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Bitch in business

Three Columbia Business School students have made a kick-ass feminist parody of Meghan Trainor’s catchy hit “All About That Bass” (which I love, by the way). The feminist remake takes the pro-curves, body-positive message of the original and raises it with a message about intellectual and financial equality.

It’s a hard-hitting topic, but the lyrics tackle it with playful humour. Bitch in Business is relatable and on-point. I think my favourite line is “a piss is the only thing that I’ll take sitting down”.

Not only that, but the video is surprisingly kinky. A woman cracking a whip to the lyric “I’m a tiger in the sack”, a paddle that says “bitch” on it, a house husband doing the ironing in a gimp mask, male dancers shaking their booty and a woman giving a guy an actual smack on the arse at 1:47. I love it.

It’s not perfect. The stereotype that a bitch in the boardroom is also a bitch in the bedroom is a tired one, and I don’t love the way this parody associates material success with sexual dominance. Being dominant in bed isn’t about being richer or more successful – anyone can be sexually dominant or submissive, regardless of their career position or wealth. I would have also liked to see more body diversity. The original is all about taking pride in your size, but all three of the women here are thinner than Trainor. Two white women and one Asian – now a black woman taking centre stage, that would have been radical. But I’m being picky. To get its message across, parody always leans on shallow tropes, and it’s pretty common for satire to subvert one stereotype while propping up others.

What I like about this video is the emphasis throughout on the female erotic gaze. Muscled bare-armed men washing cars, twerking and wrestling for the entertainment of the women looking on – that’s something we could see a lot more of in mainstream music videos.

Despite rolling my eyes at the somewhat lazy use of the “bitchy boss” domme stereotype, it is good to see a portrayal of women being sexually dominant for their own pleasure. The ‘dominatrix’ trope is usually about a woman worker fulfilling a male fantasy, not her own desires. There’s no doubt here that the bitches in business get their kicks from being in charge – in the bedroom and out of it.

And I’ll always be happy to see “kinky” equated with “successful”. There is still far too much stigma against kinky sexualities, and feminism in particular often struggles to accept that kinky sex can be progressive. So thank you, bitches in business – for the feminist message, the half-naked men, the inclusion of kink in a feminist manifesto, and the sexy, positive portrayal of female dominance and male submission.

Hyperkinks: ‘strange’ fantasies, ethical porn, and sex work

Kink I loved this Sinful Sunday image by Sub Bee. Trick or treat! Erica Scott’s wooden hairbrush spanking from Paul Kennedy is getting some positive attention. From my vantage point behind the camera, I thought it was super hot. How do you find a partner who shares your interest in spanking? Jillian Keenan is here […]

Friday in Berlin – XConfessions, LOVE HARD and Female Porn Shorts

Since my last update from Berlin, Lucie Blush and Ms Naughty have both posted reports from the Porn Film Festival which are well worth reading.

Tickets for the Moviemento cinema at the Porn Film Festival Berlin 2014

On Friday I felt much better slept, and I had tickets for five screenings, but I’d already decided that only three of them were ones I really cared about: XConfessions by Erika Lust, LOVE HARD by Sensate Films, and the Female Porn Shorts screening in which Instructed was playing.

I got to the cinema at midday to meet Lora, a journalist doing a documentary on feminist porn who had asked to interview me. As I arrived in the Moviemento lounge the film-makers’ meet and greet was just starting. So I got to hear everyone introduce themselves, and to stand up and say a few words about my work too – which seems to have been valuable, as a couple of times after that people came up to me and said “Ah, Pandora – the spanking lady!” It’s good to have an identity at these things, I feel.

Lora and her colleague interviewed me, snapped a portrait, and then it was already 1pm, and I had to run to squeeze in to the screening of XConfessions. In my rush I left my water bottle behind, and I also didn’t have time to pee. This turned out to be an error. XConfessions was listed in the programme as as being 104 minutes long, but (perhaps due to delays at the start) it didn’t finish until nearly 3pm. Two hours of non-stop porn is a long time to go without a drink, a snack, or a toilet break. Note to self: plan better.

