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Sinful Sunday – pleasuring Zahra

Spanking Zahra Stardust

For this week’s Sinful Sunday I wanted to share a sexy moment from a very special film which I shot at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto this April. I opened the file to capture a screengrab from one of my favourite bits – but I ended up with so many amazing captures I couldn’t choose just one.

Zahra Stardust is one of the coolest porn stars on the planet – Australian pole dance champion, Penthouse Pet and political candidate for the Australian Sex Party – for House of Representatives, Senate, and for Lord Mayor of Sydney. She is a performer/producer of queer ethical porn, an activist, artist and she is studying for a PhD on pornography. An awesome woman and it was a huge pleasure to meet her.

In this collaborative film she expressed her curiosity about spanking… and confessed that she also loved to have her bottom punched and squeezed. Here I am after giving her a luxurious over the knee pleasure spanking and leather strapping, pummelling her perfect dancer’s bottom while she brings herself to orgasm with the Hitachi.

Explicit queer porn - Pandora Blake spanking and punching Zahra Stardust while she brings herself to orgasm
Explicit queer porn - Pandora Blake spanking and punching Zahra Stardust while she brings herself to orgasm Explicit queer porn - Pandora Blake spanking and punching Zahra Stardust while she brings herself to orgasm
Explicit queer porn - Pandora Blake spanking and punching Zahra Stardust while she brings herself to orgasm

Click on the photos to enlarge. You can watch this queer, feminist porn film – celebrating genuine, kinky female pleasure – at Dreams of Spanking and The Explicit Diary of Zahra Stardust. This film was a collaboration between me, Zahra and Ms Naughty, and will also shortly be available at Bright Desire.

Sinful Sunday

Naturism and public nudity

Pandora Blake - art nude in ivy. Photo by Paul Crusier

I am basically a naturist at heart. One of my favourite things to do in London is visit Rio’s, the nudist sauna in Kentish Town. Sitting with friends in the hot tub, chatting with a random cross-section of other Londoners in a completely diverse, body-positive environment. Working up a sweat in a the sauna, then taking a skinny dip in the plunge pool to cool down. If it’s nice out, naked sunbathing in the garden with a cuppa tea and a biscuit – and even better, the tea and biscuits are free.

Pandora Blake - art nude in ivy. Photo by Paul Crusier

I love fetish clubs not only because of the handy dungeon furniture, cool outfits and interesting people, but because they are one of the few nightclubs where I’m allowed to indulge myself and get naked when I start getting hot and sweaty on the dancefloor. The other weekend Ivy and I enjoyed a topless dance at Club Decadence and the grins on our faces told the whole story. It’s not just about feeling sexy or getting attention – although I’d be lying ifI claimed that wasn’t at least part of it. But it’s mostly about the liberated feeling of being able to enjoy my body without shame, without being told to cover up, to “put it away”.

Last week I had a new experience: my first trip to a naturist club.

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New feminist porn: ‘Instructed’

Instructed - a new feminist porn film by Ms Naughty and Pandora Blake

I made a film, and I’m pretty damn excited about it.

Instructed: an explicit new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora Blake

‘Instructed’ is a collaboration between me and Ms Naughty, which was filmed at the Feminist Porn Awards this year. The shoot was attended by a BBC journalist – and that wasn’t the only way this was a new experience for me. This is my most explicit video to date, exploring themes of remote dominance, anal eroticism, solo spanking and female masturbation.

I’ve written before about how I came up with the idea of keeping D’s instructions a secret, and reading – and obeying – them live on camera. If you haven’t read them already, you can find out more about the shoot in my blogposts Submissive solo shoot with Bright Desire and What will I be told to do? I’m really glad that D got involved so closely with the shoot – both in writing orders for me to follow, and in recording himself reading his instructions for me to use as a voiceover. The result is an intimate, erotic film which is as fresh and exciting for me as it was on the day of the shoot.

Instructed: an explicit new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora Blake

Instructed: an explicit new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora Blake

Ms Naughty and I shared the footage, but we each worked on our own edit, creating two unique perspectives on the story. You can watch her take on the film at her feminist hardcore site Bright Desire, and mine at Dreams of Spanking. If you watch both I would be really interested in hearing your feedback, as we will be collaborating on a joint version which we can submit to future film festivals. (Having finished hers before the deadline, Ms Naughty has already submitted her cut to the Berlin Porn Film Festival on behalf of both of us, which is awesome of her.)

After finishing my edit I was so impatient to show D. When I read his letter live on camera, feeling myself smile and blush when I read the filthy things he had ordered me to do, I felt self-conscious not because the cameras were rolling, but because I knew that he would eventually watch my face as I read it. When I touched myself, spanked myself, obeyed his orders, I did so because I knew that one day, he would be watching. My performance was for him. I reached back and whacked my own arse with the brush as hard as I could because I knew that if I didn’t, when he watched it, he would know that I was slacking. I wanted him to see that I was doing my utmost to please him. I wanted the film to turn him on.

