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Trust funds and swimsuits

Pandora Blake spanked with a wooden hairbrush by Dana Specht

There have been a couple of scenes on Sarah Gregory’s sites lately starring me, and I really like the look of both of them. The first is on Sarah Gregory Spanking, and is called Trust Fund Babies. Sarah, Amelia and I shot this almost exactly a year ago at the Texas All-State Spanking Party last […]

Reluctantly, silenced.

The Pirates of the Jolly Kraken - censored spanking porn by Pandora Blake

Well, the censorship saga with payment processor CCBill and my female-gaze porn site Dreams of Spanking got much, much worse. I wrote last week about the ridiculous wording changes they required, including censoring discussions of consensual and ethical production on the blog. I did as I was told. Unfortunately, that was far from the end […]

The Head Girl rivalry

The Head Girl Rivalry

There are lots of reasons I like the latest film on English Spankers. Amelia Jane Rutherford and I got to wear fantastic matching school uniforms in burgundy, which is always a treat. I love matched uniforms and I love wearing clothes that a producer has picked out for me. The plot is also right up […]

TASSP – a day of demonstrations

Pandora Blake demonstrating the cane on Princess Kelley at TASSP 2012

Part 1: Texas: pre-party shooting Part 2: TASSP: first night Perhaps it was jet lag, perhaps it was nerves, but despite my short night’s sleep I woke up at 6am on Friday, the first day proper of the Texas All State Spanking Party, and couldn’t get back to sleep. At 10am that morning I was […]

TASSP: first night

Paul Rogers had arranged for Amelia and I to stay in the second bedroom of his three room suite (this hotel was unbelievably lavish by UK standards and I’m told it wasn’t exceptional). We were sharing the room with a lovely couple from Oklahoma, Shay Elizabeth and OKC_Sir, and their puppy who was in training to be a service dog.

Photo (c) From the Ark Studio.
The puppy cuddling Miss Chris, who I also met for the first time that night. Photo (c) From the Ark Studio.

At the moment I arrived at the suite Sarah Gregory was shooting a group scene for her site, in which a boisterous handful of tennis players (Sarah, Ten, Shay, Christie Cutie and Casey Calvert) are paddled by their coach for getting drunk and missing a tournament.

It was all a bit hectic with people arriving, coming and going, delivering groceries and running errands, and somehow Sarah ended up short of a camera operator. She asked if I’d mind jumping in. Sure, why the hell not. I love being behind the camera almost as much as I love being in front of it, and it was a nice warm-up to the main party to get to know a few of the other models. Sarah had the foresight to provide an actual bottle of liqueur, which was bright pink, tasted pleasantly of sweet lemonade, and branded “Kinky”! The camerawoman may have had an illicit swig or too as well as the naughty tennis team.

Almost before we’d finished filming, the opening Thursday night party began in Paul’s suite. The large meeting table was piled high with implements, a bit chaotic stack of straps and rulers and paddles – it was quite a sight to behold. The suite had parties in it pretty much non-stop over the weekend, and the room quickly filled with people.

Suddenly I discovered what it’s like to be sort-of famous, and I realised I didn’t like it. It felt like half the people in the room was staring at me, and it also felt like a lot of the starers were older guys, including some who came and stood too close to me without even saying hello. Perhaps I just suck at large groups where I don’t know many people, but I started to feel a bit uncomfortably hemmed in. Then there were the guys crowding round all too eager to say hi, but who seemed somewhat shy and unsure of themselves, and left it to me to keep the conversation going once they’d greeted me. I decided that if I was going to warm up to this party I was going to need a drink, and fled downstairs to the hotel bar.

Perhaps this was cowardly of me, but it turned out to be a good decision. Amelia came with me and we were immediately hailed by a small group of people, a mixture of familiar and unknown faces. I recognised Miss Chris and Jenni Mack, and was introduced to their friends Miss Rosa, Andrew and Larry. They were all lovely and welcoming and I felt instantly at ease. We shared a couple of drinks, talked spanking and shop, and my social energy started to flow.

Photo (c) From the Ark Studio.
The adorable Jenni Mack. Photo (c) From the Ark Studio.