XConfessions by Erika Lust

Still, I enjoyed XConfessions (particularly the first few, before I started getting fidgety). I think if I’d watched these one at a time, I would have been spellbound. Each of the ten short films is based on a submission from a viewer about a favourite sexual fantasy or experience. They tend towards the sweet and vanilla, but not always; themes include a woman’s first time pegging her boyfriend (pictured); another first time – going down on another woman; wanting to be bound in shibari; and trying to keep typing while your boyfriend distracts you. A male confession included being made to watch while his girlfriend slept with another man.

The first scene of all got my attention – it started with a behind the scenes documentary which then kept cutting back and forth between the beautifully shot porn scene and the more reality style, behind-the-scenes view of events. It was an interesting technique, one I’ve been considering using myself. At first I thought this was an introduction to Erika’s mode of shooting – but later I realised that “getting to be in a porn film” was the confession. It was an interesting way to open the collection.

XConfessions by Erika Lust

The most memorable scene, and the kinkiest, was the last one. It’s called “The Sadistic Trainer” – but it’s not what you think. Ten men and women get increasingly fed up of being aggressively shouted at and pushed beyond their limits by a fitness trainer. Eventually, they gang up on him, tie and gag him with pilates straps, and have an orgy in front of him – all while he is forced to watch, straining against his bonds and unable to escape. Hot!

Erika is Swedish and filming in Barcelona for an English-speaking audience, mostly with Spanish porn performers. As a result, the majority of the scenes are non-verbal. Her work is polished and stylish, with beautifully lit cinematography in breathtaking high definition, any screengrab of which could look like a glamour or fashion photograph. The non-stop beauty of her work is extraordinary. But the lack of dialogue combined with her taste for slow, dreamy pacing and soft music makes for a mood that didn’t hold my attention on the big screen. But I would definitely recommend watching XConfessions at home, with a partner, one scene at a time.

After 104 minutes of sensual, stylised fucking I felt a bit porned out, and spent the rest of the afternoon adding tickets to my skip pile, eating food and socialising in the film-makers lounge. I also took the time to go shopping for water and snacks. The next unmissable screening on my list was Sensate Films’ documentary about BDSM and intimacy, LOVE HARD.

Sensate Films is the collaboration of Gala Vanting and her partner Aven Frey. This was the first of their films I had seen in full, and it took my breath away. I have never been in an audience that was so quiet. LOVE HARD is a raw, honest, articulate, affirming depiction of BDSM. It combines interviews, docu-portraiture and films of unscripted kinky play, featuring three couples, one poly triad, and two individuals. The interviewees talk about their kink, how they play, the psychology and emotion behind it, and the role kink has in their lives.

We see lesbian high-D/S protocol, asexual hard S&M bloodplay, dreamy shibari, and corporal punishment – both sexualised partner play and self-contained ecstasy. There’s an F/M couple, a couple of M/F pairings, another male bottom and the aforementioned lesbian D/S triad.

Watching LOVE HARD, I felt both seen and represented. I found myself nodding and thinking yes, yes, that’s true, yes, I know how that one goes. One theme is the role of masochism or submission in developing your sense of self – once you are stripped down to your core, without any of your social or cultural trappings, just a shaking, crying, bleeding body – and yet you are still here, you know that you exist, and you know that you can endure. That kernel of self gives you a sense of identity that doesn’t depend on anything external. It is entirely yours. I’ve never seen this truth told in film before, and it made my heart ache. Actually, I’ll be honest: it made me cry tears of recognition.

LOVE HARD is not kink 101. I wish I could show it to people who don’t get what I do, but the level of the play is too extreme in some places for it to be an entry-level discussion of BDSM. It is, however, an excellent kink 201. If you have already dabbled in – or witnessed – BDSM, if you already know about consent and negotiation and safewords, if you already know that healthy power exchange is based on the collaboration of two equal partners, and not a genuine power imbalance, then this takes the discussion to the next level. I want to show it to everyone I know. It’s available to rent or buy from Sensate for only a few dollars, and you should watch it.

After LOVE HARD it was time for the Female Porn Shorts – and the first screening of my collaborative film with Ms Naughty, Instructed.

I saw the female porn programme twice over the weekend, and the second time I got a lot more out of it, so for now I’ll just tell you about the experience of seeing myself in rather intimate close-up on the big screen.

