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Zille spanks Sasha Monet

Posted at 23:38 on 12 Nov 2011 by Pandora / Blake

I liked this preview video from DarkPlay.net, in which Zille Defeu spanks Sasha Monet. I expect fans of F/F spanking, vintage garters and spanking over slips and petticoats will like it too.

Sasha's got into some serious trouble at the office, and is referred to Zille to see what can be done to avoid nasty legal difficulties. Zille takes the situation well in hand!

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Tags: CyberDyke, otk spanking, spanking over slips, Videos, Zille Defeu


Erotic spanking at DarkPlay.net

Posted at 21:03 on 25 Aug 2011 by Pandora / Blake

If you want ethically produced, enthusiastically consensual, aesthetically beautiful kinky porn that's respectful to women, you couldn't do better than DarkPlay.net, the original hardcore lesbian fetish site created by Zille Defeu in 2000.

That's over eleven years ago now - and a good few years before I met her. Five years ago, Zille decided to hand DarkPlay on to others. The site was always intended to accurately represent the fantasies and preferences of the performers, and, as she says below, "It wasnt that I couldnt make good girl-girl porn after marrying Mr Defeu ... it was that dP had been, until that time, about my own sexual adventures. Since my focus was so much on a male-bodied person at that point, it would have been wrong for me just to shoot porn with girls and say that it was true representation of where I was at, sexually and emotionally."

I love the whole concept and existence of DarkPlay, and I'm thrilled that it's still alive and Zille's labour of love hasn't disappeared into the ether. Being an all-round inclusive fetish and hardcore site predating Zille's discovery of her own spanko self, not every DarkPlay scene includes spanking. But watching the trailer on this page will show you that they are there if you look. Free content, however, is harder to get your hands on. So I'm always thrilled when I stumble across a hot spanking-themed preview gallery - and even happier if it stars Zille herself.

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Tags: CyberDyke, F-F, Female gaze, otk spanking, Zille Defeu


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