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Summer Roundup

Posted at 15:00 on 10 Sep 2021 by Pandora / Blake

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Okay, it’s been a minute. It has been a whirlwind summer: lockdown easing brought increased film shoots, more social engagements, and my return to sessions after a 3-year hiatus! Here are some of my favourite releases from this summer.

Patreon Posts

Chapter 4 - Have You Tried Just Not Having Them? – Curating our fantasies for greater enjoyment, deeper self-exploration, and more intentional storytelling can be immensely rewarding. But suppressing whole swathes of our erotic theme out of shame? It’s unlikely to work - and if it does, it’ll do more harm than good.

The spanking fetish around the world - Every country on the globe contains humans who find shame, fear and aggression to be arousal intensifiers. But that doesn’t mean that their erotic fantasies will all be the same. The culture and history of a particular country also plays a part.

How I got into making porn: Part 1 and Part 2 - I was twenty four years old when I bought my first video camera. At that time I was a broke freelancer living in a tiny studio flat in North London, and it was a lot of money. But I had a vision, and I was determined to make it real.

Dreams of Spanking Scenes

Mater Familias  // F/FF film // Faerie Willow, Clara Hewitt Pandora Blake - When Debbie spends the night sleeping over with her best friend, she learns an unexpected family secret.

Richard’s Good Boy Spanking // F/M film // Richard McLean, Pandora Blake - It’s the end of Richard McLean’s first day on set, and he’s been an extremely good boy for Pandora Blake. And what’s the reward for taking your spankings like a champ? More spanking, obviously!

My knicker-wetting caning fantasy (with apologies to Nancy Friday) // Solo F film // Pandora Blake - An unabashedly dirty fantasy, a little self-caning and a real no-holds-barred on-screen orgasm: Pandora Blake has been extremely naughty this week, and you’re invited to find out how…

YouTube Releases

Are men more submissive than they admit?: Do I think that men are more often submissive than they admit, or is submission evenly divided between men and women?

My Biggest Mistake As A Porn Producer: I want to tell you about the biggest mistake that I've made as a spanking site owner and porn producer over the last nine years.

Spanking Positions 101 - Lying on the Bed: Let me teach you spanking positions - today, it's lying on the bed. Accessible, unintimidating and easy to segue to other activities...

Here’s some other news

Yesterday (Thursday September 9th), I got to shoot with the fantastic Eryn Rose and Marcus Quillan for the first time. Marcus is a wonder behind the camera, and we made some sizzling content for my OnlyFans to boot. Eryn shot two custom films with me, which will be available on Dreams of Spanking later this year. I can't wait for an excuse to work with both of them again!

I’m offering session dates twice a month from a comfortable, private and spacious country home near Woking, Surrey, which is owned by someone in the spanking scene and well equipped with suitable implements and furnishings. You can find out more information here.

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This is a great job

The fantasy of wetting the panties with a stick is amazing!

men submission video

Iv always wondered if it was just me or not. I normally like to be in control of everything, but in the bedroom, I find relaxation in not being in control.

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