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Northern Spanking's shiny newish website

Posted at 15:00 on 8 Jul 2020 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: , ethical porn, Northern Spanking, Performers and producers, Spanking and bondage porn

A while back, the lovely folk over at Northern Spanking released their new website. I've been meaning to blog about it, because, well - I made it! It had been in the works for a few years and was a long journey from start to finish, and it wound up being a project that I'm really proud of. I think the new site offers some things I've not seen as part of a spanking porn website before, and I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about it.

I built the new site using the same CMS we use over at Dreams of Spanking, so Northern Spanking now share some of its best and most innovative features. Many membership sites have "tour" pages for people who are considering joining, usually rather out of date, but we've both decided to avoid that approach. Northern Spanking, like Dreams, now has fully-integrated free preview versions of every page, allowing you to explore the search and tagging systems and see a preview of any scene you fancy before committing to join. I'm a big fan of this approach, because it lets potential new members get a much better sense of what they’ll get once they’ve paid for their subscription.

Northern Spanking also now has a powerful keyword tag feature that makes it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. You can browse their scenes by implement (belt, cane, paddle), clothing item (leggings, school knickers, nurse uniform), genre (ageplay, office, comedy), performer, or by particular details (real life couple, legs up diaper position, upskirt) - and of course you can also look up your favourite performers by name. Northern Spanking has an incredibly inclusive cast, and a diverse archive of scenes that vary enormously in tone and mood, so all these different tag categories are invaluable for finding the scenes that will perfectly push your buttoms.

Creating a website for a studio with such a rich history was an interesting challenge. The Northern Spanking archive dates back over two decades, and they’ve always kept the site regularly updated, even during their move from the UK to Los Angeles. Paul and Alex worked long hours tagging and organising every scene in the archive to help fans navigate that vast breadth of material.

Not only that, but the new website has two new features which are, as as far as I know, unique to them amongst spanking membership sites; logged-in members now have both a ‘Recently Viewed’ section and a ‘My Favourites’ page to which you can add your most-loved scenes, making it easier than ever before to find your way back to content you’ve loved in the past.

I’m a big fan of Northern Spanking. They were one of the first sites I worked for as a performer, and I have the utmost respect for the way Paul and Alex do business. There’s another Northern Spanking-focused blog post coming soon about why I love them so much and what it is that they do best, so keep an eye out for that - and the meantime, go admire their shiny new website!



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