Back upstairs, I met a cute pair called Michael and Zoe, who had just met and were both new to parties. We sat on the floor in the hallway and chatted a bit. One older guy who was listening to the conversation but hadn’t introduced himself sat down close beside me and pressed his hand up against my bottom. I was feeling a bit more sure of myself now so rather than running away again, I turned to him and asked sharply if that was his hand, and he quickly got up and left.

Everyone had name tags, which were adorable: they had a little map of Texas colour-coded according to your party orientation. There had been a mix-up with mine and it had the colour for bottom, which was an easy mistake to make – I’ve not been out as a switch long – but it was a little inconvenient, as if I was going to play this weekend I was mostly interested in topping. To my enduring relief and gratitude Kelley found time among all her other tasks to sort me out with a new one which was the right colour, bless her.

After a while I ventured back into the suite, and was introduced to Dana Specht, whom I’d heard so much about from Sarah Gregory. She is charming and a bit intimidating in person, but very warm and gracious. Dana had just been punishing a naughty boy called Hogtie, and he was in the corner for everyone to look at. She took me to inspect the marks on his bottom. It was starting to feel a little less like an awkward social and a bit more like a play party now. At one point Shay, who was trying to take a photo of her husband OKC_Sir with something silly on his head (I can’t remember what!), dragged me into her prank. I distracted him while Shay and another girl took the photo. Of course it earned a trip for all three of us across his knee – my first spanking of the party!

As I relaxed into the evening, a strikingly handsome young man caught my eye. He looked like a male model: Italian colouring, curly short black hair, big brown eyes, open face and great body. It was his first spanking party too, so we agreed to be newbies together and quickly hit it off. As we got chatting I realised he was confident and interesting, and seemed like a genuinely sweet guy. And – even better – his nametag said he was a switch. I started to hope I’d be able to arrange some playtime with him over the weekend.

I’d planned to enjoy the friendship and flirtation first, lead up to it gently, but it all ended up happening much more quickly than that.

I’d excused myself from chatting to the hot Italian, whose name was Vincent, and went to grab Kelley to make last-minute plans for the demo we were giving the next morning. While I was finalising details with her I saw Vincent wander over to the Table of Implements and start picking things up and looking them over. Perhaps he was just finding something to occupy himself, or simply curious, but I had sudden visions of him kicking off a scene with someone else before I’d had a chance to make my move. Of course I didn’t mind sharing, but damnit, I’d found him first! I realised I was going to have to act now if I wanted to play with him first. So up I jumped.

He put his hands on the wall and stuck his bottom out very fetchingly for a spanking. Everyone was watching and the mood was very lighthearted, but it was still an absolute treat to bare his tanned, shapely butt. Wow, this guy clearly worked out. Aware that he hadn’t had much play experience I started relatively lightly, but he was eating it up. I spanked him with my hand and strapped him with a couple of leather toys (although the table was a bit short of decent leather). He wasn’t reacting very much and the room was quite noisy, so I checked in with him. “Is this not hurting you at all, or are you just being macho?”

“I -” He started to say something else, then checked himself with a laugh. “It’s not too bad, but… heh. Maybe a little macho.”

“Okay. I haven’t played with you before, so I do need to have some feedback so I know how it’s affecting you.”

He nodded. When I started spanking him again he made the effort to be a bit more vocal. “Mm. Oh! Oh damn.” I don’t know if it was a put-on but it was still fucking hot.

Earlier he’d expressed an interest in the cane, and it’s my absolute favourite implement to use as a top, so I asked him if he wanted a taste. I gave him six of the best, medium-light, hard enough to make him jump but leaving lots of room for more play over the weekend. He took them well and looked great. Afterwards we shared a hug. I told him I wasn’t interested in switching that night, but that he should look me up over the weekend and return the favour.

A sneak preview: two nights later, me over Vincent’s knee

It was around 11pm, so conscious of my early start the next day I headed to bed. Amelia had turned in already. We were right next door to the party so I put my earplugs in and snuggled down. I slept for a couple of hours, then woke around 1am and lay awake for at least an hour listening to the loud smacking sounds coming through the closed door, clearly audible even through my earplugs. As the insomnia wore me down I started hating everything to do with spanking, and never wanted to have anything to do with it ever again. Eventually however I managed to sleep, and by the morning – thankfully – I’d changed my mind.