Instructed: an explicit new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora Blake

Instructed: an explicit new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora Blake

The day it came out he was at my place, and I needed to make the trailer before I could put it live on Dreams of Spanking. D was sitting on the sofa, in the same room where I was using the computer. “Can I show you our film now?” I asked. “I want to show it to you properly before I start cutting the trailer, so you aren’t spoilered by hearing it in dribs and drabs.”

“Our film?” he asked. “You mean porns?”


He smiled. “Okay.”

I pressed play and snuggled up to him. He had already released his cock from his trousers, and with a crooked smile he guided my head towards it. I had been looking forward to watching his face and his reactions as he watched it, but taking his erection into my mouth was even better.

I think he liked it. I hope you do too.

Instructed: an explicit new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora Blake

Wood nymph

Wood Nymph - Pandora Blake

I’ve always wanted to be a Pornsaint. A discussion on twitter with Kod about his custom spanking art led to him taking up the challenge. He turned me into a wood nymph of a magical forest, wreathed in ivy. How cool is this?

Pandora Blake - Wood Nymph by @333Spool333

Sadly Pornsaints don’t want it – they prefer handpainted art to digital graphics, I think. So if you like to draw and want to turn me into an icon, there is still time. I’m delighted with Kod’s artwork though – I think it’s the loveliest piece of fan art I’ve received to date.

In other news, I’ve got a new film coming out this Saturday which is rather exciting. Renee Rose has the scoop – Remote Dominance: Feminist pornographers Pandora Blake and Ms. Naughty collaborate on hot new film. There’s more info on the Dreams of Spanking blog and Ms Naughty has posted a free trailer too.

‘Instructed’ will be out this weekend, and the whole world will be able to watch as I do dirty, dirty things to myself on D’s command. Only an exhibitionist would find this as exciting as I do!

Pain, permanence, and laser hair removal

On Tuesday I had my first session of laser hair removal on my lower legs, bikini line and labia – “Brazilian” style, leaving my usual trimmed oval on the mons. The traditional shape to leave is a “landing strip” but I prefer curves to rectangles. I shaved my muff into a neatly trimmed oval, leaving plenty of hair-free space below for long, languid licks that explore every soft fold and curve. In the future, if I want, I can vary my look by trimming it down to a heart, a triangle, a diamond, the classic landing strip or by shaving it off and going completely hairless. The only thing I won’t be able to do is grow back my bikini line and the hair on my outer labia – which I have been shaving on an at-least-weekly basis for over a decade.

The laser treatment hurt less than I was expecting. You’re wearing dark glasses to protect you from the radiation, like in a tanning bed I imagine, not that I’ve ever used one. The machine blows a jet of cold air onto your skin at the same time as the laser, which doesn’t so much feel like burning as pricking like a needle as it encounters each follicle. The machine makes a regular “bip, bip, bip” noise which makes it hard to tell whether the pinpricks of pain are in time with the beeping or not.

Consensual, non-sexy pain like this, or like having a smear test or getting a tattoo (which hurt more than the laser, by the way) is always an interesting experience for a masochist. Without an eroticising context, pain is not enjoyable – but I still find the sensations interesting. The breathing exercises I use to endure a hard caning help me stay calm through the pain, but they aren’t enough to get me high on it.

In this case, I found my mental images made a huge difference to the perceived pain level. If I thought about lasers, zapping, burning, it hurt a lot – whereas if I imagined that someone was dragging a sharp felt tip along my skin, or scratching little dots with the nip of a fountain pen, it hurt much less.

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Sinful Sunday – Fetch!

Ordered to fetch the paddle so he can use it on me. See, I can be a good girl … sometimes. Full photo story here.

Sinful Sunday

BBW 2014, Thursday: friends old and new

Pandora Blake strapped at BBW

Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014 was my most intense spanking party yet; a non-stop whirlwind of play and intimacy and energy.

Flying into Philadelphia - Pandora Blake

I arrived on Wednesday night having not really slept the night before due to a late-night farewell to Los Angeles and an early start to catch my flight. The lovely Tattoo_Fairy picked me up from Philadelphia airport, and we chatted and got to know each other better on the drive to Atlantic City. Despite my tiredness I managed to stay up long enough to say hello to people and have a couple of drinks in the hotel bar, then crashed out in Tattoo_Fairy’s hotel room – she kindly let me stay with her, since my shared room with Zoe Montana wasn’t booked until the next night.

For me, BBW always kicks off with the pool party. Sunlight dazzling through the glass roof, making me feel as if I was still on the west coast, stepping into the warm water in my plain black swimsuit, regretting having left behind my purple bikini somewhere along the way. People started to arrive, and I bobbed in the water to chat with Tattoo_Fairy, BradD and TheBadAlex, greeting people with damp hugs regardless of whether they’d come into the pool or were still clothed.

The first I knew of Zoe’s arrival was a warm weight at my back, the soft press of her boobs and thighs, and an excited, familiar “Hiiii!” I turned around in the water with her still clinging to my back until she released me and switched to a front-side hug with the grace of the water-bound, splashing and shrieking in glee. I clamped my legs around her waist, koala style, and we bounced delightedly in greeting. It was so good to see her. She gives the best stealth hugs ever.

