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On leaving the USA, and loving without fear

Leaving the USA, and loving without fear - Pandora Blake

This is the article I was sent by Zoe Montana and Molly Malone last week, which pretty much sums up my entire trip:

Casual Love – Carsie Blanton

“I’m thrilled that young people are beginning to feel they have the option of exploring sex, safely and consensually, outside of the boundaries of long-term commitment.

But why not have the option of exploring love, too, with or without a side of commitment? If we can agree that our bodies are not inherently dangerous, can’t we do the same for our hearts?”

In a way this wasn’t news to me, but it was glorious to be given the language with which to think about it; to be given permission to love without fear.

This is a theme that ran through my entire journey. I started out in at the Feminist Porn Awards immersed for the first time amongst queer hardcore porn performers, watching and listening with great interest, in relation to my own professional development both as a director and as a performer. I went to the Feminist Porn Conference with ideas about intimacy, love and authenticity which privileged “real couples” and I left having had those ideas exploded. As Sophie Delancey put it in her talk, “You don’t have to have had a fight in Ikea to have chemistry and intimacy on camera”.

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Feminist Porn Awards and Conference 2014

Zahra Stardust spanked at Dreams of Spanking

The Feminist Porn Awards and Feminist Porn Conference in Toronto were an incredible, intense experience for me. In the four days I was there I was challenged and inspired as a filmmaker, turned on by screenings of uber-hot new porn, affirmed in my politics and given a sense of community. I shot a lot of […]

Sinful Sunday – Obedience

Kneeling on the bed, following my Dominant’s instructions to the letter.

Spanking Korey in the kitchen

Pandora Blake spanking Korey Johnson for Northern Spanking

Last week we spent a lot of time hanging out with our friends James and Korey Johnson. I first met them at the Texas All State Spanking Party in 2012, where we bonded chatting about selling porn, running websites and content management systems. At Boardwalk Badness Weekend last year I was lucky enough to play […]

Adventures and shoots in California

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake cat fighting in tennis kit

My week in Canada for the Feminist Porn Awards and Feminist Porn Conference was intense. I want to write more about it here, and I’m intending to post the text of the two talks I gave, too, but in the meantime you can read a short recap on the Dreams of Spanking blog.

I flew straight from Toronto to LA, and landed amongst palm trees, blue skies and sunny weather. As Chris would say, I felt tumble-dried after my flight – jet lag was still chasing me from the UK and in Toronto it would have been nearly bedtime even if I hadn’t been skimping on sleep the last few nights.

Still, I was on the West Coast, and on our way to get some food Alex and Paul suggested that we drive to the beach for my first proper sight of the Pacific ocean. (I glimpsed it from Vancouver a few years ago, but never made it down to the beach). The sky and sea were very blue, the beach was surprisingly full of people for a Monday afternoon in April, including families and a dude sitting cross-legged to meditate. I really was in California.

Santa Monica beach - Pandora Blake

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Queer DiscOx Radio

I’m just on my way home from a lovely evening chatting to the folks at @QueerDiscOx radio, a sex-positive LGBTQ* discussion radio show based in Oxford. I’d never spoken on radio before but my experience with erotic audio recording must have stood me in good stead, because I didn’t feel nervous at all, and only […]

Spank me

Pandora Blake in spank me stockings

My late night fantasies vary a lot, from things that happened that day to things that will never happen, and nor would I want them to. Recently I had a bedtime fantasy which was less escapist than my usual fare; more of an expression of intent. I found myself imagining the scene negotiation I would have […]

Girlfriend-friendly porn – tested!

Pandora Blake testing porn for women at FHM

Girl friendly porn, tested by Pandora Blake and Lucy Hancock

Read the full article in the February issue of FHM, now on the shelves in the UK – it’s on pages 122-123. If you aren’t in the UK you can order a digital copy here. And if you haven’t seen it already, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s blogpost on the hilarious, fascinating experience of watching porn for a men’s lifestyle magazine.

Girl friendly porn, tested by Pandora Blake and Lucy Hancock

Double sessions with Nimue Allen

Pandora BlakeNimue Allen

You all probably know that I love collaborating with the very kinky Ms Nimue Allen to create films for our porn sites Nimue’s World and Dreams of Spanking. Well, that’s not all; we’re now also teaming up to offer double spanking sessions in London and Birmingham.

With two imaginative, sadomasochistic switches the possibilities are endless! We love roleplay, and we have worked together so many times that by now we can practically read each other’s minds. Here are just some of things that might happen if you played with us:

Double caning by Pandora and Nimue, as modelled by the peachy Michael Darling

  • A fearsome double caning, accurate to a fault, from one right-hander and one left-hander! Are you brave enough to submit to both of us at once?
  • Spanked at school, spanked at home: first you’re summoned to the Headmistress’ office for the cane, then when you get home you discover she’s already phoned your mother! Mum is furious with you for getting into trouble at school, and turns you over her knee for a hard spanking on your already sore bottom.
  • Ever fantasise about being ganged up on by two sadistic girls at once? Maybe it’s a pair of evil prefects – or maybe it’s your ex who’s enlisted her best friend to seek revenge! With two filthy minds and two pairs of hands we can overwhelm you until you don’t know what’s hit you.
  • You and your girlfriend are caught behind the bike sheds, and you’re both in trouble with teacher. You have to watch her be punished, knowing all the while that you’re next – and she’ll be watching!
  • Ring of Fire: three switches, four implements, and one deck of cards! Take part in the ultimate switchy spanking game, with random chance dictating the implement and number of strokes each turn, and no knowing what will happen next. All three players both give and receive until the cards run out!

Ring of Fire: the ultimate spanking card game!

And that’s just the beginning. Spanking is our first love, but we also enjoy rope bondage, wax play, cross-dressing, objectification, voyeurism, embarrassment and more…

To join the fun, send an introduction email to

Spanked to tears (part 2)

Pandora Blake spanked to tears at Dreams of Spanking

I wrote yesterday about a couple of recent scenes with D that brought me to tears. Tears during spanking are both often sought after and misunderstood. Some people seem to build them up as a sort of ultimate signifier of severity. You know: if you don’t cry, it wasn’t hard enough; if you cry it […]

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