Texas: pre-party shooting

Pandora Blake spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford for

Last week I was in Texas for the Texas All State Spanking Party! Not only had I never been to TASSP before, but I’d never been to any big spanking party, and on top of that this was my first ever visit to the USA. So all in all, it was pretty epic.

A quick lowdown on the “big spanking party” thing, for those who don’t know already. There are several of these parties in America every year – others include Shadowlane, Florida Moonshine and Boardwalk Badness. I’m told there are differences between each of them, but as far as I can tell there’s nothing like any of them in the UK.

In England, if you want to do spanking in public, you have a couple of options. You can go to all-night fetish clubs in a big city, with loud music and people dressing up in kinky outfits and getting up to all sorts of BDSM play, including spanking. If you know other spanking enthusiasts, you might get invited to a private house party which combines spanking play and socialising, or a roleplay event organised by a group of friends. Or there are commercial spanking parties offering a group ‘pay to play’ experience, consisting of male guests paying for tickets, and female professionals (tops, spankees or switches) paid to play with the guests. But if you’re a woman, or a couple, or you just want to meet other people in the scene, there aren’t any public, daytime, relaxed spanking-oriented events. There certainly aren’t any big convention-style weekend parties in hotels with hundreds of guests, welcoming industry professionals and amateur enthusiasts, where everyone attends for the fun of it. I don’t know if that’s a glaring gap in the market, or simply a consequence of the UK scene being so much smaller in absolute terms than the US one.

The other purpose of the US spanking parties, and the reason so many industry professionals attend, is the vendors’ fairs. The UK has several fetish/kink/BDSM fairs, which usually include some CP implement stalls, but there aren’t any fairs which are purely geared towards spankos. This is partly because (as far as I can tell) a lot of the business at the US vendors’ fairs is selling spanking DVDs, and selling homemade DVDs is illegal in the UK: you have to get films classified by the BBFC to sell them legally on DVD, and this costs hundreds of pounds per film and requires passing their stringent censorship. I know a number of UK film makers who have made milder versions of spanking films specifically for the BBFC, and still not achieved classification.

So there’s nothing like this in the UK, but as of this year there is something in Europe. The first European spanking party is taking place this October: the World Spain Party, organised by implement maker The London Tanner. Tom and I are attending; and yes, Dreams of Spanking will have a stall at the vendors’ fair.

Anyway, enough backstory. I was going to tell you about Texas.

I flew out from Heathrow at lunchtime on a Tuesday. The night before I’d stayed at D’s place, and the biggest mishap of the trip occurred before I’d even left the country: accidentally leaving my phone on a tram on my way across London. Oh well – I wasn’t going to be able to use it in America anyway. On the morning of my flight D surprised me by keeping me company not only to the tube station, but all the way to Heathrow, which sent me on my way feeling very looked after and loved up.

Remembering how hungry I’d been during my only previous transatlantic flight (to Canada a few years ago), I stocked up on food at the airport. This turned out to be a mistake, as the flight to Texas was well catered. I ended up eating all my purchases on top of the three in-flight meals, since I wasn’t going to be able to take it through Customs anyway, and I hate wasting food. Mostly during the flight I watched Juno (highly recommended!) and read; I’m not too good at napping during daytime flights.

I was flying via Detroit, and the two hour stopover was completely eaten up by a crazily long security queue to be allowed into the USA. I was terrified that they were going to search my bags, sending my carefully-packed canes springing out of my suitcase in a shower of knickers, or that they would be able to somehow tell I wasn’t only travelling for leisure purposes and send me back home. But luckily, they let me in. Still, it was exhausting and I had to dash through the airport to make my connection in time.

My first glimpse of America from the plane was breathtaking. This is going to sound stupid but my first and abiding impression was the sheer scale of the place. It’s so big! Land stretching from horizon to horizon, all covered in neat, regular roads and buildings in a perfect grid formation. America is forty times bigger than the UK, and for the first time I started to appreciate exactly what that meant.