In ‘Instructed’, my lover orders me to undress, get on all fours on the bed, finger my own arse, slide a butt plug in, touch my cunt, spank myself with a clothes brush as hard as I can, and finally bring myself to orgasm with the plug still in place and my bottom red and marked.

I was extremely nervous about watching myself on a screen ten feet high and more than twenty feet across. But in the end, it felt completely normal. I’ve edited this film (although it was Ms Naughty’s edit that we were watching, as she was the one organised enough to submit before the deadline), and so I’ve spent many hours staring at these images. I am no stranger to seeing myself on my computer screen. As the film unfolded, my nerves evaporated. In fact I felt weirdly detached. I knew how it went. I was interested by Ms Naughty’s editing choices, and impressed with the pacing – she had cut a 16 minute film down to 10 minutes for the screening, and the timing felt exactly right. Once I was there, it didn’t feel like a milestone moment after all. It felt normal.

That said, I must have been more keyed up than I realised, because when the credits rolled and Ms Naughty and I were invited up to the front for a Q&A (our film was the last in the programme) I practically bounced up to the mic and proceeded to gabble excitedly into it for as long as the curator would let me. I think I was a bit hyperactive. Not my most professional composure! But I felt like it went well: people stayed quiet during the important bits, they didn’t talk amongst themselves or leave, and Ovidie (the feminist porn director of ‘Pulsion’, sitting next to me) whispered to me that it was hot. Which is all the accolade a budding film-maker needs, really.

Dark Chocolate Mousse with Doxy Massager

The people at Doxy Massager recently invited me to participate in a fun video challenge. The aim is to read a recipe while using a Doxy – but the only thing the camera can see is your face.

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of vibrating toys, but I was happy to give it a try – and when my very own Doxy arrived and it was purple, I started to feel excited. Before shooting this I did a first take over knickers, just in case it was too intense. It was enjoyable, but I decided to re-record the whole thing and give it a go without knickers. I honestly wasn’t prepared for the effect it had.

Even Nigella Lawson doesn’t enjoy making dark chocolate mousse this much.

Post sponsored by Doxy Massager.

Feminist Porn Awards and Conference 2014

Zahra Stardust spanked at Dreams of Spanking

The Feminist Porn Awards and Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto were an incredible, intense experience for me. In the four days I was there I was challenged and inspired as a filmmaker, turned on by screenings of uber-hot new porn, affirmed in my politics and given a sense of community. I shot a lot of […]

Video blog!

The super-lovely Alex Reynolds has staying with me all this week. We’ve got up to all sorts of spanking-related shenanigans, and I have some awesome photos and stories to share with you when it isn’t nearly 1am. I’ve posted some already in a behind the scenes post on Dreams of Spanking, and I’m planning another post here about our non-professional adventures.

Meanwhile, here’s a video blog that we filmed with Nimue Allen halfway through a two day shoot for Dreams of Spanking and Nimue’s World. In this video we’re all wearing pyjamas, and we’re in that post-shoot giggly high. We talk about the shoot and some of the things we’ve been up to, and play with lots of stuffed animals. It’s kind of silly and cute and ridiculous, but we had a lot of fun filming it.

Big Bang Theory spanking

I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, but I still enjoyed watching this snippet of a mainstream TV spanking that seems to understand our kink, as well as playing it for laughs.   Sheldon was obligated to take care of Amy while she was sick. This included rubbing vapor rub on her chest and helping […]

Birthday spankings

Pandora Blake gets 28 strokes of the prison strap to celebrate her birthday

Happy birthday to me! Actually it was my birthday last week, and I’m happy to say that I spent it almost entirely away from the computer. The night before I enjoyed playing drinking/forfeit/spanking games with Molly and her friends, and on my birthday morning she treated me to a champagne breakfast in the sunny garden. The day was so warm that Molly, Pilot and I went for a dip in the cold brown river before putting me on a train to visit Tom… where more spankings, good food, good beer, presents and live music awaited me. It was a pretty much perfect day. Then I saw D and Jacq at the weekend for dressing up, debauchery, cuddles and my requested birthday threesome, which was just as much fun as I’d hoped it would be.

