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BDSM in the UK: spanking, the media and the law

Posted at 16:49 on 12 Sep 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Here is the text and video recording of my talk at German fetish advocacy conference BDSMtag. Many thanks to Ludwig for asking the interview questions and providing many interesting conversations about BDSM, society and politics over the course of the weekend.

The first minute and a half of the video is Ludwig's introduction to the German speaking audience, but the rest of the video is in English.

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Posted at 22:07 on 15 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

The main reason I was in Germany was to speak at BDSMtag, the first ever public conference hosted by the BVSM, a national German lobby group on behalf of fetishists and sadomasochists. Dirk Sands, the ringmaster of SM Circus, was also instrumental in bringing the conference about, and he invited me to speak. The pet play shoot was almost an afterthought, since I was visiting anyway.

On the train to Cologne I was working on my talk on my netbook, despite the fact that I was pretty sure the chap sitting next to me spoke English. He glanced over occasionally, but didn't seem to be paying too much attention. As we approached our destination, however, he kept trying to engage me in conversation. Eventually he came straight out and asked what a native English speaker was doing travelling from Paris to Cologne. I told him I was here for work, and he asked what sort of work I did. I laughed.

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