Not only that, but passing through Detroit airport it seemed like everything was bigger: the rooms, the shops, the art on the walls. I know that airports are disproportionately huge, but still – even the floor tiles and the blocks the walls were built out of were enormous, the size of whole rooms in London.

I couldn’t see anyone I knew when I arrived at the airport, so I waited by the baggage claim. A few minutes later I bumped into a familiar blonde lady – Amelia! It’s so weird that we live relatively near each other, but I usually have to travel halfway around the world to see her. We were quickly joined by Paul, Sarah and Kelley bearing a handwritten “Welcome to America” sign with my name on! Everyone was so sweet and welcoming and started talking at once, and it was amazing to see Paul and Sarah again and meet Kelley for the first time. I was a bit overwhelmed by how gorgeous everyone was, and in the car we all chatted and laughed incessantly.

They wanted to take me out to a restaurant, and it was all so sweet of them, but I’d been travelling for 17 hours, it was 2am according to my body clock, and I was frankly exhausted. After eating so much on the plane I wasn’t hungry in the slightest, and I desperately wanted a shower and sleep, but I was too tired and confused to know how to express my needs. I did, however, start to worry I was going to fall asleep on my plate before we’d even ordered our dinner. Thankfully Paul noticed and drove me back to Kelley’s place, where I was staying with Amelia for a couple of nights. Bless that man. I got cleaned up, put my earplugs in and crashed out on the couch for a blissful, much needed eight hours of sleep.

It was a good thing too, because the next day was a long day shooting with Amelia for Sarah’s spanking site and Paul and Kelley‘s clip stores. To my relief, the sleep did me good and I felt surprisingly fresh and awake. I started out topping Amelia in a couple of scenes, then got spanked by Paul and Sarah later in the day. Overall we shot about a billion short scenes, and by the end of the day I was wondering if my own slow, arty shooting style of 3-4 scenes a day was very efficient. (I’ve since decided that continuing to film these longer, high quality scenes, but adding in a few quickies as well, is probably a good compromise; I’ve got a shoot for Dreams next week so we’ll see how it goes!)

I really enjoyed the scenes we filmed for Sarah’s site. These included the first of the day, in which I played a professional disciplinarian visited by a new client, who had never been spanked before and wanted to try it out. Since this client was played by Amelia Jane Rutherford I think it’s safe to say she would be every pro-domme’s dream come true.

I got spanked alongside Amelia by Sarah in ‘Trust Fund Babies’; Amelia and me playing spoiled heiress brats, and Sarah playing the attorney who is tasked with carrying out the corporal punishment clause in our grandfather’s will.

We had a lot of fun with this one, and I loved being spanked by Sarah; it was amazing seeing how much her topping style has developed since the last time I worked with her. In fact Sarah really impressed me this trip, both personally and professionally; as a producer/director she was calm, collected and efficient, she coped really well with various stresses, and it was awesome spending more time with her.

Finally, the three of us were spanked together by Paul, playing the Bosley to our ‘Charlie’s Devils’!

Fun fun fun! On top of those, Amelia and I also did a naked demonstration of riding crop technique for Paul’s site, a bunch of other short clips, and some scenes for Kelley’s site which I really liked. In the first one I played the unstable mistress of the house unfairly punishing my poor maid, Amelia; and in the other Amelia and I were evil school prefects tormenting poor little exchange student Kelley, and telling her that we had to cane her as part of a dormitory ‘initiation’ to make sure that she could take corporal punishment without disgracing herself. It turns out Amelia and I make a freaking scary sadistic, purring double-act. Of course the evil prefects got their comeuppance in the end.

In the evening I was feeling buzzy and up for the group dinner outing I’d missed the night before, but Paul and Sarah had plans, and ever-popular Amelia was booked for a bondage shoot across town, so Kelley and I went back to her place, gossiped and talked shop. She reminds me a lot of me at her age, and it’s awesome to talk to ambitious new up-and-coming spanking producers. I got a relatively early night and another good night’s sleep.

