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Feminist Porn Awards and Conference 2014

Zahra Stardust spanked at Dreams of Spanking

The Feminist Porn Awards and Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto were an incredible, intense experience for me. In the four days I was there I was challenged and inspired as a filmmaker, turned on by screenings of uber-hot new porn, affirmed in my politics and given a sense of community. I shot a lot of […]

Video blog!

The super-lovely Alex Reynolds has staying with me all this week. We’ve got up to all sorts of spanking-related shenanigans, and I have some awesome photos and stories to share with you when it isn’t nearly 1am. I’ve posted some already in a behind the scenes post on Dreams of Spanking, and I’m planning another post here about our non-professional adventures.

Meanwhile, here’s a video blog that we filmed with Nimue Allen halfway through a two day shoot for Dreams of Spanking and Nimue’s World. In this video we’re all wearing pyjamas, and we’re in that post-shoot giggly high. We talk about the shoot and some of the things we’ve been up to, and play with lots of stuffed animals. It’s kind of silly and cute and ridiculous, but we had a lot of fun filming it.

Big Bang Theory spanking

I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, but I still enjoyed watching this snippet of a mainstream TV spanking that seems to understand our kink, as well as playing it for laughs.   Sheldon was obligated to take care of Amy while she was sick. This included rubbing vapor rub on her chest and helping […]

Birthday spankings

Pandora Blake gets 28 strokes of the prison strap to celebrate her birthday

Happy birthday to me! Actually it was my birthday last week, and I’m happy to say that I spent it almost entirely away from the computer. The night before I enjoyed playing drinking/forfeit/spanking games with Molly and her friends, and on my birthday morning she treated me to a champagne breakfast in the sunny garden. The day was so warm that Molly, Pilot and I went for a dip in the cold brown river before putting me on a train to visit Tom… where more spankings, good food, good beer, presents and live music awaited me. It was a pretty much perfect day. Then I saw D and Jacq at the weekend for dressing up, debauchery, cuddles and my requested birthday threesome, which was just as much fun as I’d hoped it would be.

I was thoroughly spoiled when it came to presents – and perhaps it’s indicative of my life these days that most of them were kinky. Molly gave me a handmade book of ‘gift vouchers’ allowing me to claim such luxuries as breakfast in bed, and various erotic favours, at times of my choosing. Tom gave me a little gorilla pod for my video camera, ideal for popping on top of bedside furniture to shoot homemade porn. D gave me a strap-on (!!!!!) including a dildo I picked out, and oh wow, I have enjoyed every minute of that these last few days. (Hopefully, so have Jacq and Molly.)

As for the birthday spankings… they all involved my new leather strap which I brought back from Texas, and which is my new favourite toy. I’ve been looking for something like it for years. It’s wide, soft and you can use it full force without doing massive damage. I love it. It hurts, yes, but the pain is thick and warm, a huge thuddy impact that feels like being slammed into the floor. It makes your skin tingle and your gluts ache, and I could take it forever and ever.

The first birthday spanking was given to Molly by me the night before my birthday. I’d already taken advantage of the excuse to spank her during the card game; once she was warmed up, I interrupted the game to give her a self-indulgent 28 strokes on the bare (plus one for luck) as she bent over the arm of the chaise. She agrees with me about the strap.

The second birthday spanking was from Tom the next day, after a lovely gentle warmup. Tom took a few strokes to get the measure of the strap, then warmed my bottom with 28 hard ones, leaving me glowing as we headed out for the evening.

The third birthday spanking was a re-run of the second, the next morning, for the benefit of the camera. I wanted to post a free spanking video to celebrate my birthday, and here you are.

You can click here if you’d prefer to download the file as a WMV or MP4 to watch on your computer. I’ve also put up a free gallery of high resolution screengrabs, and a handful of post-strapping photos. Hope you enjoy the video and pictures – I certainly enjoyed making them.

YouTube spankings and judicial fantasies

I’ve stumbled across a few unexpected and good public YouTube spankings lately. This one was found by D (we were searching for ‘dragon spanking’ in the name of Rule #34, believe it or not):

Only one whack with a wooden paddle, but it’s a solid one. I was also entertained by the comment accompanying it:

“Went to Pride and came across ‘spanking will turn you gay’, well guess what!? It worked… actually I was already… but it felt good.”

(There are some other convincing “one strike” paddling clips on Youtube here and here.)

A young woman is given 18 smacks over jeans for her birthday by gleeful friends, relatively hard, while being held face-down on the ground. She seems largely amused by the whole affair. I particularly liked the way the spanker keeps blowing and rubbing his palms between smacks – but seems determined to keep on dishing it out just as hard, despite the sting.

Finally, this one was linked on Twitter today by QuaiDisciplines:

In this scene from The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, the young Mary watches a woman receive 25 lashes. This is severe, realistic and utterly gorgeous if you like historical judicial punishments. I particularly enjoyed the harsh soundscape of the whipping itself – the punchy, wet sounds of the lash landing, and the woman’s screams muffled by her gag.