I was thoroughly spoiled when it came to presents – and perhaps it’s indicative of my life these days that most of them were kinky. Molly gave me a handmade book of ‘gift vouchers’ allowing me to claim such luxuries as breakfast in bed, and various erotic favours, at times of my choosing. Tom gave me a little gorilla pod for my video camera, ideal for popping on top of bedside furniture to shoot homemade porn. D gave me a strap-on (!!!!!) including a dildo I picked out, and oh wow, I have enjoyed every minute of that these last few days. (Hopefully, so have Jacq and Molly.)

As for the birthday spankings… they all involved my new leather strap which I brought back from Texas, and which is my new favourite toy. I’ve been looking for something like it for years. It’s wide, soft and you can use it full force without doing massive damage. I love it. It hurts, yes, but the pain is thick and warm, a huge thuddy impact that feels like being slammed into the floor. It makes your skin tingle and your gluts ache, and I could take it forever and ever.

The first birthday spanking was given to Molly by me the night before my birthday. I’d already taken advantage of the excuse to spank her during the card game; once she was warmed up, I interrupted the game to give her a self-indulgent 28 strokes on the bare (plus one for luck) as she bent over the arm of the chaise. She agrees with me about the strap.

The second birthday spanking was from Tom the next day, after a lovely gentle warmup. Tom took a few strokes to get the measure of the strap, then warmed my bottom with 28 hard ones, leaving me glowing as we headed out for the evening.

The third birthday spanking was a re-run of the second, the next morning, for the benefit of the camera. I wanted to post a free spanking video to celebrate my birthday, and here you are.

You can click here if you’d prefer to download the file as a WMV or MP4 to watch on your computer. I’ve also put up a free gallery of high resolution screengrabs, and a handful of post-strapping photos. Hope you enjoy the video and pictures – I certainly enjoyed making them.

YouTube spankings and judicial fantasies

I’ve stumbled across a few unexpected and good public YouTube spankings lately. This one was found by D (we were searching for ‘dragon spanking’ in the name of Rule #34, believe it or not):

Only one whack with a wooden paddle, but it’s a solid one. I was also entertained by the comment accompanying it:

“Went to Pride and came across ‘spanking will turn you gay’, well guess what!? It worked… actually I was already… but it felt good.”

(There are some other convincing “one strike” paddling clips on Youtube here and here.)

A young woman is given 18 smacks over jeans for her birthday by gleeful friends, relatively hard, while being held face-down on the ground. She seems largely amused by the whole affair. I particularly liked the way the spanker keeps blowing and rubbing his palms between smacks – but seems determined to keep on dishing it out just as hard, despite the sting.

Finally, this one was linked on Twitter today by QuaiDisciplines:

In this scene from The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant, the young Mary watches a woman receive 25 lashes. This is severe, realistic and utterly gorgeous if you like historical judicial punishments. I particularly enjoyed the harsh soundscape of the whipping itself – the punchy, wet sounds of the lash landing, and the woman’s screams muffled by her gag.

My prison caning with Pain4Fem was nearly three years ago now. It scratched that itch for a while, but watching this clip I realised I’m ready to start thinking about my next severe punishment on camera. My ideal scenario would be a historical, judicial setting: a whipping block or bench with restraints and a gag; me in petticoats, playing a hapless, probably poor young woman given a harsh sentence. The sentence should be between 25 and 50 strokes, but I wouldn’t want to decide the exact number myself. I’d want it to be the cane, though, and I’d want Tom to deliver it. I could trust him to do it hard enough; hard enough to draw blood, to make me scream through the gag.

The problem is that I don’t have any shoot budget until a few months into new year, but I want to do it now, while I have time to heal. And I can’t think of a location which would be suitable and wouldn’t also be expensive. Rather than film what I’d like to be an atmospheric, believable scene in an entirely inappropriate interior, perhaps this one should wait until I can afford to do it properly. In the meantime, the thought of it will just have to tide me over.

The Girl Next Door

I love the previews from the new Lupus Spanking film, ‘The Girl Next Door’. The trailer shows that it includes the excellent cinematography, richly developed settings, intricate plots, edgy punishments and surreal humour for which Lupus are renowned.

The scene that most caught my eye is the one in the shop, where a cane being considered for purchased is tested on a hapless daughter right there and then – with the shopkeeper looking on, and even assisting as the girl starts to struggle too wildly. I love these images not only for the deliciously arbitrary, unfair, publically humiliating scenario, but also for the lavish costumes and attention to detail.

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