On Thursday, Kelley was shooting with Amelia and a bunch of other models, but they didn’t need me so I had a day off. It was absolute bliss, and allowed me to get some solitude and charge up for the crazy party weekend that followed. Kelley let me have the run of her place, so I did a bit of blogging, hung out with her cat, and swam in the amazing, beautiful outdoor pool in her apartment block. Then Kelley came back from the shoot at 3pm, and we packed our bags and drove to the hotel for the party registration.

The swim was great, but guess who forgot to wear sunscreen before going out to the pool? (I know, I know). Luckily I didn’t get badly burned, I just went an unnatural shade of pink. Don’t worry, I got paddled for my stupidity, and I didn’t forget again. But that’s another story.

Texas here I come!

I’m still totally full of cold, although I haven’t had the luxury of any time off, this being one of the downsides of business-owning. Oh well, at least work is fun, even when I’m dripping from the face. Still, I wanted to break radio silence to share some exciting news. I’ve known for a week […]

Meet the dreamers

Are you still dreaming, or is my website finally online?

Pinch yourself. After six years of inspiration and shooting, three years of production and editing and a year of development, my dream is finally a reality.

Dreams of Spanking has edgy punishment fantasies, historical scenarios, heartfelt dominance and submission, romance, drama, adventure and a hell of a lot of spanking. It has girls and boys being punished together. It has some of the most raw, honest and intense films I’ve ever made, with some of my favourite people. I mean, it goes without saying that you’ll be able to see me getting spanked on there, but I’m not the only one. Let me introduce the amazing performers who have joined me so far:

Spanking superstar Amelia Jane Rutherford, dancer, actor and choreographer. Elegant, graceful, kind, and ever so keen on spanking.

The unbelievably sexy Zille Defeu, a petite redhead with a kinky mind as creatively deviant as she is beautiful.

Jimmy Holloway, the young man about to take the spanking scene by storm. Switchy, gorgeous, and one of the best actors I’ve ever seen in porn.

Stunning, smart, switchy Adele Haze, who first inspired me to start thinking politically about spanking porn, and has kept me motivated ever since.

My beloved Thomas Cameron: director, actor, storyteller, and absolute expert at spanking me.

The lovely, sharp-witted Caroline Grey, who can upstage me any day and has a wicked switch side when provoked.

Zoe Montana: gorgeous, warm-hearted, fantastic at scolding. My female top of choice for working with new spankees.

Hot, kinky switch Sebastian Hawley, who’d developed a newfound taste for spanking by the end of his first shoot.

Blogger and switch Kaelah: pretty, thoughtful and sincere, who honoured me with her first ever shoot for a commercial site.

My beautiful dominant D: a geek, a pervert and a gentleman. I build the parts of the website that look nice. He built the bits that make it work.

… and, of course, yours truly.

Come dream with us!

The story continues at Spanked in Uniform

One of the things I like best about Spanked in Uniform is the ongoing storylines. I’ve filmed three episodes in total for St Catherine’s Private School for Girls, and the latest one was the second part of my story arc with Amelia Jane Rutherford, The Fourth Detention.

In part 2, Amelia and I are very, very annoyed that the Headmaster doesn’t believe that the two of us were clever enough to have written under multiple pseudonyms, using different writing styles, in our secret underground school magazine. He wants us to name the other girls involved and in detention that day we’d told him that there aren’t any other girls, it was all us. When he says that he’ll punish us every night before bed until we confess, we decide we have to act, and hatch a plan to tell him there were two other girls involved – but giving him the names of two classmates who have since left the school, so he won’t be able to do anything about it.

To our dismay, the Headmaster immediately checks the school register and discovers that the other two aren’t at the school any more; worse, he doesn’t even believe us that they were involved in the magazine before they left!

I had an absolutely lovely time playing this scene: getting to be very young and very conspiratorial with Amelia, and outraged that he won’t believe anything we tell him, and then ever so sorry for ourselves that our hand spanking every night has been changed to a strapping. We got twenty each with the strap (it really hurt, I was wincing as I watched it!), and the last eight were kneeling up with our backs arched, which is a really difficult position to try and maintain while being spanked. Amelia took her strokes first and got extra for moving, so when mine came I tried to stay absolutely still, and the only way I could manage it was by shrieking and sobbing instead. It felt like a story from an Enid Blyton book – we were both such heroines and being treated so badly, it was wonderfully self-indulgent.

