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Dreams of Spanking - bent over for the brush

Posted at 10:44 on 4 Mar 2020 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Dreams of Spanking, photos, play, spanking, wooden brush

A new Dreams of Spanking photo gallery is up and it’s all about the clothes brush. An exciting implement with a powerful sting. 

Pandora Blake bends over for the wooden hairbrush on Dreams of Spanking

In this fantasy, I know that I’m in for a serious punishment. I’m wearing the tiniest denim shorts, as my disciplinarian enjoys seeing me in skimpy clothes. As I bend over, I eagerly await the feeling of this implement against my skin. I feel the impact of the wooden back of the brush, and the first few strokes are almost pleasurable through the denim. But I am aware of what is to come and my heart is racing.

As the shorts are removed, I brace myself for the delicious sensation that will follow. My lacy panties do not offer much protection, so the pain will be hard to take. I cherish each strike as the heat starts to build.

Pandora Blake bends over for the wooden hairbrush on Dreams of Spanking

As I take the final strokes on my bare bottom, I get really turned on. After my spanking I am ordered to stand with my nose to the wall. A comforting rub would alleviate the sting in my bottom, but alas I am commanded to keep my hands on my head. I‘m so aroused that I can’t help but rub my thighs together as I feel the heat coming from my red bottom, hoping my disciplinarian doesn’t notice.

I have a special relationship with the clothes brush so this fantasy is close to my heart. I hope you enjoy the set as much as I enjoyed the feeling of the brush’s unique combination of sting and thud!


We have a clothes brush... it’s absolutely brutal. I have yet to find a hairbrush that’s as harsh they are in the stories, but the clothes brush is a very effective threat. Certainly the most painful pervertible we own.

Took me back to my first time getting spanked with a brush by a handsome man I met online! Hes gone now, but we Skype sometimes with him instructing my self-spanking (not as easy as it sounds) - this post put me in the mood to call him! Thanks! ;)

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