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Special Offer - Ends 23 January

Posted at 14:27 on 16 Jan 2021 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: book, Dreams of Spanking, merch, reward, rewards, Shame Less, shame resilience, special offer, Watch Me Write

It's a new year, a new lockdown, and I'm pleased and excited to announce a new Patreon special offer for January, making it more rewarding than ever for you to support my work! One of these rewards has been up my sleeve for quite some time...

I'm super stoked to have some new merch to give away - the SHAME LESS enamel pin. We had to pick just one pride flag for this one, out of the three options on the t-shirts, so I went with my favourite colours, purple, pink and blue - which just happen to by the colours of the bi pride flag.

Of course, you don't have to be bisexual to sport this pin. The Shame Less slogan stands for everything we're working towards: challenging shame culture in the fight for better sex education and greater empathy for each other's uniqueness; more open conversations about sex, kink and consent; and greater personal freedom and bodily autonomy for all. Let's shame each other less - and be absolutely shameless!

The soft enamel design looks beautiful, and the colours have come out even better than I expected. It's subtle, attractive, it won't out you to your neighbours, and it will look great on your best jacket.

This limited edition pin will be sent free to all patrons subscribed at $10 or higher. To secure your pin, you need to be pledged to a $10+ tier before the offer ends on January 23. After the offer ends I'll drop you a message if I don't have your address already, and your pin will be sent to you at the end of the month.

If you want to get more involved in what I'm doing this year, you'll love the premium option available for the next two weeks only. Every patron who signs up for annual membership at Co-Author level will receive free access to Dreams of Spanking for the the lifetime of their membership!

This reward is usually only available to patrons pledging $30/month or higher. If you were to join the $30 Dreamer tier as an annual member you'd save 16%, and pay $25 per month - but for the next two weeks only, if you join the £20 Co-Author tier with an annual membership, you'll get all the perks of that tier plus a free annual membership to Dreams of Spanking for only $16.80 a month!

The Co-Author tier is one I'm particularly excited about. This year I'm delighted (and nervous) to open my revising process to you with weekly Watch Me Write sessions every Saturday at 3pm, to give you a glimpse inside my process as I work on the book. As I finish the next draft of each chapter, I'll post it on this Patreon for the Co-Author tier and higher. So if you're interested in being one of my first readers, and getting an advance copy of my self-help memoir on how we engage with our difficult sexual fantasies, this is the tier for you.

Here's the full breakdown of the special rewards on offer for two weeks only until 23 Jan:

Fellow $10
Free PDF consent download PLUS a gorgeous enamel pin to show your colours

Co-Author $20
PDF & pin, plus access to Watch Me Write and finished book chapters as I write them

Co-Author - 16% off with annual membership
All the above plus a free membership to Dreams of Spanking

Dreamer, Advocate, Director
Individual tier rewards as listed plus enamel pin, Watch Me Write access, finished book chapters and Dreams of Spanking membership.

Running special offers like this helps me focus my attention on Patreon, and motivates me to be brave, release new material, and invite my amazing supporters more closely into my process. Whether you're a new patron joining us for the first time, or an existing subscriber upgrading your membership to get access to the cool perks at a higher tier, I look forward to sharing and collaborating with you as we work to build a safer, more shameless society!


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