My favourite line from this scene was Amelia’s at the end: “When I’m an old lady and I’m 35 I’m going to say to people ‘look at my bottom, look at the scars I’ve got, that’s because of that bastard Headmaster!’”

A bona-fide procrastination cure

Northern Spanking have just released an unusual new film called The Travelling Disciplinarian and the Novelist. This film is remarkable in a number of ways.

  • It stars the now-retired Niki Flynn in footage that has never been released before. Ms Flynn also co-wrote the scenario.
  • Adding to the “spankee gaze” credentials of this scene, the other writer was Amelia Jane Rutherford, who also produced and directed it for Spoilt Ladies Spanked, a project which never went live. After this shoot, Amelia decided she wasn’t suited to having executive responsibility of a spanking site and far preferred to work for other people.
  • In a testament to how very lovely Amelia is, she donated the footage to Northern Spanking after their troubles a couple of years ago when they were maliciously “outed” by a local paper and Paul lost his job as a result. So we get to see it anyway, and Northern Spanking got some awesome extra films to help relieve the pressure in their time of need. How brilliant is that? You can read Paul’s comments about this geneous gesture here, and I think it speaks volumes about the supportive and open-hearted example Paul and Lucy themselves have set.
  • The Spoilt Ladies Spanked project seems to have very much been a reaction against the schoolgirl-tastic state of the spanking film scene, and an attempt to add a bit of diversity, sophistication and elegance. I was really looking forward to seeing the fruits of this endeavour, and The Travelling Disciplinarian and the Novelist does not disappoint.

Niki Flynn plays a novelist who persistently fails to meet her deadlines. We see her obsessing over ginger biscuits, constantly checking her email, and mourning an empty bottle of wine at 11am. No wonder her editor has hired a Travelling Disciplinarian (Hywel Phillips) to visit her and make sure she meets the deadline for her project this week. I expect every writer will empathise with Niki’s desire for someone to come in and force her to work when she’s struggling with procrastination.

Niki and Hywel both give excellent performances, with Hywel carrying off an objective, dispassionate (but not unkind) character who is very good at his job and has his client’s best interests at heart. “Now then,” he says evenly, ten strokes into her caning, “Let us have a little conversation on the subject of motivation.” His clinical attitude is extremely hot, and I particularly enjoyed the ‘calibration stroke’ to assess Niki’s tolerance, and the cheerful professionalism with which he hands her a consent form to sign at the end.

Consent is actually one of the things this scenario handles best, and that’s entirely the fruit of Amelia and Niki’s perspective, I think. Although Niki’s character hasn’t asked her editor to hire this man or invited him into her home, he manages to talk her into accepting his methods, appealing to her self-awareness and arguing that this isn’t any odder than some of the other wacky ‘cures’ for procrastination she’s tried. As a glimmer of hope sparks within Niki, she agrees with a wistful sort of desperation, asking “Will this really inspire me?”

She’s not given a choice – and yet, in a way, this is her wildest dream come true. The consent in this little scene is delightfully complex, and very grown up, without losing any of the edge of a wholly deserved punishment.

I’m afraid it’s not without its imperfections. The caning includes a lot of slow motion, which bothered me in Amelia’s Sunday Spanking too. In this film more than half the strokes of an eighteen stroke caning are shown in slow motion – which not only disrupts the pace and immersion of the scene, for me, but is even more annoying when it slows the voices and Niki’s cries down as well. However, this all seems to take place during the close up shots of her bottom, which makes me wonder if this wasn’t an accident, perhaps with one camera perhaps mistakenly set to the wrong speed.

I also thought it was a slight shame that Niki had visible cane welts on her thighs from an earlier scene, which somewhat undermined her believable performance of someone who hadn’t experienced corporal punishment before – but I know how hard that sort of thing is to avoid, especially on a two day shoot, and the same is unfortunately true in several of my own films.

Overall the acting and the concept more than carry this, and it’s very much worth seeing – particularly if you want to see more grown-up spanking, complex consemt, or (like me) are curious to see glimpses of the spanking site Amelia will never launch, or the last few scenes Niki Flynn made before she retired.

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