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Self-isolation masturbation Monday

Posted at 14:00 on 30 Mar 2020 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: ethical porn, feminist porn, Masturbation Monday, porn, queer porn

We've been self-isolating for a couple of weeks now, and it's important that we to stay connected and support each other. This is a tough time for everyone. It has already had an impact on society and the economy, as you can see from these graphs:

Pornhub Worldwide Traffic Changes graphCoronavirus: The New Economy meme

Since social distancing and self-isolation have kicked in, people have had to be creative about how to spend their time. Social media is full of whimsical self-shot videos showing the many varied ways people have occupied themselves during quarantine. And of course there there has been a notable spike in traffic on porn sites.

Certain Tube Sites (OK, Pornhub) have released data showing how many more visitors they've had since the start of the pandemic. Which, yeah, it's amusing - but Pornhub is not an ethical source of porn. So I thought I'd take the opportunity to recommend a site that is.

If you want to look at ethically produced, feminist porn and you have all the inside info, the best place to start is Pinklabel.tv. Think of it as the Netflix of queer porn. Many performers and niche sites have their own studio on there, and it's crammed with performer-produced scenes, feminist porn and studios that have a good reputation for treating performers well. (Dreams of Spanking is on there too!)

To help you get started, here are three clips I picked out as particularly likely to appeal to fans of spanking, dominance and submission. I hope you like them, and that they make the current situation more enjoyable for you.

Audrey Doll and Savannah Sly on PinkLabel.tv

Audrey Doll & Savannah Sly

Savannah Sly gives Audrey Doll a performance evaluation: Some people just can’t leave work at the office. Take Savannah Sly, who just can’t let a little birthday surprise for her submissive secretary Audrey Doll slide without working in a few pieces of constructive criticism. Or destructive, in the case of Audrey’s new skirt. Savannah makes up for it with the gift of a lovely pink paperweight that doubles as a delicious ass toy. Hey, there’s no place for unitaskers in the modern office.

You Were Warned on PinkLabel.tv

You Were Warned

Manon Praline and Nina Scum have been apart for a long time, thinking longingly of the BDSM sessions they did together in the past. In this scene they reunite to play out an intense BDSM scene. Nina is strapped into a harness and their arms are placed into leather restraints. Manon flogs them, spanks them, slaps them in the face and torments them with clothes pegs. After the torments, Manon pins Nina to the sofa and fucks Nina roughly.

You Were Warned on PinkLabel.tv

In the Garden of Lashes

In Byron and Lindsay’s first video together, they kiss in a lush green garden while the neighbor’s dog barks. As Byron sits on Lindsay’s lap, Lindsay runs her hands up Byron’s skirt. She can’t take the long and sensual tease, and flips them over against the table. Lindsay begins giving them lashes with her flogger until their ass becomes red. Byron squeaks as Lindsay scratches and spanks them before putting her fingers inside them, covering their mouth so the neighbors don’t hear. Lindsay plays with her fingers in Byron’s mouth as they come against the table.


Alternative spelling...

Spelling has also gone to pot - see 'hyeine' on graph!

Ha! Personal hyeeine is very important 😂

Great review, i hadn't heard of that site before (Pinklabel) and have been looking for some "ethical" pornography alternatives instead of stuff like Redtube or Pornhub. I'll plan to enjoy myself this evening while perusing the site! Great site!

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