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March Roundup

Posted at 14:00 on 1 Apr 2021 by Pandora / Blake

Tags: Dreams of Spanking, kink education, march, Patreon, roundup, Youtube

To say March has been madness would be putting it lightly. Between arranging film shoots and night weaning, I’m in a state of chronic sleep deprivation. Editing footage and writing have been squeezed in around parenting, and I still managed to do all this!

Patreon Posts

Pandora practising Tai Chi in the grass

Dreams of Spanking Scenes

  • Paddled and Humiliated  // F/F film // Kelley May, Pandora Blake - Executive Pandora Blake argues herself into a corner in the name of equal treatment: a humiliating punishment with the heavy wooden paddle from her strict boss Kelley May.
  • Bath Brush for Jaybird  // F/F film // Cleo Divine, Jaybird - When JayBird breaks her rules on a playdate, Cleo Divine has a decision to make: will she tell her Daddy what she’s done, or will she keep her friend’s secret?
  • Beating the Headmaster // Solo F film// Pandora Blake - Pandora Blake is a public school student’s dream come true in this film, as she gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to administer a severe caning to the Headmaster himself!
  • The Panty Boy Next Door // F/M Film // Richard Mclean, Pandora Blake - Pandora Blake plays Richard McLean’s naughtiest neighbour in this stocking-clad, cross-dressing sissy spanking sitcom.

Pandora Blake giving Richard Mclean a sensual spanking

Dreams of Spanking Blog Posts

Pandora Blake bent over the sofa as Kelley May gives her an intense paddling

Here’s some other news

  • My next customs shoot is April 5th with Faerie Willow and Clara Hewitt. It’s fully booked and will be a lovely Easter treat to work with these talented performers.
  • I have a couple of custom shoots that have space for more films - you can check out the details of these shoots here and send me your bespoke fantasy here  

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Goodbye March. Hello April.

In spite of everything, March turned out to be a rather eventful month. But, everything passes, and March has passed. April has come and we are waiting for new interesting posts.


The month of March was difficult and eventful, but you coped with your current tasks.

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