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January Roundup

Posted at 15:00 on 1 Feb 2021 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: blog, January, news, porn, roundup, spanking, update

I’m taking a break from a whirlwind of custom film editing to look back on January. Coming into 2021, I set the intention to put my values front and center in my decision-making, and to lead from the heart. One month in I feel that I’ve stuck to my convictions and that I’m all the better for it. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the first part of this year.

Patreon Posts

I ran a New Year special offer over on my Patreon where I launched my exclusive Shame Less pins. I’m very happy with how they turned out, and I’ll be spending the next week wrapping those up to post to my lovely patrons! Here are the blogs I’ve put out on Patreon this month.

  • 2021: leading from the heart - 2020 is finally over, and a lot of people are talking about putting it behind us and moving on to something new - as much as is possible with the pandemic dragging on in countries where it has been badly managed. I’ve been reflecting on the year we’ve had and thinking about what I’d like to do with the one ahead
  • Special Offer: Ends 23 January - I'm super stoked to have some new merch to give away - the SHAME LESS enamel pin
  • Watch Me Write - weekly live writing and revision sessions every Saturday at 3pm GMT - Hello co-authors! Going into 2021, I'm more motivated than ever to finish my book. I've scheduled myself weekly writing sessions on Saturday afternoons to help me stay on track, and I'd like to invite you to be part of them
  • On hiring marginalised folk - I’m not an employer, exactly; everyone who works “for” me is actually freelance, and I’m their client as much as their boss. But the point stands: all the contractors I regularly collaborate with belong to groups which are often discriminated again
  • Book Introduction - Hello gorgeous patrons, and thank you so much for your support! I've decided to take the plunge. As I revise my book into a polished draft, I'll be sharing each chapter as I finish it with all patrons at Co-Author tier and above
  • DIY Porn: How to Make It and Feel Good Doing It - I'm keen to share knowledge and educate wherever I can, so I have put together a guide to DIY Porn - how to make it and feel good doing it. If you've ever watched porn and thought "that looks like fun" - or "I could do better than that!" - this guide is for you

Pandora Blake lazily smiling at camera baring their cleavage

Dreams of Spanking Scenes

I am delighted that over on Dreams of Spanking we are putting out a new release every single week. Not only that, we are planning a major upgrade on the website to make the vision I have in my head a reality. Dreams of Spanking has evolved massively in the near-decade we’ve been going, and I’d like the site to reflect that. Here are our January releases in no particular order.

  • Our Family Name // audio story // Pandora Blake - You were never the best of students, and over the years you’ve been in plenty of trouble with teachers and parents alike. That was all well and good, but suddenly you find yourself faced with a whole new humiliation: you’ve had to re-start your A-Levels, and suddenly Little Miss Perfect Prefect, your own younger sister, has been made Head Girl! So now, apparently, your discipline and reformation has become her problem…
  • Momma Sha Spanking // film with screengrabs // Cleo Divine, Sha Luciana - In this latest addition to our Guest Directors series, little Cleo is in big trouble - and this time, Momma Sha won’t be taking any of her excuses. She might wriggle and protest, but it’s high time she got the OTK spanking that’s coming to her. When it turns out Cleo isn’t even wearing underwear, the punishment really begins to escalate…
  • I’d Better Do It Myself // film with screengrabs // Pandora Blake - Naughty sixth former Pandora Blake knows she’s earned a punishment - but the Headmistress isn’t there! Keen to avoid getting into even more trouble, she takes matters into her own hands…
  • The Party Whip // film with screengrabs  // Lana Moon, Pandora Blake - Take a delightfully camp romp through Parliament in this F/F spanking film starring Pandora Blake, Lana Moon and a heavy leather flogger. Who knew that ‘three-line whip’ was meant literally?
  • Jayda's Self Spanking // film with screengrabs // Jayda Blayze - If you’re a self-spanking fan, you’re going to love this one. Jayda warms herself up beautifully before working through a fantastic collection of implements - a rubber spoon, hairbrushes and bath brushes, even a heavy paddle replete with holes for extra sting. By the end her gorgeous bottom is a glowing red, warmed and beaten.

Smartly dressed Pandora Blake poised to strike lingerie-clad Lana Moon with a black flogger

Dreams of Spanking Blog Posts

  • Performer Spotlight: Cleo Divine - A 20 year old spankophile who’s into age play, pet play and so much more, Cleo Divine loves to please.
  • Congratulations prizewinners - This post would not be complete without announcing our prizewinners. As you know, all of the emails submitted with the survey were entered into a prize draw for the chance to win membership. We lined up three memberships to give away, and last weekend we got to pull them out of a hat.
  • Learning to go with the flow - Lana Moon and I have been friends for many years, and we've been talking about shooting spanking films together for a long time. When we decided to make it happen one of the circumstances we needed to navigate was chronic illness. Due to her health Lana can't always predict when she's going to be at her best. I wanted the shoot to be a fun experience, and that meant building in a degree of flexibility. It proved a good exercise for me to stretch myself in the art of relaxing and going with the flow.
  • Shooting porn in a pandemic - As we continue to navigate the pandemic, we're thinking about how to produce new spanking content while keeping our cast and crew safe. Is there such a thing as a COVID-safe set when you're shooting spanking porn?
  • A Great British Tradition - Politics is awfully serious these days, isn’t it. Where once we had the camp, satirical Yes Prime Minister, now we have a neverending chain of Serious Dramas on Netflix filled with objectionably ambitious people who never laugh at themselves - and there’s little enough room for laughter in real life politics at present, either. If you’re mourning the days when there was space for brevity in our tumultuous political landscape, we’ve got the film for you.

Here’s some other news

  • Custom film orders have been flooding in thick and fast, so large swathes of my month have been spent in editing mode bringing your fantasies to life. I love exploring other people’s fantasies, so if you have a scenario you’d like to see played out on screen do get in touch.
  • I’m in the process of planning a shoot for late February. I have some new performers in the pipeline along with a potential camera operator, so I’ll be very excited to see how that all comes together next month.

These monthly updates and the items contained within are in large part made possible by the support of my patrons. If you can, consider subscribing to my Patreon for exclusive access to my content and a wealth of other benefits, including my new guide to creating DIY porn!


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