps tackle BDSM stigma - The word ‘kinky’ is a useful one. It sounds reassuringly harmless: playful, quirky and unthreatening. It’s my preferred term when I’m discussing my fetishes with people who don’t share them. 
  • Celebrating 500 Patreon posts! - It’s hard to believe it, but I now have over five hundred posts on my Patreon!
  • Why we need to talk about sex - and why it's hard - For many people, sex is uniquely confronting. Many of us carry trauma, baggage or shame about sex. These difficult feelings make sex hard for us to talk about.
  • Yay annual membership! - Patreon has had a spanking new update! Some of you may have seen that they can now facilitate annual membership, paid up front with a tasty discount to give you access to your favourite creators for the whole year ahead.
  • How to come to terms with a kinky sexuality - Coming to terms with yourself is a lifetime’s work. For me, it took twenty five years to reach the point where I started to really accepted the kinky sides of my sexuality. Since then, I’ve spent a decade deepening my enquiry, and introducing more complexity and nuance as my understanding has evolved.

Dreams of Spanking Scenes

I don’t want to speak too soon, but we’re moving closer to being able to release new content on a weekly basis. We’re releasing three times a month at the moment, which feels deliciously full and busy and I want to take it to the next level.

  • The Keys to the Kingdom Part 2 // audio story // Pandora Blake - Enjoy another dark fairytale from Ozma van Aalsburg, ready to transport fans of audio spanking stories to a far-away land. And this time, we’ve conjured up a cold caning too!
  • Introducing Lana Moon // film with photos // Pandora Blake and Lana Moon - Pandora Blake introduces her friend Lana Moon to the world of spanking and the stingy feel of the wooden ruler. Discover Lana’s kinky desires as she prepares for her first spanking film shoot.
  • Come Here Young Lady // film with screengrabs // Pandora Blake - You’ve been a naughty girl today, and strict housewife Pandora has had enough. It’s high time you received the punishment you’ve earned: a whole dinnertime spent uncomfortably kneeling on the punishment stool, hands on your head, and your shame exposed for your younger sister to watch. When you can’t hold it any longer and accidentally wet your new school knickers, Pandora has no choice but to strip you down and fetch the spanking slipper... 

Dreams of Spanking Blog Posts

  • The Luxury of Obedience, The Strength of Pain - If lockdown has you missing the punishment you crave, this audio story is sure to help you out.
  • Custom Spanking Films and Introducing A Brand New Performer! -This is a jam-packed double announcement post, so settle in with a cup of tea and let me get you excited.
  • Shooting Porn as a Parent - Before I was a parent, I'd schedule a single day in my calendar for a full day's shoot. I might plan to be a little tired the next day, but otherwise I'd fill my calendar before and after. Now that I'm very aware of what it takes me away from, I'm appreciating that a day shoot isn't just a day shoot. There's actually a lot more that goes into it as well.
  • Pre-Shoot Nerves -The shoot with Lana was the first since I had a baby - and I was feeling even more nervous than usual.
  • Custom-made Fantasy - If there’s a particular fantasy close to your heart that you’d like to see Pandora bring to life, everything you need to know can be found on our new customs site.


Here’s some other news

  • I had a shoot planned with Lana Moon, and then I didn’t, and then I did. It finally all came together and we shot a wealth of dirty films that I look forward to sharing with you very soon!
  • We only went and launched a customs website! It’s mentioned in one of the Dreams of Spanking blog posts but I want to feature it twice in this roundup because I’m really proud of it. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I’d love to fiddle with the Dreams of Spanking site to look more like the custom site because it is simply delicious.
  • I spent a lot of time this month having a BIG rethink about how I want to run things. My life is fundamentally different now to how it was pre-child, and I need to adapt my working practises to suit my life as it is now. I wrote a little about this earlier in the month, and as we go into 2021 I’ll be trying to put my money where my mouth is! 

These monthly updates and the items contained within are in large part made possible by the support of my patrons. If you can, consider subscribing to my Patreon for exclusive access to my content and a wealth of other benefits. The next time you’ll get a roundup is in the new year - scary, right! What would you like to see from me in 2021?


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