My prison caning with Pain4Fem was nearly three years ago now. It scratched that itch for a while, but watching this clip I realised I’m ready to start thinking about my next severe punishment on camera. My ideal scenario would be a historical, judicial setting: a whipping block or bench with restraints and a gag; me in petticoats, playing a hapless, probably poor young woman given a harsh sentence. The sentence should be between 25 and 50 strokes, but I wouldn’t want to decide the exact number myself. I’d want it to be the cane, though, and I’d want Tom to deliver it. I could trust him to do it hard enough; hard enough to draw blood, to make me scream through the gag.

The problem is that I don’t have any shoot budget until a few months into new year, but I want to do it now, while I have time to heal. And I can’t think of a location which would be suitable and wouldn’t also be expensive. Rather than film what I’d like to be an atmospheric, believable scene in an entirely inappropriate interior, perhaps this one should wait until I can afford to do it properly. In the meantime, the thought of it will just have to tide me over.

The Girl Next Door

I love the previews from the new Lupus Spanking film, ‘The Girl Next Door’. The trailer shows that it includes the excellent cinematography, richly developed settings, intricate plots, edgy punishments and surreal humour for which Lupus are renowned.

The scene that most caught my eye is the one in the shop, where a cane being considered for purchased is tested on a hapless daughter right there and then – with the shopkeeper looking on, and even assisting as the girl starts to struggle too wildly. I love these images not only for the deliciously arbitrary, unfair, publically humiliating scenario, but also for the lavish costumes and attention to detail.

The accountant strikes back


Kaelah has written an in-depth shoot report about filming for my soon-to-launch site Dreams of Spanking earlier this year. She gives the behind-the-scenes scoop on our F/F scene 'The Taxman Cometh', in which she plays my long-suffering accountant who despairs of my poor organisation, and eventually takes me over the knee for a hairbrush spanking.

This video is loosely based on a true story. I’m not organised enough to keep accounts throughout the year and tend to compile everything for my tax return at year’s end. The second year I had to submit a return, I left it far too late and discovered, to my horror, that I couldn’t find my paper copies of several months’ bank statements. It was too late to order replacements, and my online banking records didn’t go back that far.

In reality, my accountant wasn’t someone I knew well, but simply a stranger who worked for the agency I’d hired. I didn’t confess the problem to them, and instead put together figures based on my invoices and emails for those months. But it caused me a lot of stress – and if they had been a friend and I’d put them in that position, they might well have decided I needed a spanking.

The following year I tried to be a bit more organised, but I still required some prompting in order to start working on my return in a timely fashion.

I’m still not as organised as I should be, although I’m getting better at starting a little earlier each year. This video is a reminder to me of the consequences of leaving it to the last minute … and a punishment I felt like I well and truly deserved.

View more images, behind the scenes details and a free clip from The Taxman Cometh »

Zille spanks Sasha Monet

Published via

I liked this preview video from, in which Zille Defeu spanks Sasha Monet. I expect fans of F/F spanking, vintage garters and spanking over slips and petticoats will like it too.

Sasha’s got into some serious trouble at the office, and is referred to Zille to see what can be done to avoid nasty legal difficulties. Zille takes the situation well in hand!

Perth and Ten

I’m currently perving over Ten Amorette‘s latest shoot for Punished Brats, in which she appears for the first time with her real-life boyfriend and Daddy, the youthful and well-muscled Perth. Click on this image to watch a preview clip. The scenario – she’s overspent on their joint credit card – I can take or leave. […]

Recommended spankings

I didn’t have time to do a proper hyperkinks post at the weekend, but I did want to show you a couple of spanking links recently that caught my eye and turned me on.

The Intruder

The Villain and Erica Scott collaborated to produce this free spanking video. It shows us what happens when a creepy intruder enters Erica’s flat. She fears the worst – and she’s not sure whether to be relieved or more freaked out when she finds out that he just wants to spank her. V puts on an extremely effective creepy performance, and Erica takes one hell of a spanking with a wooden hairbrush..

You can view the film on Google, and I highly recommend doing so. it was too large a file to be hosted in full on SpankingTube, although they did upload a trailer:.

Giselle and Tommy.

I really liked these F/M domestic discipline photos of Giselle spanking Tommy over the knee with a mahogany paddle, from the Spanking360 blog. Cute couple, and very effective spanking!.



Rear Window.

This afternoon I got hot and bothered after reading Quai Discipline’s short story Rear Window. It’s an edgy domestic discipline scenario, and it pushed a lot of my buttons..

The sound of a car pulling into the driveway made Chelsea startle. They were arriving for the event. As the doorbell rang, her mother came into her room.

“Chelsea, they’re here. Your father will be spanking you first and then I’ll give you the second half,” her mom said.

Chelsea gulped and asked her mother, “How many?”

“You know the rules. It’s double the last time,” came the answer.

“But that’s…”

“A hundred twenty-eight. Yes. Sixty-four from him and then sixty-four from me,” her mom continued. “I see them out back now. Come over here and bend over the desk. Are we going to need to tie you down?” She eyed her daughter suspiciously.

School uniform

Finally, here’s mum and dad in a very different context in this super-cute cartoon by Dave Wolfe. I particularly liked dad’s sexy professor outfit with tweed, bowtie and glasses! He could put me over his knee any day.

(via the Cherry Red Report)

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