Read more to find out how my bottom ended up looking like this…

Pandora Blake strapped by Whooperine and Zoe Montana at Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2014

Feminist porn on BBC News

Pandora Blake shooting with Ms Naughty for Dreams of Spanking and Bright Desire at the Feminist Porn Awards 2014

I enjoyed chatting to BBC journalist Daniel Nasaw at the Feminist Porn Awards, but I wasn’t sure when his article would come out. The first I knew of it was when I woke up on Friday to find dozens of tweets about it in my mentions feed. I looked and there it was, right on the BBC News homepage!

Pandora Blake on BBC News: In Toronto with the world’s feminist pornographers

Reading the article, I’m happy. It’s positive (except for the Julia Long quotes included for “balance”) and offers a good, if simplistic, introduction to the concept of feminist porn. (No mention of feminist fetish porn here … I think that’s in the advanced class.) The article mentions a lot of the big names in feminist porn, and will hopefully raise mainstream awareness of the good work being done to further the cause of gender equality and ethical production in the adult industry.

I knew that Daniel was taking photos during my solo content share shoot with Ms Naughty, but it was still a surprise to see us both right there in BBC News Magazine.

Pandora Blake and Ms Naughty filming for Dreams of Spanking and Bright Desire at the feminist porn awards

My site Dreams of Spanking isn’t named, although Bright Desire is. However, the article does quote me a couple of times from our chat in the coffeeshop after the shoot…

“If it’s possible to have sex in a feminist way, it’s possible to record it in a feminist way,” says Pandora Blake, a 29-year-old London-based sex worker, pornographer and porn performer.

In recent years, feminist porn producers and performers have settled on a rough agreement on how to shoot pornography that empowers rather than demeans women and depicts authentic female sexuality rather than the presumed fantasies of the stereotypical straight man.

My line was paraphrased from a tweet by Adele Haze – full credit to her for coming up with a memorable turn of phrase. It turns out that tweets make great soundbytes.

Whether it’s a movement, a genre, an aesthetic, or all of the above, feminist porn took off in the last decade, helped along by the rise of the internet and the decline in the cost of digital film production.

“The internet has democratised porn in a big way,” says Blake, who that morning shot a solo spanking scene with Ms Naughty, the Australian founder of “It’s empowered a lot of performers to produce their own content – it’s empowering performers, which means its empowering women.”

You can read the rest of the article on the BBC site – In Toronto with the world’s feminist pornographers.

Sinful Sunday – wrapped in a bow

I’m thrilled that my Sinful Sunday image last week was selected for the weekly round-up. Thank you to Molly’s Daily Kiss and everyone who commented!

Pandora Blake and her real life lover D at Dreams of Spanking

D likes me to dress up for him, and in the nine years we’ve been together I’ve learned all his preferences. High fetish heels – it doesn’t matter if I can barely walk in them, I’m not wearing them around town. As long as I can keep my balance from the door to the bed, it’s fine.

Sheer black stockings, silky to the touch – hold-ups with lacy tops by preference.

And a new favourite accessory – this wonderful pair of ribbon knickers, which frame my arse without covering anything. The best sexy outfits are the ones you can fuck in without having to take them off.

Photo of me and D by Matt Christie for Dreams of Spanking.

Sinful Sunday

LA spanking shoots and continued adventures

Pandora Blake and Clare Fonda

I’d better wrap up the rest of my social time and spanking shoots in Los Angeles in a single post, so I can get on with telling you all about Boardwalk Badness Weekend. This one is going to be full of photos!

The day after my shoot with the Clare Fonda Network, I finally got to realise a long-term dream: meeting the wonderful Erica Scott. I can confirm that she is just as warm, genuine and hilarious (not to mention hot) in person as she seems in her blog and videos. She took me and Alex to the most amazing cafe for brunch, on a cute street filled with arty little boutiques. There were flowers and little decorative everywhere, the sun was shining and the place was thronging with people and little dogs. “This is the authentic south California experience!” Erica assured me. I can certainly see why she’s never wanted to leave.

The Aroma Cafe - Pandora Blake

If you read Erica’s blog you’ll already have seen these photos of the amazing cakes on offer, but there’s no such thing as too much cake, so I’m going to go ahead and repost them here anyway.

Alex Reynolds and Erica Scott - Pandora Blake

Check out this slice – it’s bigger than my head! It was utterly delicious but even between the three of us, we couldn’t finish it.

Alex Reynolds, Erica Scott and Pandora Blake

That same day, Alex and Paul headed out to take some photos for an “amateur girls” site. At the feminist porn conference I’d been struck by Gala Vanting‘s presentation on the construction of “realness” and “authenticity” in porn, and I knew Alex would appreciate the critique. I filled her in on the highly artificial definition of “amateur” which is maintained by some studios – including the one Alex was about to shoot for.

Alex cackled with glee and immediately disappeared into the bedroom. She came out having deliberately ticked every box on the checklist of what a “real girl” looks like. “Hey,” she asked with biting satire, “Am I real enough?”

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