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Kinky with housemates

Posted at 21:49 on 29 Jul 2011 by Pandora / Blake

It's a problem familiar to many of us. How to indulge in sexy kinky shenanigans when you have housemates, without either dying of embarrassment or making them die of embarrassment, lose their sleep, or make bumping into them in the kitchen even more awkward than usual?

I'm currently living in my fourth house share since leaving university, and I seem to have got on fairly well in that time. I've always been pretty blazé about my sexuality, though, so if you are more inclined to crippling self-consciousness about all things sex or kink-related, my perspective may not be very useful. Still, I've had enough experience juggling play partners and housemates to be able to offer some basic advice. (This guide omits Method 0: Don't give a fuck.)

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Clover's first birching

Posted at 18:53 on 10 Jun 2011 by Pandora / Blake

Often it's an image that catches my attention first. Lighting, colour, composition - all these can snag my gaze and draw me in. But I look at bodies, too, hungry in particular for representations of the sorts of bodies you see all the time in real life and rarely in erotic imagery. Curvy bodies, for instance. Brown bodies. Male bodies.

I hope Clover won't mind my saying this, but it was definitely her figure that caught my eye in these pictures of her recent birching scene with English Spankers. She has a beautifully narrow waist, muscular midriff and shapely legs, and her skintone is complemented perfectly by the rich wood tones of the room she's photographed in. Once looking, however, it's the content that keeps my attention, particularly the text telling me that these are pictures of her first ever birching.

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Tags: birch, Body positivity, bondage, Clover Rock, English Spankers, interviews


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